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Electric truck mandates would cause directly cause supply chain breakdown and produce collapse

This was a good exchange. There are some edits to make it more useful. Prerequisite: A quick reminder that the housing market and the economy aren’t 100% the same thing, just mostly.The real collapse is when it’s no longer … Continue reading

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On the relative strangeness of common WWI courage to the modern mind

I like this anecdote because of just how alien the attitude is. Before I had ever been under fire I was walking up the Lille road from Armentières after the light had gone when the Boche turned a machine gun … Continue reading

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I’ve been slipping gradually into a depression for the last couple of months and it’s beginning to degrade my ability to focus. I don’t like that, so I’m putting some analytical effort toward root cause analysis. The basic problem is … Continue reading

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Paleophrenology rabbithole

H/T Ken: In paleoneurology, all we have is the form of the brain, as molded and imprinted in the neurocranial morphology. Minor correlation between brain geometry and cognition has been recently evidenced, which may have been more relevant at evolutionary … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis, Holocaust denier

I’m surprised too, you’d think this would have come up by now. In the last few years I have spent a great many hours in third-class railway carriages (or corridors) crowded with servicemen. I have shared, to some extent, the … Continue reading

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Initial foray into superforecasting power grid reliability for a particular region (Owl convo)

Ref: Superforecast loss of power for example region <- this would be a hard one but very important any regions on your mind? Something useful for prepping, because that’s the purpose of the exercise.And I doubt many of these … Continue reading

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How IT decisions happen

I’m not saying this is every single time, just every single time that I’ve seen. In conclusion, technical professionals need to learn the negotiating value of throwing a shit-fit and stop pretending to be disinterested moderates. Oh, and if there … Continue reading

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Climate change as Probihition for fossil fuels

Basically, the point of making alcohol illegal was to consolidate the supply to just organized crime. Then the Jewish mafia used the money to take over the government, RICO the Italian mafia, exterminate the Irish mafia, and the rest is … Continue reading

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Midterm predictions

This is actually really good: Predictions: Should do a turnout prediction…All right, I’m guessing turnout is between 2014 and 2018 numbers. Higher than 2014, lower than 2018. My reasoning for this is conspiratorial: there’s a massive marketing push for … Continue reading

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Gamers are bad people

Gamers are the worst people on the planet as a direct result of taking games seriously, because without fail they latch on to the most retarded aspects of games and demand more of the retardation from game developers. An example … Continue reading

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