Opinions re: NYT’s “Eye of Sauron” Ashalim power station


Theories for the expenditure?
Average output is intended to be 30 MW, expenditure was $800 million.
For math purposes, the consumer price of the energy was set at 24c/kWh by the government as part of the contract.
I just did the math for you. If this thing runs at this 30 MW intended capacity (not the 120 MW peak capacity the newspapers are using, which would cause it to explode) 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, then it would bring in $63,072,000/year.
$63 million for short.
That’s assuming no cloudy days and perfect consumer consumption, which are obviously bad assumptions. I’d guess more like an average of $6 million (oh gawd it’s happening again).
In the ideal case, assuming the revenue is 100% profit and no shenanigans with the initial government budget (i.e. they didn’t go over the original contract during construction), we’re looking at 12.7 years to pay off. In my pessimistic opinion, due to clouds and consumers, the ideal case looks more like 127 years assuming 100% profit.
The less ideal case, where you have to pay employees and operating costs, looks more like 1,000 years.
This could be a case of the mafia believing its own bullshit, i.e. the green energy crowd suddenly ceasing to be massive NIMBY hypocrites, which would throw a wrench in my narrative about prohibition.
But if it’s not that, I’m inclined to believe it’s meant to be symbolic. But symbolic of what and to whom? Somebody with $800 million budgetary power decided to use that money to send a message to somebody, and maybe multiple messages to multiple groups, or just one message to multiple people, or even multiple messages to just one person, or something.

Note: For symbolic purposes, it’s important to know that there are “more than 25 similar towers across the world, including in China, Spain, and the United States”, but this is the only one to be championed to the New York Times audience as “Israel’s Eye of Sauron”.

I’m actually polling my various groups for ideas here, this isn’t a test.

Because this is da blergh, I’d be remiss if I didn’t make the association with Kefka’s Light of Judgment, even if no one in the NYT’s audience is going to know what that is.

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16 Responses to Opinions re: NYT’s “Eye of Sauron” Ashalim power station

  1. Zeb Zebley says:

    it could just be jewish pragmatism- the dystopian kind with the anti-aesthetic urge and unfellow-feeling.
    which would be beneficial to scare/subdue/mindfuck the native Palestinians and Christians.

    it could be because the Jews worship the demiurge and don’t mind explicitly standing in opposition to Christ, Nature, and Man and Hobbit-kind.

    it could be because they’re looking at their meddling in Europe and want to have an “innagogue” option for energy once their golems die / go rogue.

    from the spiritual perspective, they’re rewriting their enemies stories to show them as the victor. an inverted polemic.

    the name could be contrived for English audiences and therfore be fake and gay. this is something NYT jews would do with relish- how many Israelis actually knew about, then experienced, then enjoyed LOTR enough to bring it into their popular culture? ha-ayin leSoron doesn’t sound cool unless you know the backstory.

    it could be a tower of babel imagery for the other gods of the jews, “Science!!!1!1” and jewish energy independence. why wouldn’t they make it cock- shaped?

    anyway, jews lowkey like being foils, shadows, and edgy outsiders. it makes them feel almost alive.

  2. MM says:

    >do they believe their own bullshit.

    Israel was real big on the vaccine, right? Have they avoided myocarditis, etc?…

    China was the only nation to totally refuse mrna based vaccines to my knowledge.

    There is the possibility we are at the point where the elites themselves are getting swindled by psychopaths in positions where competence could once be assumed (See Elon Musk- neuralink (transhuman/mind control), spacex, and Tesla- not for the electric cars but for the “full self driving” to control pop movement. Anything that kills freedom makes their collective pp hard. Musk is the greatest con man who has ever lived)

    I think the tower is another stupid green project. Its Israel. They don’t need 800 million dollar towers to signal, they need ‘moschiach now’/’rebuild the temple’.

  3. MM says:

    Also, the NYT is not one of the elite publications they signal in like FT. Its just another click rag.

  4. yellowleaf1 says:

    Sorry to ask, but do you know what happened to BANNED HIPSTER?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Just that he went offline sometime between yesterday and this morning. His last post was about his experience with MKUltra. He says he was drugged and somebody dressed up like Jesus and did a sermon, presumably to invoke his Christian priors and get him attached to the handler, but it was so hamhanded that even a drugged 15-year-old just thought “this is stupid”. Anyway, either he pulled the blog to be melodramatic or because he got a call from someone informing him that edgelords aren’t allowed to post secret brainwashing techniques, even if (especially if) they’re embarrassingly hamfisted. Equally plausible to me.

      • yellowleaf1 says:

        Thanks for the reply.

      • MM says:


        Both pieces recommended as strongly as possible for anyone interested in what humans actually are.

        “Techniques used ranged from “rectal hydration” and “rectal feeding” to intensive use of solitary confinement, waterboarding, threats to kill prisoners’ families and sleep deprivation, driving prisoners into hallucinatory states.

        The picture that emerges is menticide by a thousand cuts. Incessant, unpredictable operations create a nightmarish atmosphere. Where individual tactics are sometimes almost harmless, their cumulative effect is total psychic demolition. Detainees would be subjected to a random succession of cold water dousing; stripped of clothing and forced to wear diapers; shackled with arms overhead; blasted with loud sounds; chilled with an air conditioner; held in continuous light or complete darkness; rough and unexpected rectal exams by medical personnel; isolated in near-solitary confinement; placed in a strictly confined “black out box”; subsisting on short rations; stress positions; interrogated around the clock; threatened while hooded; “insult slaps”; waterboarded; and various forms of sexual abuse. This regimen would stretch on for years, with every abuse amplified by the greatest torture of all: the soul-warping realization that it might never end.”

        How can anyone claim the human animal has a soul, when it can be totally extinguished via torture?

        • MM says:

          And this is before neural reprogramming. Hallucinogenic drugs naturally speed up the process immensely, as the hallucinatory state is the mind’s final defense mechanism, allowing (in that moment) for near total change of self (as such states are naturally only accessed in near death experiences, and allow all brain areas to talk to each other- a very rare thing).

          If humans are something beyond the physical the implications are even worse (spiritual entropy, corruption, even beyond choice). But I am open as always.

          • dee says:

            If you read the literature by claimed victims of MKULTRA-type torture, they specify that the programmer takes great pains to hide the mental “core” of the person, whatever that is, and deprogrammers look for it to bring it back to the surface. Operant conditioning researchers also stumbled on immutable parts of the human mind when trying to prove we’re just programmable machines, but I could not give the references. So much for the soul of the human “animal”.

            What MKULTRA implies is that egos are vulgar objects, unaware robotic constructs that can be destroyed and built at will. Most serious religions teach to not identify with your ego: thy will be done, not mine. Note BTW the success of Christian exorcists in healing victims, where secular psychiatrists could not help.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              > Operant conditioning researchers also stumbled on immutable parts of the human mind when trying to prove we’re just programmable machines, but I could not give the references.

              Any parent of young children could tell you that, if they’ve retained a speck of honesty.

              > So much for the soul of the human “animal”.

              That doesn’t follow. Murdering a person doesn’t prove that they weren’t alive.

        • Wanderghost says:

          “… Are we the baddies?”

      • whateverbullshit says:

        You were one of the smartest and most “savvy” so let me say this – they purposefully target “aspie” kids but back in those days we didn’t have the words “aspie” or “autistic” or “spectrum” or whatever they call it these days.

        I don’t know anything about that “anime” shit, that wasn’t our culture, but “cognitive style” is probably a real thing. And I’m some old dude so who cares, but please – feminism is stupid, but most women are just fine, different than men for sure, and that is the point, that is what makes it fun. Don’t even bother with that fem/antifem whatever craziness. In Real Life, you know Real People, and half of those people are women, and chances are one of them thinks you’re cool, why wouldn’t she, right? Women love nothing more than having a man, then bitching about him. That’s just the way they are lol.

        I feel like I owe it to explain something since you were one of the very, very few who understood what I was saying. But “they” however you want to understand it, very much understand that some people, especially men, are “autistic” or “aspie” or however you call it, and – even more important than that in my estimation – some people are narcissistic and sociopathic and you really have to be careful about those people. Not necessarily sadistic, but they very much have a different “cognitive style” and will fuck you hard if you don’t understand them. I sure as hell did not back then.

        So I’m not allowed to blog anymore, apparently, but I just wanted to say you were one of the very very few who “got it” to some degree.

        My only advice: never trust a “white Sikh.”

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Your blogging will be missed. There will probably always be something of a gulf between the way we think and do things, but your blog was the only readable thing left on the internet. It’s funny, I’m still kinda addicted to reading a “blogroll” from 2014 days so I’ll still compulsively pick up my phone to browse somewhere, but then I realize there’s nothing I can type in the URL that’ll scratch the itch. So I just sit there for a minute kinda checked out.

  5. bicebicebice says:

    the good shit


    …so you see itz all shit basically the naysayers were always right “society?its shit mate”

    • ShadoHand says:

      And brass is still an effective treatment for treating neurocrazies.

      • bicebicebice says:

        I agree, but itz like the plot to x-men… cured of being a social retard and still retain savantism, there are a lot of variables and yes autism isnt aspergers (neanderthal) per se etc etc etc

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