Sauna studying observations

I believe I’ve mentioned before that I like to study in the sauna when I can. I wore my chest strap heart rate monitor in the sauna the last couple of times. Here are my observations:

  • It takes about 20 minutes for my heart rate to get up above 100 bpm.
  • My focus improves almost immediately and peaks at around 100 bpm, then drops off drastically between 105 and 110. The art is in using the door to let in cool air at intervals to sustain my attention at the optimal level.
  • I’m actually pretty smart when I’m in a state of relaxed focus. Math goes from a grind to a daydream.
  • I need to be more scientific about my salt intake, this has been really hurting my hydration levels (and given the preexisting coffee abuse and summer cardio, I have less room to screw up).
  • I max out at 90 minutes for a single session but that’s a bit high and not sustainable. 60 minutes is better.
  • I haven’t measured this in a steam room yet, which I prefer for really thorny problems requiring a bit of creativity. My guess is that my heart rate is around 120-125 when I’m doing my best creative mathematical/compsci thinking.
  • I max out at around 30 minutes in a really hot steam room (where it’s even possible to hit zone 2 while sitting).

NB: If you’re going to imitate this sort of thing please be careful, staying in a sauna this long is potentially dangerous and there are usually warning signs up saying so.

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2 Responses to Sauna studying observations

  1. Unrelated Poast says:

    I’m teaching the AI to be ironically racist lol. Seeing the computer get it without really getting it is hilarious for some reason. Also, it’s gay to share a sauna with other guys just sayin.

    ^ Literally Dolan Blumphf! Even the advanced digital tools, which the elites plan to use for divinatory purposes, of course, know who the rightful president is!

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