An accidental connection: Urban Shield and Antifa organized terrorism

Last week’s FTN put me on to, and I found this while I was browsing:

Police in Massachusetts on all levels (local, county, state, federal, and semi-private institutional) have participated in trainings in Israel, as well as in domestic initiatives such as Urban Shield that have included Israeli consultants in simulated military exercises in US cities. These trainings and initiatives should be understood as police preparation for large scale urban warfare, under cover of “counterterrorism.” Both domestically and globally, the “war against terror” has taken over from the fight against “communist insurgency” as a catch-all for developing police forces as instruments of repression focused especially on the total policing of colonized people, including racialized communities inside the US.

One of the points I repeatedly emphasize in normiechat is that there’s nothing organic or grassroots about Antifa demonstrations and violence, these are assets organized by state-sponsored intelligence agencies in the US and Israel who operate domestically with impunity. See

I generated an audio version of that article here:

We live in a technological panopticon. You can’t even say something vaguely political around your phone, and somehow leftist terrorists all use their cell phones with impunity. The closure rate on murders in this country is around 50%. Why is it that every murderer in Chicago doesn’t even take the battery out of his phone while he’s committing the act? Maybe they’re all master hAxx0rz.

Surely the big data AI would be like “Gosh, that Alexa audio of gunshots and screaming correlates awfully well with audio from other crime scenes” and the cops would be like “Pull the cell phone record on that suspect at the time of the crime” and the judges would be like “That’s a prima facie case, here’s a warrant” and the FBI would be like “There seem to be an awful lot of foreign intelligence agents running Antifa and BLM operations in our cities.”

At the very least you’d expect Amazon and Google to pick up on it.

If you’re surprised to learn the Mossad and the CIA and all their friends operate within the US running their various schemes with impunity, then you need to become more cynical. If my shitlib brother-in-law who voted for Biden is vaguely aware Biden is a child predator, then it’s not much of a stretch to say the NSA has seen the president’s browser history.

Anyway, the talk of “urban warfare counterterrorism simulations” immediately reminded me of this picture from the American Partisan article:

“Counterterrorism” trainings in Israel

The New England Chapter of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) sponsors annual all-expenses-paid delegations to Israel for high-ranking New England police, ICE, FBI, and other security officials, where these officials meet with Israeli military, police, and intelligence agencies, with whom they train and exchange tactics including surveillance, racial profiling, crowd control, and the containment of protests. Based on newspaper articles and ADL press releases, Boston Police Department leaders are known to have taken part in ADL sponsored counterterrorism training trips to Israel in 20112014, and 2016.

They talk through the maps database in the second half of FTN 502: Big Nodes Exposed.

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3 Responses to An accidental connection: Urban Shield and Antifa organized terrorism

  1. bannedhipster says:

    I have been screaming about Israeli management of Antifa terrorism since 2015.

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  3. Sturm Bringer says:

    Anti-Fascist Action, with no fascist, nobility or anything with a spine left to fight. Like a party with no people, a caretaker with no heart, or an idiot full of wisdom.

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