Socioeconomic roles in piecemeal feudalism

Following from piecemeal feudalism and its consequences.

I think the natural continuation at this point is picking at how this looks up the socioeconomic ladder
easy to say that, in time, this ends up being the model not jsut for the lower-middle and below, but for everyone eventualy

Insofar as the middle still exists.

presumably upper-middle is then defined by having a “one-stop shop”
i.e., the last remnants of what we aspire to know, where one employer covers everything
only this time, it’s limited to prestigious companies and probably some types of federal employment, as these will be the only entities that can afford it

In other words, you make enough money to pay for things yourself.

and you only need one employer to covers all the benefits for your household

Sounds right.
Sounds like a new Mandarin class.
Upper becomes defined purely by the ability to negotiate these bulk deals.

oh yes, being able to do that would be key in this arrangement

I assume lower becomes meaningless except in those areas where global ZOG still acts as your employer.
So most of the people in the welfare class join the world’s giant impoverished class.
When I asked my normie friends what I should call this system one of them said “Shadowrun”.
Cyberpunk was unbelievably prescient.

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