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On the rise of meme religions (extrinsic religiosity + cults)

Topic: Climate change as a social experiment in purely extrinsic meme religion. Extrinsic religion means you don’t actually believe it but you signal that you do for some external benefit like being in a social club.Also, we know climate change … Continue reading

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Nobody will remember this guy either (Sonmez copypasta)

This is another example of fear-inspiring visualization (“Nobody will remember Carl”) from one of John Sonmez’s sales letters. Here’s a horror story for you… In my 20s, I once met this older guy who lived on the same apartment floor … Continue reading

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Eric Striker: The FBI Plans To Lobby Congress For New Laws That Allow Them To Pursue Children As “Domestic Terrorists”

The FBI is calling on Congress to pass laws giving federal agents greater authority to prosecute children in relation to what it categorizes as domestic terrorism, according to the Bureau’s recently released Strategic Intelligence Assessment and Data on Domestic Terrorism. The … Continue reading

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Meta-feeling is having feelings about feelings. Obvious in retrospect. For example, I may feel happy when I see porn and then also feel disgusted at how easily I’ve been manipulated. It’s analogous to metacognition, which is observing one’s own thoughts … Continue reading

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Beat my 5k goal by 35 seconds

I set this goal after hitting my mile time back in…March?…so I would have a target for my training plan. I ran it in 21:10, which is an average mile time of 6:49 and an average speed of 8.8 mph. … Continue reading

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Anyone heard from prefc/aiaslives?

He went radio-silent on me after September 15th. Any Discord dwellers know the story on that?

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Copypasta from normiechat about rule by exception, software, etc.

Anyway, the concept of boilerplate in the abstract is sort of interesting as a study of human nature.Same with robotic signatures.What is it about humans that we keep finding ourselves in this situation?It’s like this comic again: I had the … Continue reading

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Behelit fizzle = Refusal of the call in Campbell

I ran across this passage and it sounded very familiar, because of course I’m not the first person to notice this pattern: Refusal of the Call Often in actual life, and not infrequently in the myths and popular tales, we … Continue reading

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I was right about 2022 (again)

Here’s where Owl and I called 2020. Calling it early, I predicted the spirit of 2022 correctly: I predict 2022 will be the year we try to recreate democracy as a mass psychosis.Then, come November, the normie spirit will be … Continue reading

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Machine as servant vs. machine as master (Hank Oslo article)

Apparently somebody already wrote the story of the cthulids of Technobabylon: I find that the same story can be applied to finance, ideals, etc. The Enderpunk aesthetic is a reaction to this ebb-and-flow relationship between man and tool.

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