Moral character in women, as distinct from men

I was musing on la difference because it didn’t feel right to expect women to know what to do in a particular situation. For men we can sum up character as knowing the right thing to do and doing it even when it’s hard, over time. For women, judging the right thing is more holistic and less goal-oriented, more of a judgment like “This situation works for me” or “This situation doesn’t work for me.”.

What I’m working with right now is they have that female ease and unease in the correct situations. They don’t have to know why they feel ease or unease, but they need to have a fine-tuned sense for which such feelings are genuine and can be trusted. And when it comes to doing this or that, it’s basically unimportant for them to know what to do or solve problems. “It’s not about the nail.”

Their job is to put themselves in good situations and express happiness and unhappiness at the correct times. And get out of bad situations. Almost always that’s going to mean changing their social situation, but it could mean something as simple as arranging their workspace or hanging up some nice curtains.

To sum up the algorithm:

  1. “Things are nice” OR “Things are not nice” (Have high but reasonable expectations).
  2. Respond by being pleasant to reinforce the nice universe OR by informing the universe you want to see improvements (via emotional manipulation or general bitchiness) OR by ditching this universe for a different one.

I ran this theory by a real-life girl (a pretty smart one) and she seemed to like it. Please run it by your womenfolk and report back, if convenient.

Anecdotally, in literature male characters in moral dilemmas tend to wrestle with abstract principles somewhat divorced from real-world impact, while female characters generally wrestle with situations in which both options are “things are nice” with Jane Austen novels being the best-written examples.

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52 Responses to Moral character in women, as distinct from men

  1. Sigma Master Race says:

    “For women, judging the right thing is more holistic and less goal-oriented”

    Men with properly functioning brains think Holistically. Not doing so is why are society is a train wreck. No more ethics and morals. So men are scumbags who just want what they want without any consequences.

  2. LOADED says:

    You always have a shitty answer for everything dont you my man. always stuck in the clouds with a rationalization for everything you do?

    well im here to tell you that you are an idiot for that and no one appreciates bullshit except those who profit from your stupidities.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      *storms into pubisher’s office*


      • LOADED says:

        yeah but what makes you any different is what im wondering.

        you are autistic. for that reason alone i am superior than you in 80% of socially valuable categories. just sayin.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Do you want me to approve your other recent comments? You said in one of them not to, so I’m getting mixed signals.

          • aiaslives says:

            Beating a dead horse, I know, but why do you allow these colossal retards to comment at all, Aeoli? One look at the way he writes and you’d know he’s a good for nothing sociopath at best. I don’t associate with such people (never have), and neither should you.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              The main thing is once I’ve formed an initial connection with someone it takes a lot of stupidity for them to break it. Generally when I ban someone I know it’s because I want the best for them still and I think it’ll help them.

        • LOADED says:

          no and i would say because i have redirected my efforts to other things that are more important as of now!

        • aiaslives says:

          I’m not autistic. You type like a fifth grader.

          Are you “Osama Khan”? Either way you’re retarded, and your comments aren’t even funny.

          I sincerely hope you one day acquire enough intelligence to self-identify as an idiot.

        • Sigma Master Race says:

          “you are autistic. for that reason alone i am superior than you in 80% of socially valuable categories. just sayin.”

          Wrong. Autists are superior. But those Psychiatric Words are now meaningless as The Chemical Imbalance Hypothesis has been disproven with the depression study.

          Its a reasonaboe extrapolation to apply that to every other disorder as well. So now you are not superior. You are inferior. Your Neurocrazy ways produce nothing other than sleeping with club sloots, virtue signalling your love of Homo sapiens, and your hatred of people that you need to survive in a functioning civilization.

          Look if it wasnt for Men like Aeoli youd have nothing other than your confidence. Your kind really needs to buck up and adapt to us. But you cant and thats the problem. Your like bacteria screeching that your superior because theres more of you. When all it takes is a cap full of bleech (i.e. A single Neanderthal) to wipe you out.

          Look the future is dark and bleak if you dont get over yourself and change into a Superior Breed of Hominid. Which you cant because your brain is the neurologically disordered one. All the Objective Scientific Evidence points to it.

          And anyone, like you, who still professes belief in the Psychiatric Religion needs to be removed from all of Civil Society. There are literally stacks of peer reivew documents, libraries, and even basic simple oral logical proof that proves its a scam. Anyone still partaking in it is a liar. And anyone abused by it, whether by a Priest of Psychiatry or any of its proponents, is owed a formal public apology.

          Go saps somewhere else you fool!

  3. aiaslives says:

    Women will also often errenously group things according to these metrics. Hence they need a man to separate the good from the bad — show don’t tell.

  4. Zeb Zebley says:

    another dimension to add to this is self-directed vs. abstraction-directed morality.
    women have never needed to look out for the whole tribe, so their decisions are based around what would be good for them right now, whereas men know they could one day be on either side of any coin, and so aim for fairness and usually offer a non-lethal settlement. “blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy”. the Catholics lampshade it by calling it “the second and third order of the cogitative power”.

  5. Zeb Zebley. says:

    ps aeoli you ma ginga. did you get the gift I sent you a few months back?

  6. Aeoli Pera says:

    Akuma, you’re still banned until you can go six months without drinking.

    • Sigma Master Race says:

      Im on day 162 close enough. I gave it up for lent and never went back. Its quite ridiculous too because Im in Wisconsin. Which is the drunkest state in the nation.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        I’ll agree, that’s close enough. Excellent work.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        For the purpose of commenting you can drink again if you want, my concern was that you were in a substance use death spiral and 162 days sober is enough to demonstrate otherwise. That said, I rarely drink anymore myself because it wastes all that time and effort I spend working out.

        • ShadoHand (this is my new handle) says:

          I’m not going to drink for awhile. Its a waste of time and money. I make so much now (knock on wood) its just a waste of hard earned cash to do so.
          I even cut my caffeine intake down to 1 energy drink a day.

          I need to quit vaping, but I work inside. I tried to quit for lent but I wound up yelling and screaming at the walls in my hotel room after two days without nicotine. I went about a week when I had a nasty head cold about 2 weeks ago and was okay. I cut it down, but I should probably quit. Though vaping helps too much with quelling the murderous impulses that have surfaced over the last couple of years.

          P.s. Btw I still live in my car. I sleep at the gas station.

  7. buce says:

    Women are trouble, nothing but trouble. You are correct that they do not know right from wrong. They tend to think they are a special gurl, and that they know everything about everything, but really, all they know is that they want their way.

    I would say to any man, steer clear of women. At least 95% of them don’t even provide satisfactory sex btw, because sex also is all about them, and most have loose pussies anyway after riding the carousel.

    Society is wrecked beyond repair these days because of the power women have been given, it’s very very sad.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >all they know is that they want their way.

      That helped me (obliquely) to distinguish in my head the moral character thing: women with moral courage feel comfort in the company of men with moral courage, which is easier for me to judge as a man, and discomfort in the company of men without it. Vice versa for women without moral courage.

      So thank you, tangentially. I was having trouble applying the idea to actually spot feminine moral courage in the wild and this is a good proxy.

    • ShadoHand (this is my new handle) says:

      `Society is wrecked beyond repair these days because of the power women have been given, it’s very very sad.`
      No Schizociety is wrecked because Men are simps who have “I mustz notz harmz these Womynz!” Instinct. They also never left a high school lunch room. This harm can be anything. And I mean anything. The Women know it, and the Gammas know it too. This is why the latter weaponizes all Game knowledge.

      You could banish womenyz to the kitchen in two weeks if every men just told every women “No!” Women only have power and rights that you give them. And I have had some of the highest SMV females tell me that. Women want to be dutiful wives and sex slaves. They will help you with this if you let them and have a high level of social awareness. The problem is Men? Constantly running Game and refusal to respect boundaries because didnt you get the memo that all men must assert dominance over other men.

      Stop being a Gamer and start being a cooperative Bravo men. Women want you to win. They hate the bullshit just as much as aware High IQ men. The problem is other dudes.

      Heres an example. A cute girl held a door for me and I replied “Thank you maam.” This was at a gas station. She understood it was just holding a door for a patron. But the male gas station attendent yelled and screamed out. “Hes a simp!” This is what happens when idiots get ahold of the tools of game. Do you give a hammer to a raging chimp? No you dont. So some men, especially men with Midwit IQs, should not be running Game or using its wisdom because they will always use it as a weapon instead of tool. Because their IQs are not high enough to know when to use Game as a crescent wrench and cooperate. They always revert to logical fallacies and making appeals to authorities. They cant identify the target because their social skills never go beyond “Its all you kiddo, and every interaction is a food fight to the death.” They have firewalls up which interfer with a connection to the Logos.

      Stop being a SIMP. And this starts at home, on the street, and in the sheetz.

    • bicebicebice says:

      “buce says:
      August 12, 2022 at 12:31 pm”

      …huh?!? anyways…

      “Society is wrecked beyond repair these days because of the power women have been given, it’s very very sad.”
      tier 1. jewish women
      tier 2. non-white women
      tier 3. white feminist tranny current-year women (this can sometimes rarely outwoke tier 2 women, but it quickly subsides again aka the tiers Stay Permanent)
      tier 4. normal white women

      tier 1. jewish men
      tier 2. non-white men
      tier 3. white feminist tranny current-year men ; same thing as: “this can sometimes rarely outwoke tier 2 men, but it quickly subsides again aka the tiers Stay Permanent”
      tier 4, normal white men

      one of the few freedoms white men have left is the freedom to uproot, to move away from society (in canada you can’t board a plane or public transport without 5 shots of jewish mercury-so cross them off the list-soon electronic gay cruiser cars won’t let you start the engine unless you are truly vaxx maxxxed.)…and thats about it, I can’t thing of anything else that is really important like an actual powerful ruling in Law that dictates what our forebears built to level the social playing field aka same opportunities same responsibilities for all..

      I actually really can’t, please add to the list IF YOU CAN. white men do not have any social power and thats also why atomizing (AS DYSFYNCTIONAL AS IT IS YES I KNOW) provides more benefit exampool 1: timmy goes for a run, timmy is white and can run 1 kilometer in 3 minutes
      exampl 2. timmy and his 50 white buddies goes for a run, the fbi comes down on their nazi conspiracy while the media annihilates them socially from their jobs careers families future social prospects yadda yadda yadda,

      “Society is wrecked beyond repair these days because of the power women have been given, it’s very very sad.”… itz overplayed, the complaining or the farfetched dreams of re-building whiteopia, but…

      …so you see I’m actually trying to care but itz impossible, come home white man

      there is no moral courage in the west only moral comfort

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        The point of living in the woods is it buys freedom for politics-maxing.

        • bicebicebice says:

          “The point of living in the woods is it buys freedom for politics-maxing.” true, it worked for the viet cong and the taliban

          • Zeb Zebley says:

            the masculine urge to politics-maxx as an outgrowth of the individualist hero-mindset as an outgrowth of the kill-or-be-killed bice-chotomy.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              We achieve greater clarity around here every day. Granted, as prerequisite you need to have read 10 years’ worth of websites that no longer exist.

      • ShadoHand says:

        “white men do not have any social power”

        No White Millenial Men have no social power. Boomers have ruthlessly hunted us, gas lighted us, and abused us. The Rapists known as Generation X are guilty of this as well.

        You are wrong. A gun shop I got custom molded ear plugs at is run by all white guys. The problem with White Dudes is they think everyone is a FED. Most of them are also midwits so they cant do depth of knowledge. If any of these halfwit gun aficianados wasnt a Gamma theyd be running for Political Office on the grounds of Strict Constitutionalism. Then using that power to destroy The Liberals. But they arent, because they have been brainwashed to believe they dont have power, and dont know how to deal with Gammas in command and control positions. This doesn’t even scratch the surface or the dereliction of duty by all former combat veterans ane LEO.

        Remember now discussing those tactics is a sign your a Fed and a symptom paranoid personality disorder. Which is another problem. All these idiots believe the Jewish Voodoo is real. They have to infight anywhich way like Gammas.

        Point is: The Collapse is here and its going to just be lone wolves sacrificing themselves because “I’m NoT jOiNiNg YoU iN yOuR ApPeAl tO ArMs, bEcAuSe OnLy FeDs MaKe ThOSe!” Better get your stumps fast boys and your Trad Waifu cause the future is bleak, and theres going to be no mass civil unrest or winning unless the western leaders are given The Hemp Ropes with Collective Action!

      • Sturm Bringer says:

        If you dont take the cities, you dont hold control. A large problem with conservatives is they do not know how to wage or even want to wage war. They think like followers, understand nothing of power, they are merely drawn in its wake. B^3 if you only see some mythical past of treestumptopia, realize what does that offer in real terms to our folk, not you or your buddies, or some “elect”?

        As an example instead of a treestump, what of tree cities, or towns?

        • Git 'em posse says:

          Your only legally defensible hope is your local sherrif or mayor.

          They are the ones that can call up the militia under posse comitas.

          Get to know one or the the other, and back them up.

          Build your plans and ideas around the people on your block; while referring to the sherrif and mayor as leaders of the militia.

        • bicebicebice says:

          “If you dont take the cities, you dont hold control.” thats true, however;
 “As one paper wrote in the 1850s about a stump dance,” ——> fast-forward:

          thats in the span of 70 years! one could even say that Detroit and other American cities were just extensions of living in a tree ergo white people could chose to live in a tree or they could just chose to build insane crazy cities because why not?who was going to stop them? People wore top hats and canes in the trees, and in Detroit. The white spirit was intact and omnipresent. Dysgenic whites were sent to the asylum or re-education camps, ooga boogas were considered animals and evil slants from the orient always were they met with scorn and disdain.

          What is there left to control, and where?!?who in their right mind,catapulting towards 40 rather than 30 years old, wants to dive into the pond and “debate/discuss” with zoomers regarding george soros/klaus schwab or “alt-right(lumping it all in there for ease)/andrew tate in the current year?!?

          well, 100 years ago everything was great and 100% made in the west, we can get to that level of technology quickly again in the case of atomic war, just hide your nintendos and computers deep in the earth, get some solar and spares too.

          this post is a white pill

          • bicebicebice says:

            I will add this extra comment because why not; Today I ended up in a what we call in Sweden “Civilkurage situation”, directly translated to “civil courage” in English, me not knowing and being too lazy to find out if it means the same thing, I assume so, literally, because i’m lazy.

            Long story short, I got slapped with a charge of attempted assault (bullshit, there were no injuries so they couldnt even fake a proper charge, especially since the cops were on the scene-they mailed in the charge after they left (not the cops, the “other party” so to speak)!
            I will not get started on the Swedish legal system but lets just call it ITZy as all hell.

            …so you see, yours truly might go to prison, and the moral of the story is to not intervene in society (everyone involved in the altercation were pure bavarian phenotype swedes – surprisingly – nor swedes nor “white people” in general are a race of angels that can do no wrong.

            For that distinction between mouthbreathers and Neanderthals – there is always Edenism.

            If I go broke in the aftermath, I can always hustle books on the sidewalk, like a man in New York once did without a care in the world.

            I’m also writing this because a lot of young people have come into the “scene”, they have this hardliner attitude that wyte=OMG!!!111ITSALWAYSDAJOOOOOOOOS, whereas Edenism gets rid of basically all the shitty bad people on the planet irregardless of race.

            Itz quite a something, in times like these im proud to call myself a neanderthard.
            The moral fabric of the today is so shit one almost starts to sympathize with Kronos who simply started eating his own children – probably tired as hell of all their shit.

            This world needs Jesus Christ, the sasquatch just aren’t going to cut it.

            Thanks for reading my blogg; hosted @ the comment section @aeolipera-the final (and last) frontier of Edenoidism.

            • aiaslives says:

              Hardly the “last” frontier, we have a very active discord server.

              I hope you don’t go to jail. But I don’t know what Swedish jails are like anyway. Probably not “don’t drop the soap” tier.

  8. ShadoHand says:

    O/T Post.
    Ok Aeoli.
    If I’m unbanned, what are the rules for my commenting? Is it no FED posting? No N-Bombs? No ad hominems thrown at you? Because I think this should be defined so comment moderation can be turned off. We got to make Commenting At Aeoli Pera Great Again!

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      You have to be either interesting or endearing, same rules as anyone else.

      • ShadoHand says:

        So If Im boring I’m not allowed? Sounds like G.A.M.E. (Gay Alphas Making Excuses) Theory rearing its head again. Boring people are some of the most reliable and competent people you will ever know. But our degenerate culture ignores them because it means no quick dopamine boost. Nobody likes “The Beta” because hes building stuff Long Term.

          • ShadoHand says:

            Are you implying I’m a midwit good sir? Because I didnt get the Vaxx and I am in objective proof that Psychiatry is a Pseudoscience!

            Can your lifestyle satisfy those two requirements? I bet not.

            Now, what I needs to think happen is everyone that has ever been abused by is issued restitution and reparations. And every shrink is stoned to death by assault rocks.

            Every cop also needs to be made homeless, have their families taken from them and barred from ever holding any type of employment ever again. Their genetic lines may also have to be extinguished as well. Its the only fairness in a world of unfairness!

            P.s. I dont care, its all bullshit! All of it.

            P.s.s. USMC=United States Midwit Corps!

  9. Git 'em posse says:

    I didn’t say it was great hope; just legally defensible.

    “You have to fight with the army you have; not the army you wish you had” – some psychopath

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I’d say the opposite: it’s a good idea but not legally defensible. I’d discourage use of the term “militia” in general. Stick with something that would make a bad headline of the form “ATF Bulldozes [Group] Into Shallow Grave”. E.g. Quakers Knitting Society.

      • WW says:

        >Knitters society
        Day of the thread

      • ShadoHand says:

        “term “militia”
        Why its enshrined in many state constitutions. Youd have to be a brain damaged idiot not to use that word. Which just proves my position that all LEO needs to disbanded. Yesteryear.

        Like seriously bro. Do you even read or think? Or has trying to be a good little normie rotted your brain out.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          A normie would at least have the sense to be polite for a week or two after having a six-month ban lifted. Can you give me a good reason not to reinstate it?

          • ShadoHand says:

            “Can you give me a good reason not to reinstate it?”

            Because I’m an American and there is no such thing as politeness and civility here.

            Its a shithole filled with Drunkards, Summer Soldiers, and Narcissists.

            Everyone knows this. EVERYONE! But nobody can be bothered to do anything about it. And they will actively hunt anyone that tries too. Don’t believe me. Lets look at this map here:

            “ItZ tHe JeWz!”
            “ItZ tHe WaHmEn!”
            “ItZ tHe GoVeRnMeNt!”

            No, its you Amerikaner. Your devotion to all things Saps and Retardery has cursed you, everyone around you, and your genetic lineages to a Hellish Nightmare because your insecurity, brain damaged ways, and utter lack of respect for anything knows no bounds. And it goes beyond “EvErYoNeS HuMaN We AlL MaKe MiStAkEs!”. So no I dont need to be polite or civil. As those of us screwed over by worthless Pigs know in reality: ITS AN UNCIVIL MATTER! AND THATS A FACT!

            So no. I have also never failed a drug test. But yet somehow I am the only person I know who constantly gets accused, and character assassinated, of being on Drugs. Despite the majority of the country being drunken scumbags all addicted to caffiene and nicotine. Which are drugs. So I have earned the right, despite never having to earn it in the first place, to be as Uncivil as I want. Its only fair.

            P.s. A Normie wouldnt politeness or civility if the ghost of George Washington appeared next to them and walked them through his rules for civility everytime they had contact with another creature on Gods Green Earth!

  10. MM says:

    Grow old, dies.
    Some new young guy. Same.

    Sapez, Amir9te?

    At least I wasnt as gay as them (tho still really fucking gay compared to any human 100 years ago) but did still die of heart attack because I am just an evolved fish lol.

    Still love u bice and yeah sapes but we are all such fuxking NOTHING 🤣🤣🤣😍😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😇😇😇😇

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