Why I don’t vote

Not that anyone asked.

I don’t vote because it implies consent to be governed by the outcome. First and last time I voted for McCain in 2008 and walked out feeling dirty like a prostitute. Anyway, even if prop 3 passes and becomes the law in Michigan I’ll consider it oppressive and illegitimate. I consider our government an enemy occupying power and won’t contribute the pretense that it represents the interests of its people.

Since that didn’t fully express my wangst, I’ll class things up with a quote from an anime adaptation of a video game no one’s ever heard of.

We compare things. Human beings are creatures of comparison. We compare one thing with another and decide which is better. Without ever stopping to consider whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, we blindly accept the outcome. It’s business as usual to commit crimes. It’s business as usual to get caught in the crossfire. It’s business as usual for death to be looking over your shoulder.


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17 Responses to Why I don’t vote

  1. ShadoHand says:

    I’m done voting! Its useless.

    You want to vote. We take up arms against the political class and turn our ballots into bullets. We aint voting our way out of this Tyranny.

    Inb4 “BuT mUh WiFe…..”
    Okay conservatards. Nothing changes until you promise to hang the left and extinguish their genetic lineages.

  2. ShadoHand says:

    Continued from last thread:

    Distinguishing lowercase-g genius from capital-G Genius doesn’t get you out of answering the question, that’s not how I play.

    I dont think im a Genius or a genius. Or anything in between (i.e. gEnIuS). Ive always thought I’m just some guy. Ill have flights of fancy while my mind is in isolation or I discover something illuminating, but I just bring myself back to “I’m just some guy.”

    See unlike you I grew up with a self described Meglomaniac. Hes gone full nuts and is impossible to reel in. Even when he should know better. The firewalls were installed in college in the mind and are impossible to penetrate. So I know where the line is. And I dont cross it. Maybe if Im talking to female I might, but even then I dont.

    So again I dont think I’m a genius or a Genius? Now why do you think I’m a Narcissist. I mean I desire a big juciy thick blonde to sire healthy and hearty neanderbabies with. So if thats Narcissistic so be it, but thats probably just using a term from a model where it sort of fits. But in reality it doesnt.

  3. Obadiah says:

    Gonna get Trump in there

    Gonna get ridda dat Trans Pacific Partnership

  4. LOADED says:

    i am not the best at articulating things that i dont really have a conscious grip on but people need to read into my actions and beliefs more to have a better picture.

    they might not because the truth hurts them and stuff but i would recommend it so that you actually can have a better life for yourself if that makes sense.

    i am tired of people choosing to look at the bigger picture for short-term gain. you understand Aeoli dont you?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Yes, and I agree. One of the best skills I ever developed is the ability to comprehend statements as a type of action (usually advocacy) and actions as statements of belief. Once I made that leap, all human interaction could be translated into the world of revealed preferences, which never lie when represented accurately (although they can be misrepresented by good showmen). And having developed that skill, I want to use it for good and not evil, and I want others to do the same.

      • LOADED says:

        a proper virtue signal would be to do just that which is to believe in your words and use them as actions and then have your actions displayed as beliefs.

        see people are too lazy to engage in that form of virtue signaling so they engage in other ridiculous and half-hearted ways of showing what they believe in!

        society is on the cusp of exuberant deterioration if we do not justify our words with actions and our actions with consistency!

    • ShadoHand says:

      `beliefs more to have a better picture`
      Your belief in psychiatry (a disorder known as BPD=belief in psychiatry disorder) means I cant take anything you say seriously. 90%+ of mankind is afflicted with this condition. And they deserve an inpatient stay to cure them of it.

  5. MM says:

    My 2024 Trump vs Desantis baseline scenario:

    After last night, if Desantis doesn’t back down in debates and otherwise, he beats Trump in the primaries handily. Trump’s candidates lost more than 2020 (Fetterman win was beyond embarrassing… backing DR OZ over an actual candidate was peak Trump)

    Trump doesn’t concede, runs as third ‘maga party’, spoils election.
    Even if he does technically concede I expect him to lash out as much as he plausibly deniably can, or at very least shun Desantis and not help him run…

    The reason Desantis may still win:

    The ‘systemic credit event(s)’ are lurking. Bank of Japan, FRA-OIS spread, Treasury market liquidity crisis (to-be-announced Treasury buybacks will at least stave this off like in the tech bubble crash), real stock market panic crash ala March 2020 that overcomes the 0DTE options madness and gaps lower, etc. Just look at the FTX crypto situation right now. How much contagion risk does that have?

    -the continued effects of Geopolitical realignment (ala Zoltan Poszar note a few months ago) and the many many potentialities for disaster and pain surrounding it.

    -the re-escalation of inflation in 2023 due to many baked-in realities that will only be avoided if the recession is crippling (energy, food, labor force participation, the deteriorating situation in China, and more)

    -Job losses… they are a’ comin…

    • MM says:

      I should be clear, because so many are so tied up in (largely worthless) large-scale politics still, that I have no love for Desantis, this is just what the gut says.

      ***Make sure to vote at the local level though (county, state, sheriffs, etc.) as that actually can have very good effects in the ways that matter most (your local area- your actual country-not becoming a shithole).

      • ShadoHand says:

        Local Politics are just as bad. Even worse. A lot of the guys never left high school and are drunks. Ive heard of multiple instances, and had one happen to myself, of local politicians getting into fights with each other or constituents.

        Also there was that tranny republican that won the sheriff position in New Hampshire.

        Voting is useless if no one is paying attention.

  6. ShadoHand says:

    `Once I made that leap, all human interaction could be translated into the world of revealed preferences`

    You do realize most people lie, like all the time. If I beleived peoples actions I would think think that I was surrounded by a bunch of nice people. In reality Im surrounded by a bunch of Psychopaths who care about everyone but themselves.

  7. Mr.P says:

    Another great answer to the “why no vote” question I saw yesterday:
    “I’m a monarchist and hate Liberal Democracy.”

    • n e v r o t y p says:

      That’s the sort of answer I’d bluntly give to someone in an attempt to avoid normie political discussions. It also has the advantage of being true for me (though a bit exaggerated as stated).

    • ShadoHand says:

      I just told them:
      “This is the first year I didnt vote. I’m disillusioned with it.” Shut down conversation right on the spot.

      At work I dont talk politics. I avoid it. The conservatives always think I’m a liberal, and the liberals always think I’m conservative. Its all so Binary. Depending on the environment I’m literally driven mad. If its more lax nobody gives a damn. If its not I can sense them trying to wrangle me into a corner with a political opinion. Its all so tiresome.

  8. bicebicebice says:

    “Why I don’t vote”
    thats okay, but do you know whats NOT OKAY?!?

    Betting that Biden would’nta had been winning the election… let me make you see;

    inb4 he is a moron
    He cucked china russia europe and basically everybody at once without even trying, he just shows up says a buncha fuck all and then bends every (moral) angle to just WIN! he has a carte blanche on getting shit done aka total corruption (+100% efficiency BOON)
    I appreciate that maybe biden isn’t hot shit at home for american whit*oids, but he killed it on the global stage.

    Trump should run as a democrat and become VP, now that would make America unstoppable, Trump at home Biden abroad.

    unironically, a real patriot is in charge

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