Machine as servant vs. machine as master (Hank Oslo article)

Apparently somebody already wrote the story of the cthulids of Technobabylon:

I find that the same story can be applied to finance, ideals, etc. The Enderpunk aesthetic is a reaction to this ebb-and-flow relationship between man and tool.

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42 Responses to Machine as servant vs. machine as master (Hank Oslo article)

  1. MM says:

    “The Machine Stops” by E.M. Forster.

    Click to access the%20machine%20stops.pdf

    That’s probably how it goes unless some genius scientist dooms us all by actually making fusion work, or something. Then you end up with the vision of the future (and past) post reading the mysterious book in “the Gig Economy” by ZHPL. End stage technology as a sort of silicon based mycelium that spreads life as the spores of its mushrooms (via simple probe/von Neumann probe, one of these probes starting life on this planet billions of years ago, re-starting the chain).

    Oh but the unknown unknowns. Maybe oil really is an emanation from something that was trapped, deep in the Earth, and there is a reason ‘black slime’ is an archetypal sign of evil (nah, its because bacterial biofilms can be very dangerous- a rotting corpse starts to resemble ‘oil’ once it gets further along).

  2. ShadoHand says:

    Um, so apprantly, I discovered a few weeks ago its possible for me to get Italian citizenship. Turns out My ancestors are actually from the province where the Aeolian Islands are. Maybe I should go there, take over, and we plot our world domination in the shadows of Mt. Etna.

    • bicebicebice says:

      most middle class europeans spend 2-4-6 months abroad and that is socially accepted and even expected depening on middle class/upper middle class/well off, I never understood why americans never did the same, considering the dollar being accepted anywhere, too…

      talking about re-colonizing europe part-time (and then rent out abodes and domiciles to europeans…), not mexico or wherever the hell you do go when you go.

      • LOADED says:

        america is clout-chasing only that is why europeans abroad like it here! it gives them a reason to spend their teen and adolescent years trying to prove themselves.

      • ShadoHand says:

        `americans never did the same`

        BeCaUsE wE aRe TeH WiNnArZ aNd StUfF EvEn WhEn We LoSe!

        Americans refuse to acknowledge other cultures. I met some German exchange students once. They visited during a family gathering with my cousin. They came here for school but were going to return to Germany. Despite school being free in Germany. They travel around and learn things.

        Whereas Americans compete in everything. Literally everything is a competition to them. Its annoying because some things require cooperation to function properly. Toxic Individualism has ruined everything. The Americans would say I am a Liberal for doing this. Weak too. But in reality it just means I’m a good neighbor.

        • LOADED says:

          i didnt mean to be a dick to you Aeoli i am just an extrovert with very little alternatives for socialization other than with you and Nottuh.

          i hope we can one day make amends and i hope you succeed in all your endeavors! how is school btw?

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            You can’t act the way you do and have good relationships with people.

            • LOADED says:

              see thats not really a productive or inspiring response. you need to wield the sword of justice to understand that maybe i just need momentum in my direction to build with people.

              what im saying here is that by preselection and all the other biases we as humans have you are suffocating me within the confinement of who you think i am based on limited interaction.

              what was the intention of your message? to be honest and frank but have no purpose of accelerating growth and stagnating right there or by leading by example and showing me what the proper method of going about my business would be or what?

              im wondering because i think thats a very general statement you made and i think that is untrue for a lot of cases. yes i have my problems but blanketing something like that to all my problems would be a mistake anyways.

              how do you think i should act Aeoli? if youre so wise answer that one question for me and disregard the rest but at least give me a plausible reason to keep on going if you think i have limited ability in having positive relationships with others.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              > how do you think i should act Aeoli?

              With humble intentions and sober realism.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              > at least give me a plausible reason to keep on going if you think i have limited ability in having positive relationships with others.

              I think you have plenty of ability to get along with people that you refuse to tap into. Having a raison d’etre is a more philosophical question.

            • LOADED says:

              Aeoli your characterizations of me are a bit of stereotyping done on your part. yes i am impulsive neurotic whatever but have i not worked on those? dont i have other virtues?

              i feel like Commodus in Gladiator and you are my father Marcus Aurellius and you and i having that opening scene in a public blog. i dont want to spoil the movie for you Aeoli and i wont but lets just say its worth a watch to figure out where im at in life right now!

              i think as for your second response you know im a rational person why do you keep begging the question here. rationality requires reason by virtue of what it is.

              what do you think my greatest shortcomings and/or weaknesses are? things i havent lived up to or things im just generally bad at i guess.

              i thought you said i respond well to negative reinforcement once and i feel like youve maybe abused this type of communication with me.

              like i feel like you dont let me criticize you either like we are indeed in a movie. you need to learn that i see you as a flawed man too Aeoli and you must be humble and with good intent towards me as well.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              > Aeoli your characterizations of me are a bit of stereotyping done on your part. yes i am impulsive neurotic whatever but have i not worked on those? dont i have other virtues?


              > i feel like Commodus in Gladiator and you are my father Marcus Aurellius and you and i having that opening scene in a public blog. i dont want to spoil the movie for you Aeoli and i wont but lets just say its worth a watch to figure out where im at in life right now!

              Having now alluded to smothering me with a pillow, can you see why I didn’t give you my phone number?

            • LOADED says:

              you actually did give me your phone number i remember calling you on it and the moral of the allusion of the story was then lost on you if the only thing you can gather from that is me smothering you with a pillow.

              cmon youre too self righteous my brother. try to give your mind some breathing space so it can fully understand whats also going on from my perspective too.

              maybe your biggest cognitive weakness is perspective taking or something of that sort and you do have autism which corroborates that even further!

  3. LOADED says:

    do you idolize machiavellianism the way i do psychopathy Aeoli? like in the past i mean i dont think you may any more but i think there was a dark time in your life you did!

  4. LOADED says:

    Pumpkin Person’s blog is trash. thats where the imbeciles go. i wish they did recruitment they would be bombarding this website with advertisements.

  5. Neandercel says:

    I’ve been sick with the flu or covid for the past few days. I woke in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, and found myself systematically thinking through the common objections to the historicity of Moses and the Exodus.

    That wasn’t so unusual. I often wake in the middle of a line of thought and feel compelled to finish it. What was unusual was the automatic and mechanical character of the process. It felt more like playing back a recording than re-creating past thoughts.

    It felt like something out of one of Thomas Ligotti’s stories. Scary shit, my friends.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      All of my best insights have had that “mechanical unfolding” character. Sometimes I’ll go back over it consciously and discard the more psychotic bits, but even when the insight is a bit psychotic there’s usually something true behind it. E.g. There isn’t actually a monster in the closet, but there is a source of real anxiety that needs some focused attention.

      • ShadoHand says:

        `bit psychotic`

        Of course theres truth behind it. Thats your brain telling you to slay the things the Narcs instilled in you.

        • LOADED says:

          complaining about other people rarely ever solves the problem Akuma. get yourself together and tackle problems with either a set of plans or with a frame of mind that you may end up failing in some regard or another.

          • ShadoHand says:

            “complaining about other people rarely ever solves the problem Akuma.”

            Works for NTs, Boomers, and Narcs all the time. Everyone appeases them. If other people are the source of the problem, they deserve to be complained about and have mean and nasty things about them.

            Except if your everyone here. Then we are told to shut up and follow orders.

            `get yourself together`
            I dont need to. I am surrouned by people who should take that advice and leave me alone. I dont need it. They do.

          • ShadoHand says:

            `a set of plans or with a frame of mind that you may end up failing in some regard or another.`

            No. The only reason people fail is other people. Outside of sports competition thats the truth. Look Aeoli even touch on this in a comment a couple posts back. People are aware of what they are doing.

            The actively sabotage anyone getting close to suceeding. Its the truth. Most people are brain dead incompetent retards that couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a rifle even if they trained for years.

            Its not me. Go ahead say I’m blaming others or some other bullshit cliche. But I hate to be the one to tell you, but sometimes other people are to blame. People are malicious scumbags that abuse others for sport and get away with it.

            Its all so tiresome. A lot of people like setting others up to fail. Theres no way to get away from these people.

            I remember one dude literally said to me “Hes close to murder.” What was I doing. Simply going into my job at a kitchen, washing dishes and being polite and civil with everyone there. Someone this idiot gets that I’m going to murder people from that. Like WTF????? These people are the problem, and they are everywhere.

            People are pussies and want others to fail.

            Then there was my friend I had to cut off during the pandemic. I was living at his place. He kept bitching about being stuck in his shitty situation. I offered to pay the $500 dollar a month rent and all the bills with my COVID bucks I was getting from unemployment. I would have been able to save money, and he would have been able to save $500 dollars a month+. I was getting this money for 6 months. He freaked and was literally like “I hAvE tO dO iT aLl MySeLf”.

            He then freaked and asked me to leave. I went and got a nice AIRBNB and lived there, then when the first lockdown ended I got a job offer. Guess where. A mile walk from this so called friends apartment. I was even able to collect my covid bucks as it was only 3 days. Then the same agency found me another 3 month long job 3 days later. Because of when I started I was able to collect my paycheck and covid bucks for a month because I only worked a max of 3 days one week and 4 days the next week. Not that it mattered because I had already had to spend much more money than I should have being forced to living in AirBNBs. My car was basically off limits as gyms weren’t open, and truck stop showers add up. I slept on another friends couch for a few days. A true friend. A friend who routinely rides his bicycle 40+ miles on back trails in the dead of night. And who I have done extended night hikes of 15+ miles in one shot with.

            And me getting that money was not cheating. Or illegal. It was in line with Unemployment Rules and Law.

            If my friend had just followed my plan he would have had $500+ a month more to get out of his situation. And I would have had a job down the street from his apartment with a place to live. We would have eaten like kings. Had 750+ credit scores, tons of money, and then after July 31st 2020 we wait a month for credit reports to roll over, get our vans and dip out. But nope, thinking further than your navel is impossible for 3/4s of the Human population. Healthy Bravo Cooperation is no longer encouraged or wanted.

            INB4 “But why didnt you just stay at your other friends house”
            Well the jobs were an hour and half away. Im not going to drive that far while doing about 10 hour shifts. Just stop already with this “ItS aLl YoU KiDdO” crap. Plus we probably would have copped a murder charge because his one roommate went totally and completely insane when he lost his job. He refused to pay rent for 6+ months and the landlord refused to evict him. And the cops refused to do anything.

            But nope “I hAvE tO dO iT aLl MySelF”. I finally cut the loser friend off when he needed me most. His therapist called him racist and he was going to sue the bastard. I was his Witness. Not only his witness, but THE WITNESS!

            2 years later I have more money than I know what to do with, a small arsenal of weapons, a new car with roughly 50,000 miles despite being 7 years old, and basically all the tools I need to succeed.

            Meanwhile this idiot is still living in his shitty apartment with no way out. Probably complaining about his problems. Eating like trash. Living in filth. So again LOADED. I dont need to change. Its other people.

            I have so many other experiences like this. Idiots just being stubborn buffoons and causing problems for me, themselves, and everyone else and then blaming the victims for it.

            The collapse, nuclear war, or an asteroid, cant come soon enough.

  6. ShadoHand says:

    Whats the job market like in Tennessee? I have been “reassigned” as usual. Apprantly, me telling a Boomer “Please dont talk to me that way.” didnt go over well with the Snowflakes.

  7. LOADED says:

    Aeoli why do you feel like you never reached your cognitive potential? i see your verbal intelligence probably is 150 but then why do you think it was stunted and did not reach its maximum height?

    to be fair im a bit unimpressed by you in the same ways youre unimpressed by me. you have a lot of talents but none of them really stand out and display your ideals as a man prominently. maybe only my observations though others might disagree with this but im not a parasite.

    ive never done anything parasitical to you nor have i ever treated you badly when you didnt deserve it. Nottuh has treated me worse than i have you and i just forgive!

    • ShadoHand says:

      “cognitive potential”
      Its because hes surrounded by Narcissitic trash that cant admit other people dont exist. Plus just world fallacy. Its not him. Its other people. Hes surrounded by idiots. Even if he tries to cloak the smarts, people sense hes “holding back” which means hes Nice. Which means he can be taken advantage of. Plus any flaunting of knowledge sends the reeeeeetards into a flurry of hate and kicks in deep seated competitive instincts.

      Look I can drive a forklift. I told them at work. Instead of being like “Oh thats good we have a backup.” Nope I need to be fired because Im not meeting some arbitrary standard. “If you could you would. If you can why arent you kid?” Dumb retards ruin everything. Once they realize that you are smart you are expected to perform at some super high level even if its never told to you. This completely ignores you have to follow all the beaucrartic rules everyone else does. You also have to do the same amount of work sometimes that everyone else does.

      These retards ruin everything. Literally everything. Then since they are drunk and all on drugs they project this onto you and accuse you of what they are doint. Literal idiots.

      Ive literally been told Im doing something wrong for wearing a hardhat in an area where there are overhead hazards. This doesnt even get into people speaking in cliches.

      He never reached his limit because men like him werent built to exist in our society. Especially, when things start to go “wrong”. Its all insane.

      Again if 3/4s of the population was just shot and left for dead the world would be a better place.

      INB4 “But what about the children.” Hahaha. Most children used to die before the end of puberty. I think the most vocal of people who are obsessed with children know at some level theyd be dead, as would the children if it was 250 years ago. They cant admit this, because then it means that life is only precious under Natural Law conditions. Life is only precious and sacred when odds are youd normally be dead. Being a strong person today you are literally swimming in a sea of leeches and you will be damaged in way shape or form because of them.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        On the bright side, there’s a sense of connection to humanity in knowing people like me exist for times like we’re in to drag a few of the normies through to the other side of it.

        • LOADED says:

          thats your self righteousness talking! if i were to say something like that you would think i was being grandiose but when you say it its real?

          you lack my effortless charisma and my effortless GFP as well as my social intelligence but you think you can somehow be the person humanity needs when i cant even do it?

          what a fucking backwards sort of mentality youve got going on Aeoli.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            > you lack my effortless charisma and my effortless GFP as well as my social intelligence but you think you can somehow be the person humanity needs when i cant even do it?

            If I can pull off the micro-hydro thing, yes.

            • LOADED says:

              haha if you pull off a feat big enough to save humanity then you are not merely using a hyperbole to justify yourself and youre in the clear yes.

              but if youre not actually planning on helping humanity in any way other than claiming your superiority over it im sorry Aeoli ive got you beat on that pretty bad.

      • LOADED says:

        can you not see yourself being a narcissist? if not then why?

          • LOADED says:

            well then how would i be a narcissist then!?

            • ShadoHand says:

              You’re probably not. You most likely just have annoying behavioral quirks. True Narcs are absolutely insane to be around. What calling someone a Narcissist has morphed into is the same above “This is a bad person.” Its a way to dehumanize someone. Its like calling someone an Idiot or an Asshole. Toxic is more apt.

              The real issue is that Psychiatric terms have influenced, and infected, everything. Theres no way to tell if someone has the disorder, or any disorder for that matter. Just because someone has “the symptoms” doesnt mean they are one. In a lot of situations completely normal behavior is branded crazy. People who are victims of burglarys have a higher incidence of adjustment disorder. Well duh, of course they do. They are experiencing a normal response to a life altering event. But then they get victim blamed. Treating them makes the situation worse.

              Psychiatry tries to get around this with its campaign to “End The Stigma”, but again most people are idiots, so it backfires. Its a well known problem, and yes the Witch Doctors do know, that branding someone can back fire and ruin their life, or cause people to treat them differently. This is then just hand waved over with all the other platitudes of “Well thats life” “Cest le vie” etc.

              Generally, its thrown around in multiple situations. Like if somone refuses to use logical fallacies, and doesn’t buy into the obvious emotional manipulation they can be accused of being a narcissist. Or someone is smarter than someone else and the other person doesnt understand what they are saying. They are a Narcissist because to an idiot that fails to comprehend what you are saying, well, what you are saying sounds like word salad.

              Both of these are usually what a Schizoid Narcissist is. Its really just a High IQ person that knows how to think properly. An Adult so to speak. Or well, someone that just doesnt care for Psychiatry. Remember now, not believing in Psychiatry has been labeled a symptom of Narcissism (i.e. “Therapy is bullshit.”) I mean Therapy is bullshit, theres literally no Scientific underpinning to it, doesn’t solve problems, is straight up gaslighting, and it destroys lives.

              People though are, well idiots. So what that means is people say we need Therapists to solve our interpersonal problems so what happens is people end up getting labeled. Especially, by arm chair psychologists, and Women. Holy Fuck, the women and their deep seated devotion to all things Psychiatry. Its mind boggling. Ive never met a single chick that didnt believe in this bullshit.

              One in particular I know has “anxiety”. I just asked her some simple questions and figured out it was a normal response to being abused, and having people do things to her that she didnt like. Or cause problems for her which then would cause her to feel anxious. Shes extremely high SMV by the way. And it wasnt SIMPing. The model sort of fits, but not really.

              Yes I know I started talking about Therapy and Psychiatry. For the purposes of argumentation all mental health treatment, torture really, falls under the umbrella of Psychiatry.

              I’m done now. I could write libraries on this, but nobody will listen cause remember now I’m just a crazy that scores in the negative for his devotion to Psychiatry.

            • LOADED says:

              yeah i agree. i have had very bad experiences with psychiatry yet my parents mainly my dad advocates on behalf very strongly.

              Aeoli and my parents see my as a narcissist for the exact reasons you mentioned…they look at word salads and assume because they cant understand it it is incomprehensible.

              Aeoli has admitted to be intelligent yet he questions my spirit a lot and puts me under duress for having a worldview that is contradicting his so he gets a belligerent with me same with my parents no doubt.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              My war on free speech continues!

              Does anyone even remember that meme? How many years ago was that?

            • LOADED says:

              free speech is good. like all good things the requirement is moderation!

  8. ShadoHand says:

    So update. I havent broken yet. I was given an opportunity to. My coworker, who is from Tenessee actually, a juicy, saucy, and the dirtiest of dirty girls who was obviously interested in some frankly inappropriate ways while at work I turned down. Because of our bet. So if you want me to break it aint happening. I have impulse control, but do you?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      So far so good, though I may have oversold it a little when I called it “effortless”. It’s occurred to me once or twice that it would be the most expensive wank of my life.

      • LOADED says:

        Aeoli the only thing i admire about you is your impulse control. if you cant win this then i would just feel sad for you.

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