Basic video game mechanic for lying

The setup is that other characters have to decide which door to choose, and you can advise them which door to pick, given a certain amount of information asymmetry. The mechanic is you have such and such trustworthiness and they have such and such ideas about what they think is on the other side of the doors. It’s like a dating sim except you’re a salesman. Then you can add all sorts of complexity to that fundamental mechanic.

One question is how you frame the winning condition for the game. Maybe you’re trying to accumulate money and there are multiple ways of getting there. One way is you trick people into spike pits and get the money in their wallets. Another way is you get enough reputation to win through business networking. Another way to win is you build a circle of friends and then convince other people as a group to walk into spike pits.

The trick would be getting autistic enough to build it out into an autism trainer. It’s a formalization of my assertion that all deceit is self-serving misdirection. Now I just need a way to work anime porn into it and we can really move some copies…

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