From normiechat: Why every CEO is a woke shitlib (tl;dr- Google “compelled speech”)

So I have very little to do right now at my new job. With all the free time on my hands I did a little more digging into the company I work for. [CENSORSHIP] is a multinational real estate company in over 80 countries with over 100,000 employees. Fortune 500, publicly traded. CEO is [Gentile Name]. Stanford educated, over a decade with the company. I spent some time on his linked in page and its all woke nonsense. Climate change, feminism, social justice and cringe hashtags. Totally expected, btw. But still disappointing how openly it’s discussed and how fervently it’s applauded.

And now I’m in a meeting where is being openly discussed that we strong arm our vendors based on media coverage. Based on Google searches.

I think what’s troubling you is you’re taking it at face value, like there’s this mind virus spreading through the higher levels of society. And that’s true in a different way. What’s going on here is called compelled speech.

We live at a time when it’s not sufficient merely not to say things that offend the class of people who enforce the Narrative and the Rules. They will demand that you say you support them because this helps them to detect people who don’t sufficiently fear them and, by extension, don’t fear the government’s reprisals. This is particularly intense as you go up the food chain because the intelligence agencies don’t want people with real power, such as CEOs and multibillionaires, to be independent actors. That’s why I dismissed the Elon Musk/Twitter drama out of hand as election year kayfabe. You aren’t allowed to have that sort of money in your bank account unless you’ve gone through the equivalent of a background check. You might do something legitimately dangerous like start an army or a nuclear program.

So people with more power and money are under more pressure to preach wokeness, green energy, etc., and are more likely to have psychopathic traits that will allow them to say whatever in the pursuit of money, power, and prestige. It’s a selection process where people who don’t have those traits get weeded out. People with psychopathic traits are much easier to control, particularly if you have an intelligence file on them and an analyst assigned to that file. It makes more sense if you imagine America to be more like the historical Soviet Union than what it looks like on the face of it, because it’s under invisible pressures to trend toward looking like the Soviet Union. The appearance is a lagging indicator of the reality. As an example, most kids these days dress like they’re trying to avoid notice. The exception is those who are trying to build a brand for their Twitch stream, which is the Zoomer version of a rap career that’s going to take off any day now.

The much more pernicious form of speech censorship we practice here is reporting people to the HR departments of their companies (rather than KGB) and getting them fired and blacklisted at a time when it’s economically difficult to support a family. It’s essentially mandatory for them to fire people after they’ve been reported. There are no warning equivalents like in law enforcement, the federal mandate is “this is what you do or you get fined”. Then you can count on conservatives to defend the business because “they can hire and fire whoever” despite that it’s a federal mandate, because conservatives generally can’t into logical syllogisms and their info diet is trash. There’s also the issue where consolidation of market power in an oligopoly or monopoly (or monopsony) starts looking a lot like a de facto government with the same temptations of power for the people running them (this is what all those cyberpunk dystopia stories are about).

Anyway, that’s why you observed these guys acting like woke-talking sociopaths. That’s what we’re selecting for at the moment. Alternatives would not be allowed.

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5 Responses to From normiechat: Why every CEO is a woke shitlib (tl;dr- Google “compelled speech”)

  1. MM says:

    >the Elon Musk/Twitter drama.

    Started as the bastard wanting to plausibly-deniably cash out on some of his TSLA stock without triggering his cult into questioning it and selling. But his stock dropping meant potential for horrible margin call, as he took out a margin loan to fund a good deal of the purchase, and now he supposedly isn’t using TSLA as collateral.
    So, who knows what the point is any more. He may even actually want out of the deal, not just a better price. Won’t know till what happens happens.

    I think it is as simple as ‘diversifying’: As shit as Twitter is, it isnt TSLA. Unless “they” make TSLA the car company for the world it will truly never deserve its current crack-whore-crazy valuation.

    Musk also tweeted about taking twitter public again in a new ipo in a few years (read: what he thinks will be another hot market cycle for free money to chase his trash-hyping. He has same timing for IPO of starlink and spacex).

    Aside on TSLA and stock market drop followed by QE5:
    Now there is dilution coming to TSLA, disguised as a 3 to 1 stock split, and Ellison is leaving the board…
    Elon is a rat on a sinking ship- it will be fun to watch him try and foster any kind of drama, suck any dick, to keep TSLA from doing what it needs to do- crashing like an incredibly overvalued speculative high-tech CAR COMPANY going into a nasty recession! TSLA to 50 (pre split) by this time next year if some kind of existential threat to the financial system does not arise and make the Fed just print more and start the true ‘Wiemar’ era of the USA. But this last time already did alot of damage… Unprecedented free money from low rates means unprecedented scamming and weakness under the surface. I’d be amazed if something doesn’t break in the market that forces the Fed’s hand, and things are actually allowed to go down like after the tech bubble (which is the level of crazy we were at, and then some).

  2. WW says:

    Two other things:
    1. With the easy money drying up for a bit we should see some amount of pullback in the levels of woke, at least for a while, though it willl depend on sector (is it public facing/depend on actual customers/ is it a want or a need)

    IE- Netflix has to get less woke so as to simply survive as a large company while Blackrock will almost certainly get more hardcore.

    2. Even at the high levels there are way more ppl that disagree (very strongly) than you would expect. Thats not really helpful though, they just shutup and keep chasing the money while putting more important things second. (Note that this is not me speculating, its a fact according to someone who would really know)

    Still, this at least means that if there were to be a sea change (defined here as… lets say a return to pre 2016 levels of woke, at least in corporate structures as they must focus more on actually making money amd staying afloat) there is still a base of people to step up. In the future that may not be the case (and may lead to even very large companies running themselves into the ground, perhaps).

  3. bicebicebice says:

    The world is supposed to be this way, as intended by the white moral strong intelligent average 115IQ God fearing righteous men who built it for us during the industrial revolution.

  4. aiaslives says:

    All countries are the USA and the immigrants to USA Central are the goodest of the good neo-amerikwans

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