Collected notes on cannibalism as worship

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This line of obsession began with compulsive reflection on the scene from Evangelion where Eva 01 eats one of the angels and transforms into a different sort of creature.
I’m sure I’ve posted that somewhere before but here’s the scene:

Other datapoints:

  • The pagan practice of “feeding” the gods with children, virgins
  • The Christian practice of eating Christ in the Eucharist
  • The English idiom “you are what you eat”, referring to how you take on the character of what you consume
  • (That’s true in the general sense that you take on the character of your media consumption habits too, as well as any other type of “consumption”: social rituals, religious practice, political activism, and so on)
  • Reference to the Bible as “bread” to be consumed daily for gradual transformation
  • Ritualistic cannibalism of Gentiles by Jewish occultists symbolizing their breeding pattern of taking on genetic characteristics of their host nations through careful intermarriage
  • Religious connotations being attached to all food sources. I’m thinking here of how Neanderthals cave-painted the prey they hunted and how agriculturalists worship the sun, stars, seasons, and to some extent the crops themselves.

What I think I’m getting around to is the idea that worship = attention, and attention = consumption, and consumption = transformation.
Something along those lines.
Owl and I had a recent conversation that I haven’t published about how the context of a thing is also part of the thing, and if it were in a different context it would be a different thing (related to the observation that a brain in a vat wouldn’t develop for lack of sensory inputs).

Something theological about the universe being contingent on God, but not a part of God.
This came up in the latest Godcast where they talked about panentheism.
Note re: the Evangelion clip, the backdrop for that scene is the idea that the reactor core of the angels is fruit from the tree of life, and the reactor core of the Evas (and humans) is fruit from the tree of knowledge.
So there’s some kind of occult thing going on where the two bloodlines are being mingled here to create an “awakened” god, with both fruits in one body.
Basically a divine tranny.
Leaving that aside, it feels like there’s a math formula in this idea of consumption as worship.

Another data point: I can’t help but note that hate follows the same pattern, as I noted before when I advised people to choose their enemies wisely.
Hate means paying attention, means consumption, means transformation into the object of hate.
I suppose the basic idea of sacrificing children to Moloch is “if he eats us, he will like us”.

Oh, one last data point is the obsession of degenerate elites with predators, and rationalizing everything they do as the natural extension of being apex predators over other humans.
Why don’t elites on the upslope don’t think like this?
Partly for the same reason as a real wolf doesn’t think about being a wolf, but I think mostly because degenerate elites have a complex about not knowing whether they’re actually superior, so they worship the position itself.

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  1. aiaslives says:

    Maybe this topic is too nuanced for people with well-formed amygdalas.

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