Ultimate career guide starter framework

Criticism: Should say “cutie mark”, not “Ikigai”.

What’s notable about the modern day is the lack of overlap between these circles. There’s no overlap at all between the things you can get paid for and the things the world needs. The only genius strategy available is the marginal strategy, and even that is starting to decouple into four distinct domains.

What you are good at = IQ distribution * conscientiousness

Most people just need to follow the bell curve that tells them what kind of job they’re qualified for:

  • 140 – Top civil servants; professors, and research scientists.
  • 130 – Physicians, surgeons, lawyers, engineers
  • 120 – School teachers, pharmacists, accountants, nurses, stenographers, managers.
  • 110 – Foremen, clerks, telephone operators, salesmen, policemen, electricians.
  • 100 plus – Machine operators, shopkeepers, butchers, welders, sheet metal Workers.
  • Below 100 – Warehouse men, carpenters, cooks, bakers, small farmers, truck and van Drivers.
  • 90 – Laborers, gardeners, miners, factory packers and sorters.

Just pick something and get good at it. Getting good at something, other than having innate talent, is a combination of book learning and experience doing it. Neither can replace the other, and the people who neglect one of them entirely are useless fuckheads.

Some people have a tilted IQ, like my dad (110ish verbal, 125ish visuospatial), so that should occasionally be considered. People with Asperger’s should break out skills into general intelligence and social intelligence, and keep in mind they have -2 or -3 SD social intelligence, a bit of an unfair advantage in computers and digital systems generally, and a huge advantage in their areas of fascination.

Each 10 percentiles above average in conscientiousness can stand in for two IQ points, so an IQ of 120 with 70th percentile conscientiousness is the equivalent of an 124 IQ with 50th percentile conscientiousness. Each 10 percentiles below average in conscientiousness is like subtracting five points of IQ.

What you love = Personality plus IQ tilt

The tilt matters more here because we tend to do, for fun, the sort of thing that we don’t get enough of while using our intelligence in daily life. For example, my IQ is tilted a bit verbal/conceptual and you can’t really get paid for that without commensurate social intelligence. Personality-wise, INTJs are into concept porn. So in my free time I read and write concept porn and sometimes talk about it.

INTPs, in contrast, are into puzzles, absurdism, and procrastination. Also my dad, in contrast, plays Descent games because he’s a shapelord and can’t get enough of those 3D mazes even though he’s a mechanical engineer in his normal job.

What you can be paid for = What the mass culture around you values

In modern America, we value entertainment, particularly entertainment as shared cultural experience, personal charisma, finance, information technology, home improvement, repairs/replacements of “basic” hardware (e.g. cars, appliances, clothes, computers, home utilities), education, regulatory compliance, the legal/political process, escapism, virtue signaling, Gnosis, minorities, and being away from “bad areas”.

What the world needs = Jesus

Also needs: wisdom, moral courage, genetic fitness, higher IQs, Game, individual responsibility, prosocial values, edifying shared culture, freedom from Jewish oppression, tribal leaders, preservation of technology and culture during the coming dark age.

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7 Responses to Ultimate career guide starter framework

  1. Obadiah says:

    llol m8 I always knew that “fukin ur mum” was me ikagi

  2. Living in Failabama is going to get your daughter impregnated by Tyrone says:

    Hey bro,
    Just letting you know it turns out depression isnt caused by a Chemical Imbalance.

    Go fuck yourself.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      True, a lot of the time it’s a rational energy-saving response to repeated frustration. I’ve always been suspicious of the chemical imbalance narrative because it’s always assumed the imbalance is 100% genetic, nothing to do with Big 5 personality, and nothing to do with living in hellworld.

  3. aiaslives says:

    What I love: Not being a part of clown world
    What I am good at: Not being a part of clown world
    What I can be paid for: Being a part of clown world
    What the world needs: Less clowns
    Ikigai is Pagliacchi

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