A note on how psychopathic media executives make decisions

From normiechat:

So the joke here is like in A Few Good Men when Cuba Gooding Jr. asks De Niro “Why are you helping me?” and De Niro says “Piss people off.” The author is probably some variant of moderate leftist poking fun at conservatives for not thinking through what the executives’ thought processes would actually be for making these decisions. Which is basically correct.

But in so doing he reveals his own ignorance in thinking executives would make such decisions on quotidian grounds like the vague mix of financial, PR, and moral concerns which a high-functioning normie would use. The reality is a great deal more absurd, petty, and horrifying than what’s presented in the comic. Both creative types (artists, writers) and CEOs have been shown to be well above average in psychopathy, and media executives (being both) are extremely so. Psychopaths aren’t just “neurotypical except darker and edgier and cooler” as they’re presented on TV. They’re mentally ill.

Psychopaths don’t make decisions for vague mixes of reasons like neurotypicals do (and solipsistically assume everyone else must do). They have a single reason, either hedonic or goal-directed (in this sense they’re like autistic people, and it’s why the two breeds report an ability to conduct business together, despite personal distaste). Their reasons aren’t realistic, because one of the symptoms is a lack of realistic long-term plans, but they are at least there. The reason could be a hotheaded decision like “I’MA HIT JACKPOT I CAN TASTE IT” or something amazingly cold like “I wanted to see what a dead body looks like, so I made one and looked at it”.

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24 Responses to A note on how psychopathic media executives make decisions

  1. ShadoHand says:

    I think a Psychopath is just an autist who experienced the full boreness of NTs. They were a Super Thal at one point and stopped caring. Or They are a Super Autist who has been through the ringer so many times that nothing fazes them.

    Look okay sapes, I get it. You’re a wimp. You cant handle mild changes in temperature. Ive been days outside insulated only the heater in my car and a foray to the gym, where they even had the heat low around 55-65 in the dead of winter in The North Country.

    I get it sapes I really do. And I wont have empathy for you if you cant handle some mild flucuations in weather. You’re an adult. Deal with it like an adult. If your a woman and I owe you a vow I will buy you a coat to deal with it. Otherwise stop blaming your wimpy behavior on my lack of affective empathy. My cognitive empathy also says your a wimp too. If your a child, a small animal, or a cute girl I owe a standard and duty of care too than yes I will do the right thing. Otherwise shut up already. Nobody cares you can handle The Natural World that God created.

    In other news the USPS sent my flint back. These manboons are fucking with this neanderniggers logistics. Winter is comming and I need my Levallois dagger to butcher the mammoth. Plus it works good on those snow tires when some NT Cracker freaks about a couple inches of snow.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      > I think a Psychopath is just an autist who experienced the full boreness of NTs.

      I’ma stop you there…

      • ShadoHand says:

        Why are you stopping me? When most people say someone lacks empathy, what they mean is “This person isnt joining me in the sharing and exchanging of positive feel good bullshit.” People dont want solutions. They are addicted to getting validation. Women, and Gammas, want affective empathy. They dont want the problem solved because change is bad.

        Ive been called a psycho for solving a problem and not joining the person. I didnt give them the response they wanted so Im psycho. No the other person just doesnt want a fucking solution.

        And there is no brain scan, or behavioral profile, of a 100% Normal Person. It doesnt exist. And its not “Just an argument.” “Weve heard all these arguments before.” And Ive had those slung at me by different people in multiple different domains. What it means is you have arrived at the final precipice before violence must be enacted. The other party knows it so must lob accusations that say the whole world is subjective. These people are Narcissists of the high midwit variety. This is why nothing changes as theres some sophisticated bullshit loaded language tainted verbal game response for everything.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          > Why are you stopping me?

          Because your theory began with a ridiculous counterfactual. Psychopaths are not, in fact, disgruntled autists. That’s retarded.

          • ShadoHand says:

            >>>Psychopaths are not, in fact, disgruntled autists. That’s retarded.

            No its not. Autists have low affective empathy. Psychopaths just shut empathy off. Effective empathy and cognitive empathy. And True empathy, which is a combination of the two. In a healthy and sane world there isnt a difference between the two, but Game Theory says everything is a game, so everything ends up getting compartmentalized (i.e. “I have half a bottle of juice, and you have no juice therefore I am teh winnar! Doesnt matter whether you are smart and choose not to drink juice (i.e. not play this game). Come on kid step your game up!”)

            A disgruntled Autist has been through the ringer so many times, or had to deal with stupid people so many times, that they no longer care. Like literally no longer care. Zero fucks left to give. The people want affective empathy, but they know Autists dont utilize that so they instantly jump to wanting cognitive empathy. When the autist realizes this is a manipulative ploy he stops giving it. These people then get pissed off “How dare you not follow the narrative script. Curse you asshole.” The autist also shuts off the true empathy, because these people are adults. If the autist didnt hed be accused of being nice, which morphs into meaning a whole host of other things. These people then can get no attention from the autist other than things that are necessary like teamwork or doing your job. You will get fired if you dont do this. They know this and freak and because this isnt giving someone attention, its doing what is required of you. This is forcing adulthood on the other party. They dont like it.

            This is where they start accusing you of all manner of things and saying and doing whacky stuff. This is essentially what Gang Stalking is. When in reality if they had just asked the autist would be happy to oblige if they can. But no they want to sit there and be all lazy and wait for the autist to help like the children they are. This is why autist get accused of being mad or sad. They are maintaining autonmy by being logical and sane and doing stuff themselves. The other party subjectively precieves this lack of emotive behavior as anger. When in fact the default emotional state is calm mellowness.

            Dont believe me, just be still and observe the next time you are around people. You will see it.

            The only time the autist drops this maintainence of autonomy is when he is around other autists. Mainly because there is a intersecting and intertwining of frames. They are operating on good faith and highly complex ordered rule systems. Theres a give and take. Healthy Bravo Cooperation.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              > No its not.

              It’s retarded. It requires an impressively comprehensive ignorance of either type of person to even consider it plausible.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              Just for starters, one of the common symptoms of psychopathy is shallow charisma. One of the common symptoms of autism is the opposite.

              Now go ahead and do your word diarrhea with that.

  2. Neandercel says:

    Aeoli, I came across this earlier today and immediately thought of you. It’s the best ‘short’ critique of Goethe and his work that I have encountered.

    The author was the president of a seminary. His analysis gets a little moralistic at points, but I agree with the essence of it.


  3. MM says:

    How could Griffith ever hope to beat Guts in that duel? Look at the reach advantage on that giga sword, and they are in an open field. Its like george floyds dick up against a taiwanese femboy (alternatively, fentanyl vs the autonomic nervous system).

  4. ShadoHand says:

    “the common symptoms of psychopathy is shallow charisma.”

    And a high level autist, aka as a sigma has high shallow charisma. A high level of perception of social dynamics. He can insert himself into any situation and be a leader. They dont want too, because well they realized people suck and they dont need them and their childish ways. And they are liabilities.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      > And a high level autist, aka as a sigma has high shallow charisma.

      But is that true though?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Here’s what’s required for your claim to be true:

      – All or most psychopaths are disgruntled autists.
      – All or most disgruntled autists are psychopaths.
      – Disgruntled autists become psychopathic at an early age, when symptoms appear.
      – Disgruntled autists develop shallow charisma early in life.
      – Disgruntled autists experience a lot of early life social successes and are over-represented among CEOs and politicians.

      I’ll stop there for now because I’m wasting my time anyway.

      • ShadoHand says:

        `when symptoms appear.`

        Normal behavioral responses.

        “Brother wolf, why do you howl when we all bark?” Asked the pack of hounds. “Is something wrong with you? Do you need to see a vet?”

        Mental Illness doesnt exist. The Chemical Imbalance Hypothesis has been disproven. And you can diagnose someone in five minutes. And I dont need an MD a P.h.D or a Psy.D. to say that.

        Grow up and stop believing in mental illness.

      • ShadoHand says:

        “early life social successes and are over-represented among CEOs and politicians.”

        Check the science on that. It depends on Socio Economic Background, Month Born in, and Luck. Something people dont like to discuss because it means random chance is a factor. And we all know how people like specious reasoning and logical fallacies.

  5. ShadoHand says:

    “Go fuck yourself.”
    Except I’m not a narcissist. Im just fed up with the emotional manipulaion and refuse to use logical fallacies. Routinely admit when I’m wrong and say I dont know all the time. Been doing this for years. Since I was a child. I also dont care about social status. As my thinking is Neanderthal in Nature.

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