Would you employ me? Would you run a business with me? Would you work for me?

Based on what you know about me or interactions you’ve had. More explanation is preferred because I’m only asking for the purpose of building self-awareness. As usual for posts of this type, all bans are temporarily lifted and you may be as abusive toward me as you like. If you’ve got something really mean you’ve been dying to say, this is your big chance!

This doesn’t mean you’re allowed to say illegal stuff or post the worst filth you’ve been able to dredge up on the internet. I will not be allowing interactions between commenters on this post, so don’t bother trying to reply to anyone.

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30 Responses to Would you employ me? Would you run a business with me? Would you work for me?

  1. LOADED says:

    ive asked you to help me develop my app which you turned down so i dont even see a point in hiring you for any other reason than something you are competent in anyways.

    i would run a business with you because it seems like you have good prioritizing skills.

    i would probably not work for you. you seem to be a perfectionist and a bit callous to people underneath you. you also have a tendency to abuse power.

  2. ShadoHand says:

    Youd be a security guard if I ran a business with you. Id make you the head of security.


    Or you could be the guy Id pay 70,000k a year do a very specific job. When someone comes in to be hired right before I tell them the real decision:

    “Welcome aboard. Let me call my associate. I want him to come in here and meet you. You will be working directly with him hes going to be thrilled about your skill set.” I pick up the phone, dial your number, and put it on speaker.
    Aeoli answers the phone in his office “Whats up boss?”
    I reply “Could you come down here and meet this new hire. I think they are going to be a great fit they have a really great skill set.”
    Aeoli pauses and replies “Sure thing Ill be right down, let me grab a coffee from the break room first. I was just finishing up a report.”
    I reply “Okay. Ill see you in a few minutes.” And hang up.
    I then chat up the new hire for a few minutes while we wait for you.
    A few minutes pass and you walk in barefoot wearing gym attire and a giant ginger beard.
    I get up and greet you.
    I say gleefully “Thanks again this is going to be our new employee.” Aeoli doesnt say anything. The new hire goes to shake his hand and Aeoli just stares at them. Aeoli then takes a sip from his coffee and sternly says to them
    “GET THE FUCK OUT!” as he motions to door with his hand and extended index finger. Aeoli then does an about face and walks out of the room. I then sit back in my chair and begin working. After a few minutes I look at the person.
    “Did you not hear the man? You are not being hired by this business. Do I need to call him back and have him escort you from the premise?”
    At this point the potential employee gets up and walks out the door, with their tail tucked between their legs.
    I would never hire you for IT because you couldnt even be bothered to do a group project with me on a cloud server.

  3. mmmmmmmmmm says:

    1. Would you employ me?
    No because I don’t like that power dynamic.

    That being said there are loads of things I’ve always wanted to run through your brain but alas I’ve slowly built my own symbolic understanding and language so its not as needed. Still, the work I think you would best be suited for would be in the collection, analysis, and creation of powerful images and art in general (esp as a second and unique re-interpretation of a concept, and also of the lessons from past shit. IE behelit post tells me many things that are not written in it. Thats worth alot of money, in theory).

    2. Would you run a business with me?

    At present no (unless it was a creative venture), because of your self described disinterest in all matters financial (which I understand, but making money is ‘winning’ so that’s why its interesting imo)
    However, you could, if desired, leverage your atypically accurate understanding of geopolitics and human psychology to become wildly successful in any market if you A. stayed completely up to date at all times B. Didn’t fall for the 10 million things in ‘the market’ (all markets, real estate) that will wipe you out. C. HAD CORRECT TIMING

    I say you could be wildly successful because if all the kinks got worked out (various pareidolia themes pop up in your writing. See the attack on youtube HQ and your response ala soros getting got) then you could come at it from an angle of calm and rationality that is near impossible for anyone with a normie brain.

    Also if you want free money buy longest dated 1P death puts on bbby. Look at the bonds on it and the whole story (this 400 million dollar loan that sent it up even while all else finally went back to dying leverages the only profitable part of the company- Buy Buy Baby. It will end up just like all the retail in 08 that went out of business) Potentially wildly profitable trade, and most importantly, it should happen before fed pivots back to helicopter money once “something breaks” (they will keep hiking until that happens and I am still bearish af. Everything I said about Europe is now happening. Nat gas is at 540 barrel-per-oil equivalent!!!)

    Not financial advice. Paper trading as always. All posts are satire. We do a little trolling. Yada yada yada.

    3. Would you work for me?

    Sure. If this is a question from a normie perspective then the only reason they wouldn’t would be the flat affect, I think. There is actually a contractor I know who is similar though and its fine. He gets around it by acting business oriented and very busy. That’s my theory anyway- dude could actually just be stressed out af. Still, its a good excuse for a normie.

  4. Post Alley Crackpot says:

    No, on all three counts, but …

    That’s only because you do not yet possess Marketable Levels of Crazy, in which you could become the next Alex Jones for the Neanderthal/Melonhead Grand Global Conspiracy.

    If you had those kinds of skills, you wouldn’t be asking these questions anyway.

    And so my advice is for you to sharpen the edge on the lunatic fringe that is inside you and then use whatever comes out of that to do something boldly useful.

    When properly implemented, you do not go to work at jobs, you are your own job and the work comes from you.

    Stop asking us for a job already.

    Anything you do for a job during this interregnum period of your own self-loathing is essentially your own fault, in which the Emperor of Your Gloriously Shit Job will punish you repeatedly for your lack of vision.

    Make your own job, Neanderthal Owl Melon Retard!

    Be even more Arcane than Texas Arcane. :-)

  5. would you says:

    “Would you employ me?”
    “Would you run a business with me?”
    “Would you work for me?”

    “Would you fuck me?”

    “I’d fuck me.”

  6. aiaslives says:


    I’d work for you but I’d be wary of hiring you for anything that involves dealing with detail of problems that you aren’t allowed to fix the context for.
    Assuming I have money, of course.

    I’d wager you’d be just fine in any org with +1SD average. Excel in it even.
    2SD and above you’d need to be socially involved with the management and you’ll need them to cover for you, because people will sometimes blame you even before you start. You’ll need to “marinate” your social investments properly before basting them.

    • aiaslives says:

      >I’d work for you but I’d be wary of hiring you for anything that involves dealing with detail of problems that you aren’t allowed to fix the context for.

      Assuming the problem is sufficiently difficult.

  7. Sturm Bringer says:

    Hopefully it is useful to you: I fear communication would be somewhat difficult, I am not the best at speaking, my impression is you are not the best at hearing(understanding wise). Yes to employ, you seem like you would work well with little oversight and ask for clarification to better get the work done. Partnering in business, I do not like partnerships, but I fear it would end in flames or at best regrets. Work for you, maybe, you dont seem like a total douche and would probably be concise, with little to no indecision, but you may have an arrogant streak and might be demeaning or a perfectionist(for good or ill).

    Also want to mention I see a sliver of potential in you, I may or may not be mistaken, may it grow and blossom; do not let it wither under intellectual light, or locked in categorized cupboard.

  8. Zeb Zebley says:

    tl:dr yes, with accommodations.

    assuming we have overlapping interests, complementary skills, and the work were engaging enough, then I would work on a *project* with you and move forward from there. that’s my preferred choice.

    I would “employ” you if I knew what skillsets you had that I could market to people in my extended tribe, but given your tech proclivities, it would probably look a lot more like me making intros, collecting the (hopefully sizeable) finder’s fee, and then toddling off. if by some happenstance there’s more that i could offer, I’d prefer to work alongside you on a different aspect of the same project.

    I avoid working as a subordinate as much as possible. [sorry kid, nothing personnel.] unless it’s in my areas of competence, I’m liable to make a mess of things and most people think employee=crom=slave=generalist and get REALLY upset when I don’t know “where the mess hall is”.

    • Roughneck says:

      Offshore oil an gas. We get some weird dudes.

      Can you work in an environment where the first question you SHALL ask yourself is, “will this kill me”, before doing anything? Sometimes on a second-by-second basis.

      People getting themselves killed costs the project too much time and money.

      Virtually everyone has accepted the lesson of John Henry; you can’t outwork a steam engine.

      Not everyone has accepted the lesson of Kasperov vs. Big Blue; even though none thinks they can out calculate a solar calculator.

      What truly matters in this world is making ethical decisions; like “don’t do the thing that blows up because boss told me to”.

      From reading here, you appear to want to do the right thing; so “yes” on all counts. Now, do you have the wisdom to accept the right thing when it is shown to you; I can’t tell.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        To the last question, yes, I’m very good at following directions. It’s why normies often mistake me for a natural talent at shooting, ax throwing, things like that because I listened to the instructor and then followed the instructions. They generally make the mistake of thinking everything is instinctive when it’s really about best practices and thinking a couple seconds ahead.

        The one trick I’ll admit I still fall for is when smart neurotypicals play the group confidence card. “Trust us, we all know what we’re doing, you’re just a sperg who thinks he knows better than everybody because you’re arrogant.” Outside of complex social dynamics, e.g. engineering processes, they’re generally retarded and I should never take their word for it that “we know what we’re doing” because they have no instinctive understanding of systems, risk estimation, negative externalities, or limiting the downside. And while it’s often true that they’re acting correctly in the context of their specialization, complex social dynamics, their explanations are generally poor because they focus on peripheral things at the expense of essential driving forces. So you have to ignore what they say and focus on the results of what they do. Okay, you got the contract because you knew the guy in high school, and you submitted a semi-fraudulent expense report because you didn’t write anything down and forgot all the details, but your explanation is “You gotta get out there and knock on doors.” You know we sell medical software to government regulators, not vacuum cleaners door to door? Oh right, I forgot, never say anything directly because that ruins the magic.

        • Roughneck says:

          Just say you can live in a 4-man cabin for a month at a time and the oil field wants you.

        • ShadoHand says:

          “The one trick I’ll admit I still fall for is when smart neurotypicals play the group confidence card. “Trust us, we all know what we’re doing, you’re just a sperg who thinks he knows better than everybody because you’re arrogant.””

          This is when you show them the books on your phone. Especially when they start with the Psychobabble. Its literally never failed me. Never ever. Nogs defer to you to. And if one of them is not a Sane Nog. Call that when a Narcissist. They get scared of White Men with the balls to tell them to sod off. Its never failed me. Once they even were threatening to come back with pistols and it shut them up pretty quick.

      • ShadoHand says:

        Where do I sign up for this Oil Rig Job. I’ve applied to well over 200+ oil field jobs with no response.

        I have experience with flawless operation in multiple hazardous conditions. Even worked with industrial furnaces. Show me the link…..

        • Roughneck says:

          Just spoke with the service hands. Cement hand is another good way in the door. One said he applied for a year coming from restaurant industry before someone gave him a shot.

          • Roughneck says:

            BTW, this “will he do the right thing” question is why employers are so hung up on hiring people with references internal to the company…. or at least companies not captured by their HR department…

            Your best shot, as it has always been, is to know someone on the inside of any company you want to get hired into.

            I only get jobs from people that I’ve worked projects with in the past. Many times doing stuff I’ve never done in the past.

            The normy “it’s not what you know; but, who you know” is true. Just not for the reasons everyone portrays on TV.

  9. Roughneck says:

    It’s not like it’s the water department.

    • Roughneck says:


      Wireline operator is usually the toe in the door for unskilled.
      If you are a diesel mechanic or electrician look at mechanic jobs. Apply for entry level. You’ll rise to your level fast.

      It’s easy to move around once you are in the industry. So don’t get hung up on current title.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Real talk request, what’s the outlook for mechanics in ten years if they succeed in making internal combustion engine cars illegal? Yes, I know that’s crazy and will change the economic landscape more than fighting a civil war, but I also think they’ll do it with few exceptions.

        • aiaslives says:

          > succeed in making internal combustion engine cars illegal
          IMO they won’t, it’s all ‘Ordo Ab Chao’. Anything longer than 6 months is a ruse.
          Step 1 is to stop considering the WEF as top dog: it still has to kow tow to rich people, and the “no more combustion engine” crap is from TeslaCars.
          What will happen though is that eco-checks will be stringent enough to make cars more of a luxury travel vehicle, and there will be heavily penalized speed limits. This of course assumes that people will never look into things. Having the internet doesn’t mean people forget, it’s just that they’re diverted.
          I unironically expect people like us to “win”, that is we get outclassed and get to live in small groups that don’t necessarily need a IC (or diesel) any longer, or at least not very many of them.
          Much like the “vaccine”, the Bugs, Pod and Zero Ownership will be opt-in. It’s all a choice. Doesn’t hurt to be prepared anyway.

          ‘Hunger Games’ went too far. I expect that in three or four decades we’d get to see the “Barbarians” sacking Rome.

        • Roughneck says:

          Mechanic isn’t just the ICE. There’s all the steering, braking, valves, hydraulics, pumps, HVAC and piping. Almost no one breaks into the engine anymore.

          Electric motors kinda limit out on power. There would be a conversion back to steam there somewhere.

          The real answer is in thermal depoymerization; but the greennies are too dumb to embrace it.

        • Roughneck says:

          Where I work, virtually every motor is electric (less explosive). Mechanics still out number electricians 10:1.

          RE: thermal depolymerization https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrothermal_liquefaction

  10. Boneflour says:

    Would you employ me?
    Probably. I would want to find something semi physical, that produces an artifact you can be proud of, and that didn’t yank you around too much with changing priorities.

    Something like building out a fiber optic service for the power company. Solar panel installation? You’d end up bitching about the grid, but everybody in that industry bitches about the grid, it’s half the fun.

    A “Go here, do a good job, go home” kind of job that paid better than pizza making.

    Only problem is you almost have to be running a hedge fund to have the funds for boutique, meaningful work these days. Most stuff either takes a toll on your body or wears your spirit down. Or both!

    Would you run a business with me?
    Probably not. You need to be able to optimize for profit in executive decision making to run a business.

    You’ve talked before about being sort of drawn to a vow of poverty lifestyle, and your eyes glazing over when someone talks about ‘finance stuff’.

    I would worry that you would disagree with the tradeoffs I would make but not be interested enough in the numbers to understand the why.

    I could see you doing operations, something like The Property Brothers on HGTV. One guy buys the houses, and budgets for the flip, and the other guy rebuilds the house.

    Or doing property management for a multifamily property. If you unclog the toilets for wages and a rent discount, you’re an employee. If you unclog the toilets because you have money invested in the property, you’re an owner.

    But then, co-owning a property requires equity in the deal, which means caring about finances enough to gave $40,000 lying around…

    Would you work for me?
    Yeah sure. If the checks clear, and it’s something in my wheelhouse, would probably be ok.

    I imagine you could come up with tasks and assign em just fine. Do a “have you done the thing?” A couple times a day.

  11. images disabled :'-((( says:

    Aeoli, I know that we aren’t allowed to post the worst filth we’ve been able to dredge up on the internet in here, but I am ANGRY that I wasn’t able to post the worst filth I’ve been able to dredge up on the internet in this here comments section the other day. So, there’s that.

  12. aiaslives says:

    The general vibe I get from the comments here is that most people in Edenism would be shit at hiring.
    Which is pretty sad, considering where we are.

    • ShadoHand says:

      “Edenism would be shit at hiring.”
      Thats because wed be hiring based upon: Can you complete the objectives we give you with little oversight? The time table when we come back and judge your work will be six months. We want you to get results in a way that respects the process. In a way that is ethical and moral. No corner cutting will be allowed. Gammas are not allowed to work here. Deltas are allowed if and only if there personal affairs are in order and the “Muh wife multiplied by Happy Wife Happy Life” does not bleed into work.

      In the Sick and Diseased Real World hiring is done whether you satisfy the requirments on the check list.
      Have an address from out of state? Not getting hired.
      Did some work thats sort of like the job you are being hired for and demonstrated grit, critical thinking skills, ability to work under pressure, and get results without cutting corners? Not getting hired.
      Have some non-normie/able to misconstrue/gap in resume experience? Not getting hired.
      Flaunt your ability to operate on adult levels of social organization? Not getting hired becauase only Nerds do that.

      Hiring managers are essentially Toxic Sociopaths that have never had anything bad happen to them because they are the source of problems, or have toxoc support structures that allow them to operate independently.

      Source: I once got denied a job that required a hair follice drug test. I would have passed. Why was I denied? It was a glass company that makea the windows on the ISS. When it came my time for asking questions I asked some high level questions if they were working on glass for Elons Mission to Mars. Glass that would be able to withstand the harsh martian weather. Hiring manager blurted out to me “You cant just do whatever you want!” After the interview as I walked out I overheard him call the operations manager and tell him of this grand idea he just had. My idea to be exact about glass that could withstand Martian Weather.

      Being a Hiring Manager is a game that only the worst amongst are employed to do.

      • aiaslives says:

        My point was that everyone’s underestimating Aeoli. He can clearly work with abstract things. I don’t see anyone else with a 10 years blergh here.

        But I do agree with you. Most people are pathetic, they’ll do anything for the scraps on the table. No forward-thinking at all, and after a few years they’re all but set in their ways. It is to be expected, we wouldn’t have a “civilization” otherwise.

        • ShadoHand says:

          `My point was that everyone’s underestimating Aeoli.`
          Yes they are. And they are trapped in the same feedback loop too. But a tangential point of mine is, its not really underestimating so much as he’s trapped in a toxic social system. Whereby most people are extreme glass half empty types. That isn’t to say being an extreme half full type is any better.

          What they cant do is see that there is some water in a glass, and ask: How do I get more water, or even simply use the water I have to make this work? Its not feasible.

          Being forced to be around people like this is toxic, soul destroying, and erodes any good one could do. People like this never used to be allowed into positions of discrete power. If they had any power they were running something, and had ruthless competitors. Now they staff all the gatekeeping positions.

          I’m sure if he worked in healthy environment this wouldn’t be an issue. But since he never has, or any of us for that matter, the content of his character has been altered by external circumstances. So he has just a dash of toxic individualism that hampers him. Lay down with dogs and you will get fleas after all.

          We really need to buy a bunch of land AND build a town, start a militia, and get to work building a flotilla of starships already.

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