Why NFTs exist, a guide for oldfucks like yourself

Put yourself in the shoes of a Gen Z manlet:

1. Grow up in a hellish totalitarian panopticon the likes of which has never been seen.

2. Dress in gray and never speak in public.

3. Go through the repressed normal highschooler development of fashion sense online as an anonymous gamer in a community.

4. Fashion trends develop, designer clothes proliferate and people buy them to fit in and express themselves and their group identities, just like normal teenagers used to in real life. (I’m talking about hats and skins here.)

5. You’ve never owned anything in real life so you start thinking this is how ownership and property work. This is like how Millennials think online relationships are real.

6. Bitcoin takes off, so now you think this is how investment works too. Value is subjective, and people pay lots of money for art!

7. There’s no economic opportunity in your future and you don’t have a neocortex yet anyway, and you’ve never heard anyone say anything true except on the internet.

8. Trustworthy adults appear with an investment opportunity. It’s like Bitcoin except you own real art, so it’ll appreciate like a painting! It’s an investment! You’re on that grindset now.

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30 Responses to Why NFTs exist, a guide for oldfucks like yourself

  1. Zeb Zebley says:

    and you also have no idea what trustworthiness is because 1)trustworthiness is a metric of having stable, strong boundaries (paternal investment) and having them being consistently respected (civilized society), with breaches being duly punished (functional justice system, from the home to daycare to school to business to gov’t).

  2. aiaslives says:

    99.99% of normie investment in computers involves generating, transmitting and verifying key-value pairs.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    boomers grew up in endless wealth, zoomers grew up in social-credit, combine the two and you get this shit, two mentally jewish generations.
    Thank God I grew up in the golden era of gaming and getting into treestumps as an adult, what else do you need?!?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Women, for starters.

      • bicebicebice says:

        any man can be a woman in 2022

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          We have different plans for the ITZ.

          • bicebicebice says:

            but thats what im saying, itz-levels that can’t be mumble and bumbeld fucked away;

            NO FOOD (unless you stocked up-can renew it yourself)
            NO ELECTRICITY (unless you you got a solar/hydro set up)
            NO JOBS/MONEY (unless you stocked up on everything for life, you don’t need money)
            NO PETROL (battery-got your own convertible set up etc)
            NO INTERNET (unless you got starlink, provided its not another hoax)
            NO X (unless Y)

            lesser itzes
            itz just social decay so stop by the orphanage on your way home they probably sell cats and dogs fore more at shelters, could possibly get the brat for free with another 2 thrown in like a combo meal, in first world social upheaval we have the luxury to chose our own version of hell

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              How many years now have you been posting the same comment? Three?

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              I mean, I do that in normie chat but at least they’re J-pilled now. What are you trying to accomplish by spending all these hours typing, typing, typing the same old thing over and over? There was maybe a year and a half I wasn’t even reading them.

            • bicebicebice says:

              “How many years now have you been posting the same comment? Three?”

              Why did Tex post the same comment for 20 years? “why are you posting social commentary on social commentary”, tell me when it isn’t the same post over and over again, that goes for everyone who ever does or did anything ever in their lives including you.
              “all these hours typing” takes 1-2 minutes to type the same thing over and over again with slight variations over time, do you suddenly expect me to start posting about hamsters or the migration patters of beetles?reviewing tik tok videos?
              are you saying you yourself be posting “new” content?maybe you need someone to tell you that you aren’t and if you are spending hours preparing each post then koanic is right about mocking you with the sasquatch.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >are you saying you yourself be posting “new” content?

              No, I’m saying there’s no point in a comedian who gave up on being funny.

            • aiaslives says:

              > How many years now have you been posting the same comment? Three?

            • bicebicebice says:

              “No, I’m saying there’s no point in a comedian who gave up on being funny.”

              thats funny because there is nothing funny about the ITZ, if it all boils down to “pack your rice”, and it saves your life, not me not you aren’t even entitled to have an opinion about it, and thats all he said until he got tired of saying it.
              Everything else is just passing social trends, its not even post-able, really.

              In a Christian society people actually watch the paint dry and find it hilarious, after a funny day of harvesting beets and nailing hardwood planks. Thats why you call me not funny, because you are afraid of it, but you are right society isn’t funny and thus im not funny, I admit to scraping the bottom of the barrel with the borgonizer, but thats all society offered so its not even my material.

              “end of the world?wow I’ma peep this out maybe its funny” what?!?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. MW says:

    ‘We are the last generation’: China’s youth rallied around a now-censored social media hashtag to rage about their disillusionment with life

    Last men are now even calling themselves such…

    Herbivores worldwide grazing on enter(net)tainment. Japan, China, USA… and I would be amazed if that is not Europe as well, judging from their birth rates…

    Its everywhere in the economic first world, and is now seemingly going to take the second…
    The are killing us with a combination of ubiquitous physical comfort and entertainment, and nearly non-existent (there is leftism as religion, and narcissism) spiritual/philosophical/social meaning/connection.

    Mass destitution and violence is the only way the situation will right itself or we legit end up as the surface world of Texhnolyze while being demographically replaced- and then they win (or worst of all… it infects literally everyone. The human race simply lays down in a muddy forest and lets the worms overtake it).

    There has to be risk, there has to be pain, people must be forced to work together to survive.
    I hope things get as bad as they seem to be setting up for. I’m ready-ish and quickly doing more for edge cases (IE buying a few oz .999 gold in case things go just like Wiemar, which isn’t what I think but the gold will hold value anyways- and there is a good chance all commodities go on a multi year run. So its not dumb- historically I’m a very ‘anti gold’ person so you know its going to get damn bad)

    You peeps either know what a human actually needs to do and to have to be ‘secure’ and then do what you can… or you unfortunately do not. K selection.

    What is happening now in markets: Crash the intentionally overvalued trash to buy up the world on the cheap per usual (esp real assets- land, food production, railroads, real estate, etc. Obv not the trash most people have been speculating on like EV’s and shit)

    (People who dont pay attention to this stuff… its- as far as I know-how they first built their power, youknow! Rchld and the Waterloo crash of English stock market to then buy everything at bottom was perhaps the first harvest, not sure. It hasnt stopped working!)

    But most people just need to worry about food and shelter going forward.

    Frozen meat, canned meat, meat meat meat. That’s the bang for your buck since it will continue to rise horrendously:

    Gas and fertilizer>grain>meat, esp beef.


    • WM says:

      If Fed does QE5 (prob while congress passes a 10 Trill bill or something) while inflation is still higher than the 70s (the truth) then that is the end. It wont look like it as the markets MOOOOOON, but it is.

      This IS the first stage of the big demolition. Question now is if it is allowed to fall, and if it is a 1-3 years of a depression before a more sustainable ‘final run’ or if something breaks on the way down in next several months- or even potentially weeks if something sends it over the edge…

      And I don’t mean like how crypto-trash has ‘broken’ (it hasnt, its just acting exactly like a speculative tech investment in a crash)… I mean a true crisis.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >the trash most people have been speculating on like EV’s and shit

      EVs are likely the future on account of the shorter supply chains and much lower complexity. A less nice future, but it’s at least possible for 85 IQ countries to have them.

      • WM says:

        A proper response to this would be the most autistic thing I’ve ever written. I will just say:

        1. lithium mining supply and extraction in a de-globalizing world with increasing energy costs to extract, refine, and move (while supply is very close to not being able to meet demand currently) (and an unacceptable percent current supplies may dry up if we have conflict with, as Trump would say- ‘Gina’. Longer term- Esp if Australia is somehow threatened)

        2. Power grid.

        If they put nuclear reactors everywhere, sure (buy uranium miners). Or fusion.
        Otherwise it doesn’t make sense from what I have seen.

        BUT. if things “don’t have to make sense” (the PIF went into Lucid because they were either sold a dream or a reality) and we live in some kind of commie panopticon where the dumbest economic shit is standard (“haha sounds like now” NO, real USSR central planning ‘dream over reality at any cost’ shit) then you are right!

        But… then it doesnt really matter so much :/

        • MW says:

          >If they put nuclear reactors everywhere, sure

          There is also the most retarded possibility, but it requires a return good economic times methinks:

          State-mandated electric cars that are powered by coal power plants… then, yes, EVs could be big (though still over-invested at the moment. TSLA is a joke)

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          I’m not saying there will be a lot of nice EVs, I’m more saying there won’t be anything other than a few crappy ones.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Cars have 20,000 parts in them coming from all over the world. They’re the most complex machine we build as a species, and they require long, high-trust supply chains..

  5. Neandercel says:

    Hi Aeoli,
    If someone handed you $20k cash right now, what would you do with it? Suppose further that you have no outstanding debts or significant, ongoing medical problems.

  6. Marigold Vesspoochie says:

    • Dickie Spencer says:

      This one’s 100% accurate. No homo. I’m looking forward to my VR coom pod, which will be the result of our coming obsolescence, of course.

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