On evaluating tech business conspiracies

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Today’s post is copypasta from ranting at one of the melonboons about how magic isn’t real. They need a lot of reminders about this. Related: https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2021/12/13/rule-for-technology-conspiracy-theories-im-trying-out/

The part I have trouble imagining is the idea that there are people out there who are capable of building large working software systems while also being half in the bag. I have no trouble believing they’re trying, it’s just tough to decide which one in a million vanity projects to take seriously. Waymo, for example, is a multi-billion dollar money pit for some asshole who hates truck drivers and doesn’t know how computers work.

Specialization only works in a high-trust society. In a low-trust society your project manager outsources his job to an Indian while he works his other full-time job at a different company. Looking at it as an actuary, there are a million little conspiracies out there trying to make the world a worse place with their new killer app. Absolutely, no question. How many conspiracies can actually make a killer app? Today? I’m not saying zero. But not two either.

Trust and money aren’t interchangeable resources. It’s confusing because they both factor into how people will spend their time. Here’s how the economics of it works at the ground level: You want to build a house. You can ask people to help as a favor or pay them money. Trust -> time and money -> time. But if the guys you’re paying don’t know how to build a house then no amount of money will turn into a house. The ones doing it as a favor will tell you “I don’t know how to build a house.” The ones doing it for money will go along until the money runs out and there’s no house. If you tell the trust ones “Trust me, there will be a house” then you, personally, had better know how to build a house and direct a project.

Now I’ll add the complications back in. It matters here whether it’s good guys or bad guys. And in the macro, money determines which people have the stuff but trust determines which stuff gets to exist in the first place for the rich people to have. And then there are the particularities of the software business, where neurotypicals are unfortunately a bit limited. Add in the economics of the mafia.

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15 Responses to On evaluating tech business conspiracies

  1. MM says:

    >Today’s post is copypasta from ranting at one of the melonboons about how magic isn’t real.

    Yeah, I had that so bad that the effects from it are why I corrected all the way into
    an ahrimanic materialist view of the world (I don’t like things being this way, to be clear).

    (Which group has this frame besides scientists? Technocrats, I would hope. But people seem to
    get reeeeaaalllyyy weird if they get past the ‘melon man talk big’ level of real power/intellect.
    take Huxley for example. Or Nietsche. I think there is a level of self awareness that what they are doing is futile and that they are constructing a fantasy that many miss).

    The only really magical things I have found in the world are:
    1. The Universe has either existed forever or came to be from nothing, regardless if
    there is a God or not.
    2. Consciousness. The big one, and the deepest rabbit hole. WTF am I? I don’t feel like a meat robot.
    3. Death. The cessation of experience and time. Or something else? Either way its beyond sense.

    • MM says:

      Death, being ‘magic’, will become the only source of real meaning in the Empty Age, aside from narcissism, which still dominates at the moment and will do so for a good while longer.

      The younger generations are not like the Boomers though, they have no metaphysical safety nets and can only live in their narcissism-hedonism palliative care ward so long before they realize the… actuality of their situation (more likely- are forced to as the world declines and the culture continues to utterly debase).

      Our current narcissism will inevitably give way as the populace ages, to be replaced with mortification and a nihilism and depression so deep it turns them into living ghosts. Inmates on death row waiting in fear for their sentence to finally be carried out. But what was their crime? It’s the purposelessness of their deaths that bothers them the most.

      Thus, the appeal of the path of Yoshii (referring to the great anime “Texhnolyze”):

      The underground city of Lux is drowning in spectacle, violence, and hedonism. It is an analog to the natural luciferian human world, a recreation of Man’s past; his true garden of Eden according to the materialist/scientific/ahrimanic view. But, it too, has degenerated- likely from overabundance of the basic resources of food and fuel combined with generations of mass violence and disordered criminality. Both have combined to harm the genetic health of the populace ala mouse utopia experiments. In Lux, Man is truly falling back to animal.

      The surface world is in terminal decline, having fully realized the dream of becoming ‘more than animals’ and finding… nothing. Absolutely no reason to continue to live and strive besides mere fear of death (and this is the future of OUR world, if the trajectory does not change).

      Hence, why Yoshii – once a cheerful corporate slave- descends from the surface to Lux (Downward is heavenward) to do violence and spectacle and true hedonism better than anyone else while also being possessed by a grandiose narcissistic messianic delusion to save the people of Lux by awakening their will to live and strive by overthrowing the order of the city (the true controller class) that has allowed, perhaps even fostered, its degeneration (sound familiar?).
      All the while the promise of death provides excitement, as Yoshii rolls the dice with his own life, using his power (mind, body, tools, relationships) however he sees fit to meet his goal.

      To the human animal it is the ultimate coom; the cleanest, best, pleasure.

      (said another way: Yoshii wants to make the luciferian/animal garden of Eden -Lux- truly great again by imposing K selection. He is attempting to do so by fostering striving and conflict among the populace so that a true leader and representative of the people of Lux -a kind of ubermensch- can arise and challenge the power of the hidden ruling elite)

      Ultimately though, Yoshii is self aware he is coping, which is what makes him so interesting. He smiles at his actual death for a reason… And he does want others to put meaning back in their meaningless lives, those lives just aren’t likely to last particularly long while doing so…

      It is through their own sacrificial projects, the building and exerting of power, and deferral to their animal instincts/the will to live that the people of Lux can imbue their lives with a feeling of metaphysical significance before and during their deaths.

      This all ads to the weird sense of tragedy during Yoshii’s death at the hands of Ichise, who is the epitome of the human animal’s will to live.

      Yoshii is killed by what he thought he wanted to save, misunderstanding that Ichise, and life, do not have to have a telos to continue. And not understanding that, ultimately, he is still of the surface world, a pneumatic, and ultimately cannot connect with original primitive impulse:
      Life does not need reason to continue.

      • MM says:

        “The surface world is in terminal decline, having fully realized the dream of becoming ‘more than animals’ and finding… nothing. Absolutely no reason to continue to live and strive besides mere fear of death”

        Correction- Most of them do not even have that, and are just waiting to die.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        >This all ads to the weird sense of tragedy during Yoshii’s death at the hands of Ichise, who is the epitome of the human animal’s will to live.

        That’s interesting in light of the observation that he’s also clearly the neanderthal character. It reminds me of how I’ve been comparing neanderthals to Sisyphus.

        • MM says:

          If there was ever a time I agree there was a ‘neanderthal character’ it’s this one (At least in its structure even if neanderthals themselves are other than is postulated).
          He’s an extreme outlier ‘throwback’ to a segment of the founding stock that was obsessed with survival and the only other thing he wants is love, having seemingly no care for material wealth, power, or status. He is also autistic- I’ve read that the most neglected babies/young children often end up so. So its either that or genetics. Its probably genetics- remember his father was killed for being a principled good person. In Lux!

  2. aiaslives says:

    Wow I made that header ages ago.

    You should read “Chaos Monkeys”.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That screenshot was the best sales presentation I’ve ever received.

      • aiaslives says:

        It’s a fairly popular book in the tech niche, and the author has seen some publicity. I did select those three reviews but they were all in sequence. So maybe Amazon’s usually crap review ordering system lucked out, or maybe someone at Amazon actually read the book and saw how it had not one (1) bad word about amazon but PLENTY about every other behemoth, and made it so people would read it. In that case, I would agree that it is worth reading, although it will spoil every other “How X happened in tech” book for you.

  3. Ned the medic says:

    Check out the changing long term weather patterns, will they help Eurasian belt & road, or Atlantists?

    Seems those who rule us know of the Göbekli Tepe… So know the long term weather man who has medium and long term accuracy of 85%. Any farmer worth his or her salt knows that man’s name in Australia. Farming is a gambling game, the house is mother nature.

    Anyway Australia will have the largest ever grain harvest, across the entire continent this season. Our wheat belts to the naked eye look like a desert, nothing but a sea of green at the moment. Trains working at over 400%, farmers grain silos are still full. So much grain they can’t move it all. Spring will bring another mouse and rat plauge. Then snakes… Unless too much rain rots it in the field.

    Unawakened will most likely go into depression, and possibly commit suicide. When your reality is smashed, it feels like apart of you dies. Mine died back in 2005, when I witnessed heinous corruption in millitary. Those who survive will be stronger for it.

    There will be a huge reorganisation in the military, politics and intelligence services, when this happens. The people will be irreconcilable, so the puppeticians, will have to change the tune or risk the mob.

    Davos men know, they already buying houses in countries with no extradition treaty with the USA. I read about their nano RFID technology break throughs and dreams back then in 2005, it was a pivotal year for them. They tried to mandate for every man, woman and child the influenza vaccine back in 2005, those of us who bought up the long term side effects of alum oxide, prevented it. We found out their dirty little secret. They also used these “unofficial” war games to weed out those of us who believe in “do no harm”, we who know of importance of including natural immunity, nutrition, for long term planning of population health. Now we have yes men telling us out right lies, and dissenting truth tellers who lose there jobs.

    Thank god the Americans still have there guns. My country fell to the pcych ops first.

    God bless you all.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Unawakened will most likely go into depression, and possibly commit suicide. When your reality is smashed, it feels like apart of you dies.

      Recovery from it gets a lot easier after a couple of times. It’s like admitting you were wrong about something important and apologizing.

      • bicebicebice says:

        >Recovery from it gets a lot easier after a couple of times. It’s like admitting you were wrong about something important and apologizing.

        thats peak normie condition tho, never having experienced mental/psychological discomfort ever, tell a normie he can cut his penis off and stack blocks for 50 years he is beyond himself with joy and then drops dead 2 days after retiring at 65. like my earlier rant, these aren’t the people losing right now, and when they lose they can only take one loss because itz terminal,you got like 1 billion people with “classical” morals values genes and then these 10 billion golems who are actually suited to live in clown world dystopia…the average normie isn’t in the crosshairs, actually…only psychos and people without a soul is thriving, and thats basically the entire planet, the itz is living through this period and God willing it is not sustainable be it solar flare polar reverse tsunamis earthquakes floods or a good old fashioned supply chain collapse.

        “However, the researchers believe that humans in the future will kill others in a ‘claimed aim to reduce population size’, although there will be a ‘perverse thrill and excitement’ to it. ” neandercannibalboon-bros…

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