The purpose of rationalism

The purpose of rationalism is to make the jump to post-rationalism, just like the purpose of a child is to become an adult. The proper use of rigor is to prove one’s own sincerity and painstaking honesty to oneself, so that personal judgment can flourish from a foundation of responsible feelings rather than a cost-benefit analysis between balanced moral values. The man who appeals to “ethics” at the moment of truth reveals he lost the war within his own conscience long ago. He’s like a whore wearing a trenchcoat over her lingerie to prolong negotiations over the price of her surrender. And she’s thinking about how she wants to get out of this miserable cold wind.

I’m not advocating against rationality any more than I’d moralize against childishness in a child or even in an adult. It’s the retention of childish aspects like wonder and forthrightness that enable the higher adult functions like artistic appreciation and scientific curiosity. But I am suggesting that childish playfulness should only be the tenth part of a man’s aspect and that syllogisms and multiplication tables should be only the tenth part of his sensibility.

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1 Response to The purpose of rationalism

  1. ShadoHand says:

    “The man who appeals to “ethics” at the moment of truth reveals he lost the war within his own conscience long ago.”

    I disagree. Ethics are appealed too when you are dealing with a child in an adult body. Especially, in those cases where it would be morally permissable to enact violence, or some type of aggressive force, but cannot do to various degrees of “societal standards” and the fact that violence will destroy the plan. Its essentially a negotiating tactic, to change the other parties mind. Or if you cant, to stave off the consequences of enacting violence in that moment.

    Plus since most so called adults are really just Children in Adult bodies, ethics comes into play almost every day. You cant outright use violence against these people and/or order them around, as many of them are essentially defiant children.

    Take Baby Boomers for example. Everyone knows they are bad, toxic, and the problem. Yet being aggressive with them or enacting violence overrides a deep seated instinct we all have to respect our elders. This is where ethics comes in. It allows you to steal away from them in a manner undetectably to them. Unless they are they are Ultimate Narc, then you are forced to use the nuclear option.

    If our nation, and greater society, was actually rational and logical, one could appeal to ethics, and not lose themself, as both parties involved would be negotiating.

    P.s. This reminds me of how Boomers are always talking about compromises, letting things go, sacrificng stuff, and getting over it. They are really talking about themselves, but the Maliginant Narcissist they all are refuses to them the ability to take their own advice.

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