Why is man not at home in the world?

A bit of blathering tangentially related to yesterday’s post.

But is God just? Or is your opinion “if it is God it must be just” i.e. if God did something horrible it doesn’t matter, because God did it. Just curious.

I think God is just but the world is not, and the world is not part of God (not panentheism).
I.e. I don’t believe God does morally repugnant things, but still divine command morality, and I think there are cases where it appears he’s doing something morally repugnant (e.g. the Canaanite genocide) but is being moral “properly understood”.

Why is man not at home in the world?

This is an argument in favor of the True Religion (TM) being counterintuitive, but it could also be explained by natural causes. It’s adaptive to be active, and activity comes from anxiety. The stronger point is that it’s the best people who are most unsettled, but again this could be explained by modern dysgenics or a more simple “intelligence is actually just hard work” type of mechanic (it’s not, so I think that explanation fails).
Returning to the original point, I think the sense of being not at home goes deeper than economic uncertainty, and this is felt more surely and more strongly by people with higher general intelligence, which ought to produce greater laziness (and we actually observe the laziness, aside from the sense of dysphoria).
Subjectively, I’ll report an almost pathological inability to pray after partying or similar, when I’m feeling like part of a group (opposite of lonely) and saturated with dopamine.
I ascribe most such problems to loneliness, as I don’t expect such things to be common in groups like 1960s NASA where a 150-160 IQ is just expected. The remainder of such tendencies would be artifacts of somewhat lower GFP than the goldilocks zone midwits.
It’s hard to imagine the 150-160 IQ crowd being all strung out in a world where everyone is like them and every institution is designed for them.

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