The crapsaccharine aesthetic of neoliberalism

Read this without thinking it’s describing real life. (Challenge: IMPOSSIBLE)

A setting which, at first sight, looks nice and cute. The world is full of cheery colors, people are smiling, happy and helpful, and you’re probably thinking you’ve just stepped into a Sugar Bowl. Suddenly, you notice something wrong, and upon investigating, you realize that every single thing below the surface is horribly wrong and dysfunctional. Maybe the society is Powered by a Forsaken Child. Maybe the cheeriness is maintained by totalitarian rulers that dole out horrible punishments for the slightest infractions. Maybe the bright and shiny part isn’t the only part, and the more traditional Crapsack World is kept hidden from the public eye. Maybe people who ask too many questions or don’t meet the standards the society pushes for suffer unfortunate accidents, or disappear, or are labled as criminals. Maybe it’s just a manufactured atmospherefull of nice-looking but fake towns and cities, or even a manufactured reality. Basically, this is a Stepford Smiler on the scale of an entire setting, where behind the bright, cheery and colorful appearance, it’s really a Crapsack World.

Remember when that gay choir with the convicted pedophiles in it did that song “We’ll Convert Your Children”? It was in major key and the tune was generally very upbeat and happy for a song about raping innocence and destroying lives. It was a microcosm of America’s main exports–terrorism, buttsex, and buttsex-as-terrorism–and presented with that saccharine patina so familiar from those corporate animated videos about your duty to snitch on your coworkers. Forget Robert Greene books, you have to be post, post, post-ironic to enjoy baby-talking to people as you flex on them. Aww, does da widdle baby want to feed his kids?

Anyway, I bring this up to ask what it is about this aesthetic that’s so appealing to spiteful mutants in general. You see it in nearly everything they create for an intended audience of children. It’s as if, when putting a veil over a monstrous horror, they can’t help tucking in the corners so that its silhouette is showing. Is it just the deceiver’s urge to confess? Is it accidental honesty in the course of self-expression? Is it simple gaffes caused by social isolation from ordinary people (as in the case of Zuckerberg)? Is it infantilization?

My suspicion is, like Covid, BLM, the 2020 election, and the Dark Brandon speech aesthetics, it’s a form of demoralization. One of the two most important techniques in torture, to produce depersonalization, is to coerce the subject to willingly self-harm (e.g. “stress positions”). I think the point of coercing people to act like things are sunny and wonderful when the opposite is true is to produce this same depersonalization at scale.

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16 Responses to The crapsaccharine aesthetic of neoliberalism

  1. Zeb Zebley says:

    its a way to momentarily transfer the gnawing sense of incoming divine/ lawful retribution, that stems from their deep personal /wrong/ness, onto something smaller and weaker.

    predator behavior makes them feel tougher and more capable. it slams their mental circuits away from prey, offering momentary relief from anxiety. just the way they’ve been projecting onto the prosocially violent bullies they shut up underground. .

    it’s not demoralization, it’s powerflexing. the bigger lies they can get through without an objection, the more power they have, the safer they are in a world in which they are compelled to do wicked things to children- that never changes.

    it produces the rabbit-fear of eagles.

    it also serves as a litmus test. the more openly they can menace the kids, the more neutered the parents are- through distance or political silencing- and the safer they are from rooftop skydives.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      > it produces the rabbit-fear of eagles.

      Nick Mason pointed out that one of the reasons criminals are getting neurotic is they have this gnawing sensation that someone is supposed to be opposing them and the opposition is missing, like phantom limb syndrome. There’s no point, in instinctive social terms, to being a piece of shit if you aren’t pushing *against* some authority.


  2. MM says:

    Human social structures tend towards crap-saccharine because reality is a horrific trauma and all you can ever do is palliative care (delusion, drugs).

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I should have noted the head meds connection, good association.

    • MM says:

      Medical emergencies, dementia, funerals (etc) very quickly reveal that the actual primary goal of society (on the actual human-to-human level) is to ‘forget all that unthinkably horrible shit, infantalize it, make it safe’.

      This is also what classic comedy is (aside from the dopamine hit of ‘the twist’).

      Its a bit tougher during a war, but its all the same shit ultimately. Bring in the marching band! Its our big game to win, boys!

      Higher art places pain and horror in frameworks of meaning (stories) so as to also make life ‘safe’ in that most ultimate of ways; our scurrying on this rock actually meant something.

      The fact that a piece of media can be copied, re-told, re-played, also implies the possibility of what seems like perfect continuity. A movie, book… perhaps even a blog… they all seem like they last forever. This is why the normie lives entirely in culture, and the gifted love to create culture.
      Because the biggest lie of any culture is that it will last.

      People can actually handle the fact of death itself, but nobody wants to think that when they die it will be as if their entire family, and themselves, had simply never existed. Nobody wants to think they lived and died for exactly nothing. Yet, the available ‘hard facts’ offer no reprieve.

      Aside from the mystery of why anything exists at all and what the fuck this place even IS and how it could EVER make sense (it can’t).

  3. MM says:

    Generally a ruling class only scares people if they have something to sell them (war) or take from them (everything, if allowed).

    Aside: The lefties love to paint the 1950’s as ‘ultimate crapsaccharine’ and many righties (more acurately) paint it as ‘peak America’. But it was shit then because everything is always shit and there is nothing new under the sun.
    Tale as old as time. Maybe even older…

  4. MM says:

    What gives your life meaning, worth, or purpose?
    Where do you find strength and support?
    What inspires you?
    How do you like to be thought of?
    What are you most proud of?
    What are the particular things you would like your family to know or remember about you?
    When was the last time you laughed really hard?
    Are you frightened by all of this? What, in particular, are you most frightened of?
    What is the meaning of this (illness) experience for you?
    Do you ever think about why this happened to you?

    • MM says:

      POV: you are 6 year old with cancer and the nurse wants to ask you some SILLY questions XD !!1! :)

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Palliative care for 6 year olds is different, their concerns are more primitive like “I’m scared”, “It’s not fair”, and “Make it better”.

        • MM says:

          I agree but those questions were actually under the children’s section.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Another anecdote about the West’s incapacity to think about death as anything other than a personal failing.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Unrelated, I found a term you can use to describe life as you see it:

            • ShadoHand says:

              How does this explain Bugs? Wait this might explain why everyone bitches about all the glitches now and they get fixed. Testosterine is low and being a nancy boy faggot is high. So all the glitches used to be advantages or add fun replay value to the game. Now since everyone has to run “muh game” they get pissy and want everything to be flawless, clean, and safe. This is bleeding into the world of the real and its annoying.

            • MM says:

              Its not dissonance, it’s veneer. The only part of the brain that needs it is the conscious part. As we discussed, the id and the digestive organs seem to believe absolutely that they will die and there is nothing after. This is why it is so hard for anyone, even truly very religious people, to live as someone would if they actually believed they would be saved for ETERNITY if they did what they thought they were supposed to. Religion is dying because there is not enough trauma in the world- people are using narcissism to cope because they /can/.

              So much of my mind is just my body. All I am providing is one contextually constructed delegation of my total sensations and total range of thoughts on these matters (I happen to actually be more positive lately, but I have not delegated those thoughts/functions to this place, I shall save them for irl which actually matters- or at least is more subjectively fulfilling). We could call the function speaking now something like one of the mediated forms of ‘the executive’. The ultimate most me “me” is not this one, it is (perhaps) the one without context (but now I’m in very dangerous territory, for such a form should not be able to exist). And its the internet, with no faces or sound, so even more fake, even less of the total functions/voices/wtvr are being used. Its not actually communicatory, its just masturbation. This blog is you jerking off in the faces of a theoretical crowd. And I’m doing the same right now. Why? We’re both just talking to ourselves… its probably loneliness. Better to talk to one’s organs (not just physical) for friends. I’ll get back to that shortly…

              I simply am not going to base my philosophical inclinations on whether or not my organs are happy and thus telling me to lower the neuroticism. They need to grow the fuck up.

  5. ShadoHand says:

    Most people are X. X can be anything. Nobody wans to deal with reality because it means then well no more problems to deal with and then the Gammas and Deltas will be at a lost of what to do.

    All these people are in positions to confront the problems we face. This is why they freak out over minor inconsequential problems.

    Just yesterday I was woken up by an ex-marine (yes there are ex marines) who needed his car jumped. He asked me because he had asked me before. Despite there were a couple of people around.

    He only saw one of them and his excuse “That guys got scary dogs.” A Marine, scared of dogs? A Marine? A fucking Marine scared of dogs. This just proves the US Military is a fucking joke. Its almost as that National Guard MP who went home because of a couple inches of snow. Some heroes they are. More like Worthless Zeroes.

    3/4s or more of the so called adult population are children in adult bodies who cant thinking deeper than where there next beer is coming from. If the power was cut for a month these people would be dead. The survivors should then be promptly shot on site.

    Burn it all down!

    INB4 “YoU aRe JuSt BuTtHuRt!” No. The other parties are weak willed faggots who cant do anything unless some duly qualified whackjob tells them too, or they have “muh training” to fall back on.

    Shoot the bastards, tie the witches to dead wood and burn it, and Launch The Final Crusade! Deus Vult!

  6. Post Alley Crackpot says:

    “Read this without thinking it’s describing real life.”

    I read it while identifying the major works that describe each trope link …

    … and then my mind decided it wanted to join in on the fun.

    Suddenly I was presented with a vision of an infernal hopscotch course.

    The trope links were hopscotch steps on shaky hovering boulders surrounded by flames in a demonic stadium full of kids in bleachers looking down on the aged-out paedophiles they were torturing.

    The Devil Himself has skybox seating underneath a giant sign dripping blood that says “THEY DIDN’T WANT TO PLAY YOUR GAMES EITHER”.

    As the creeps make it to the end of the hopscotch course, the last boulder flips them into a vast sea of crimson flame with sounds of suffering while a bright neon sign lights up to say “FOR THE OMELAS”.

    Those who don’t make it all the way to the end are skewered by laughing demons who taunt the creeps by telling them that they secretly like this, but they shouldn’t tell their Evil Daddy The Devil Himself or he’ll send them somewhere worse … AND THERE WILL BE NO CAKE FOR YOU.

    The long arm of Geryon eventually pulls another out of the flames and suffering so that the infernal hopscotch course may be started again.

    “You see it in nearly everything they create for an intended audience of children.”

    Indeed I have as well!

    But in this case, the children get the satisfaction of watching their torturers

    Isn’t that so Orwell though, that power is merely the ability to create suffering?

    Just remember, writers only contemplate the existential parameters of a New Model Hell, but people have to choose to live in one.

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