On women’s strange immunity to mortality salience stimuli

Women have a strong survival instinct, but it’s different from men’s. They don’t think “That man has a gun and my husband doesn’t, maybe I shouldn’t lead with insults here,” because they don’t have the clear A->B type of mortality salience. What they do have is an adjustable drive to acquire nicer things, so when they get a creeping malaise that things feel less safe they get obsessed with making big life changes like moving to a nicer place with nicer people. Insofar as they appear to have the A->B type of fear, it’s either A) due to survival instincts so deeply embedded (THAT SNAKE IS NEXT TO MY CHILD) that they may as well be be tendon reflexes, or B) associated with some personally traumatic life event, AKA learning the hard way or watching a violent movie at a young age.

I have many personal examples of this strange immunity to stimuli, but my favorite is from when I was helping my parents flip a property in Tennessee. An assistant of their favorite contractor would open carry a pistol on his hip, ostensibly for snakes, but really just because free men carry weapons openly and there’s still some sense of freedom in the mountains of Tennessee. Now, I wasn’t thinking of attacking him, or that he might attack me. He was super cool and we got along great. But I did at least register that he had a gun. My mom didn’t. It came up in conversation after about three weeks of working with these guys and she was surprised to learn he’d been carrying this whole time. Now, that’s obviously a pretty extreme example of this…blithe naivete?…but I like it because it communicates the alien-ness of the female mind. She felt safe in this guy’s company, so the gun was irrelevant to her. Literally beneath her notice.

Having absorbed that idea, you may now return to reality and recognize women exist on a spectrum from more insulated to less insulated and their brains exist on a spectrum from moreso to less so, but the pattern still holds and is alarmingly strong. The fact is, it’s been more adaptive for them historically to ignore physical threats and then scream in pain and wait for a man to come fix their problems. Similarly, men fantasize about playing captain save-a-ho because it’s very adaptive. (We know k-selected traits are adaptive in more historical contexts than r-selected traits because k-selected traits correlate in a positive manifold.) The way women process threats in their environment reminds me of the way autistic people process emotions. Which is to say poorly, by overwhelming accumulation, and about six months late for all practical purposes.

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26 Responses to On women’s strange immunity to mortality salience stimuli

  1. ShadoHand says:

    `my favorite is from when I was helping my parents flip a property in Tennessee`

    Bro your parents are Narcs. If they have properties why arent you living in one rent free as a property manager?

    Like come on Bro. Embrace the road to perdition and break out of your prison. (I.e. Experience a Psychotic Break)

  2. ShadoHand says:

    “The way women process threats in their environment reminds me of the way autistic people process emotions. Which is to say poorly, by overwhelming accumulation, and about six months late for all practical purposes.”

    If your a Narcissist that lives day to day of course you are going to think that this long term processing of emotions is mental illness. Its not. Its just a behavioral profile of a Superior Breed of Hominid that runs on long term time tables. Something Narcissists dont like because then they cant have their ephmeral win.

    Its about time we start eradicating these short term thinkers.

  3. bicebicebice says:


    seeing is beleving, it do be the same as only 0.01% of all women freak out, daily, over the very real chance of disability/death when they go into labor (pun intended…hehe…) …

    …so you see, A Real Mans MAN is only alive when he is dying daily in order to save his Kingdom 20 years up the road, the creature comforts of wahmens and beta males (99.99% of the planet) that stimuli will bring about death into his life.

    good life = bad life (K-retard)

    life feel good = good life (superior R-sape)

  4. LOADED says:

    Aeoli do you think youre a moral person?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Absolutely no, relatively yes. Generally speaking.

      • LOADED says:

        how dark triad are you? i talked to Nottuh and he confessed he was more dark triad than he had previously admitted to be.

        also how dark triad are autists in general? i would say they have an eagerness to be but not the sufficient resources to be.

        • ShadoHand says:

          `also how dark triad are autists in general? `
          Not at all. All the lack of emapthy they get accused of having is them just focusing on a problem and solving it. Rather than getting drunk on affective empathy.

          There empathy is subdued. The Children in Adult bodies have emotional dysregulation problems so they freak when the autist doesnt get drunk or high on emotion with them. And then blames the Neanderthals poverty of effect on the Neanderthal rather than realizing that the Saps is a fucking wimp.

          Remember now, its never the other hominid, unless you’re an emotionally incontinent saps that didnt get the reaction that you wanted. Then its always the Neanderthals fault. Even if the saps burns your house down if the Neanderthals fault for not fire proofing the domicile and not running single scope background checks on everyone in their geographical locations.

          Saps is a drunken manboon that projects, and transferences, all his monkey poo onto the Neanderthal.

          • LOADED says:

            you are biased since you are autistic. duh.

            • ShadoHand says:

              “you are biased since you are autistic.”

              “It wasnt rape man” argued the sapes.
              “Well what was it?” Inquired the Autist
              “It was rough love making. Whats this class A felony bullshit. Come on man chill out and drink a beer.”
              “I’m citizens arresting you. You are going to jail.” Autist proceeds to call the cops.
              Cops show up “Oh this guy is an autistic fuck and needs an ass whooping. Screw this legal bullshit. Its all just red tape.” say the cops

              The autist then proceeds to get assaulted by 10 people. 9 cops and 1 rapist. He his then forced at gun point to get into the squad and taken to the psych ward where he his strapped to a gurney and has drugs shoved down his throat. This is a few minutes after he his branded with a lifelong and severe fictious disorder after a 3 minute one way conversation where all the information about his so called condition is based upon hearsay from the police and what his parents said after the shrink calls his parents in direct violation of HIPPA. His life is now over and he will never find a mate. He will also never be able to find gainful employment and will not be allowed to contribute anything to society because when people find out he has been branded mentally ill they will treat him worse than a pedophile.

              Meanwhile the rapist is promoted, protected and given free stuffz for life.

              Not biased. This is what happens in reality. The NTs are Neurocrazies and have Neurocrazy Syndrome.

              Its all so tiresome!

              P.s. Psychiatry is fraud.

            • n e v r o t y p says:

              Y’all have issues, man. (Not you, Aeoli.)

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          > how dark triad are you?

          Probably around 20th percentile with an unbalanced profile. My Hexaco scores are an initial indicator: https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2018/06/22/hexaco-results/

          The unbalanced profile will come from my unusual agreeableness/disagreeableness (see https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2020/05/10/deep-socket-disagreeableness-vs-downward-nose-disagreeableness/) and my unusual form of conscientiousness (high intrinsic, low extrinsic, see also Cooijmans).

          > also how dark triad are autists in general?

          Fairly low in general.

  5. n e v r o t y p says:

    Anyway, can we have a level-headed and rational debate between the people who think that autists are the salvation of humanity and the other people who think that autists need to be systematically rounded up and gassed? It might be funny.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Between those two groups of people? No. Fortunately there are other groups of people.

      • LOADED says:

        im fairly rational aeoli.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          On the inside maybe, but it’s the outside people see. You think they’ll see the pattern of your behavior as a form of negotiation, but you overestimate how much time people spend thinking about you. I could be wrong but that appears to be the best explanation from my perspective.

          • LOADED says:

            thats their fault not mine. i did my part. thats all i can say. people will believe anything you actively present to them but me being reactive makes it so people deny me credibility but that is just room for collateral damage.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              If you don’t feel a responsibility to be understood when you communicate, you won’t be.

            • LOADED says:

              i feel a responsibility but i can do what only i can do. i cant coerce the public into buying things on my behalf but i can sure as hell try is what im saying.

              regardless if they fail to assess the situation and believe what im saying theyll be damaging themselves alongside me so that will be a motivator for why people should trust me and stand alongside me!

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              So you don’t consider it your responsibility if things turn out badly for people but you want them to trust you. Do you see the problem here?

            • LOADED says:

              well im saying they should trust me to do the best for them but if theyre willing to sacrifice their wellbeing for the sake of looking better themselves then they will face the repercussions of our society i suppose.

    • ShadoHand says:

      No we cant. Autists dont exist. I suggest you read Psychiatry The Science of Lies by Thomas Szasz. Autistic thinking was a negolism invented by Bluller. Just like Schziophrenia. Its all a Scam. You abolish Psychiatry and all these problems go away.

      And its not simple thinking. Psychiatry is a fraudlent pseudoscience. Anyone still using these terms to describe people, other than the dark tetrad terms, ought to dehumanized by you. They are unfit for living in Civilization.

      Orthogonal to this we now have a litmus test to determine who to trust:
      1) They must openly state that Psychiatry (Im including Psychology* in this) is a fraudulent, satanic, and abusive pseudoscience.
      2)They must be unvaccinated for the Covid-19 MRNA Gene Therapy.
      3)They must proclaim our lord Jesus Christ in heaven as the Only Son of God who God resurrected on the third day.

      *”BuT wHaT aBoUt TeRmS lIkE pRoJeCtIon?” Well, just say that the other person is accusing you of what you are doing. Not everything needs to be said succiently. Shrinking your word count is a Game Theory tactic that has infected everything. Some people are verbose, forcing them not to be is unhealthy for them. And seeing as we have the rule of law, again “You are accusing me of what you are doing!” fits. Accusing somone of a criminal action is a legal term. If you are Philosopher just say “You are claiming that I am doing what you are doing.” Its that simple.

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