Melonhead genetic memories of high fashion (re: pride flags)

(It’s been too normal around here lately.)


What they’re picking up on is it looks like a person now in that orientation. Compare:

I wonder if flared collars are meant to evince bulb
Ala Kusanagi’s lateral bangs

Notable: About two years ago I started really wanting to have a collar like this.

….sheeet. the timeline aligns.

It’s faded now but every now and then my blood gets up and I start wanting to dress like Zero from Code Geass. Minus the helmet, obviously.

And that one isn’t quite frilly enough. This one is better:

Also, Lelouch is missing a crucial element: you have to have the red eye-like thing in the middle of the chest for some reason, like Evangelion or this guy from Gundam Seed Destiny:

I can’t tell you why, it’s just the deepest desire of my melonheart to have that red thing on the front of my robes. Something Ahrimanic, probably. ( The robes should be purple. Acceptable secondary colors are white, yellow, and black, and some blue accents are allowed. The signature red eye in the chest is non-negotiable.

See, this Naraku fellow gets it:

I remember a decade ago Heavivide saying he wanted a powdered wig and I finally began to understand when I grew a melonhead.


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8 Responses to Melonhead genetic memories of high fashion (re: pride flags)

  1. Zeb Zebley says:

    according to tvtropes, red is team leader, blue is calm, mental, and strategic. put them together and you get purple, which is royalty and power.
    blue +big head means high-level strategy, the red + eye is ambitious vision. nothing new there.

    the cape collar looks like a bowl/flower/satellite dish, which all have the purpose to receive messages or angels (bees?) and hold things from “above”. if the ancients designed a reflecting-bowl- temple like the meeting room pic above, the microscopic dust notes or smoke or whatever would be really illuminated at the convergence point and it would look like a hologram of a mini-sun. thoughts?

    the collar also focuses their vision to their ambition, obscures the peers to the right and left of them, and acts as a shield against the things they don’t look at, so the destruction their ambitions leave in their wake. and maybe their own weaknesses as represented by their shadow/ back.

    that last part re: the shadows haunting them would be the juiciest bit to know. do melons feel remorse? are they surpressing by willpower? what kinds of things do they regret?

    this whole excercise the particulars of how melons process things is beyond me. I watch them work people all the time, but I never grok the mechanisms or the game. did you write any “how to melon” primers, AP?

    good poast.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >according to tvtropes, red is team leader, blue is calm, mental, and strategic. put them together and you get purple, which is royalty and power.

      Closer to occultism, see

      • Zeb Zebley says:

        maybe the collar is an inverted pyramid and the capstone is the throat- communication+ connecting the blue head to the black body.

        so the transcendent “eye of horus” here would be the big red heart’s ambition with an unnatural, oversized targeting system.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          The way to do this sort of thing is to wear a fancy purple robe with a high collar, note the way it makes you feel, and work backwards to fill in the theory. There are too many potential interpretations of things to sort through them without familiarity, it’s sort of like anthropology or method acting that way. Rather than theorizing from first principles about why Arabs do this or that, you live among them until the answers become obvious. “It’s because we wipe our butts with that hand and we don’t have modern sanitation.”

    • rillxn says:

      Great supplement to a great post!

  2. Sturm Bringer says:

  3. Pingback: Ahriman design from whatever SMT is | Aeoli Pera

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