Copypasta from normiechat about rule by exception, software, etc.

Anyway, the concept of boilerplate in the abstract is sort of interesting as a study of human nature.
Same with robotic signatures.
What is it about humans that we keep finding ourselves in this situation?
It’s like this comic again:

I had the thought earlier today that you can’t have a trial that’s both fair and speedy, but we’re promised both by law.
And we go through record numbers of these trials.
Humans have some really strange ideas about their own faculties of judgment.
“We need to have a human on site to use his judgment but if he deviates from process by gum we’ll send him to prison and I think we all know what happens in prison hurr hurr hurr.”
tl;dr- Buncha weirdos, people.

The pattern I’m getting at is the confused relationship between human judgment, trust, and automated processes.
Basically people want to trust other people but don’t, so they try to trust a process instead, but automated processes don’t run themselves and need an eye on them in case they break, so they bring in a person, and you have the trust thing again.
The prison thing was just a nod to how this means most jobs are catch-22s. “How dare you do your job?” vs. “How dare you not get your work done?”
When I was in sales my big complaint was that you had to sell according to the process, which was tracked, but the process didn’t work. So you could do a sales process that worked and get fired for noncompliance, or do the process that didn’t work and get fired for not producing.
As you can imagine, turnover was 100% every four years among new salespeople. I never saw a single person be successful in that system.

In software the catch-22 is security access, competence, cost, and trust.
It’s easier to understand if we imagine a military example.
Let’s say the army wants software for managing troop movements, but they want to do it cheap.
If you want cheap, competent programmers you have to brain-drain people from poor countries. And yes, that’s neocolonialism if you care about that kind of thing, but it’s what we do.
Problem: they all need top secret clearance, which would make them targets to become foreign intelligence assets. So now you need competent people to watch over their shoulders and design elaborate security systems, which means more programmers.
Not to mention the trouble of filtering out competent third worlders from the average, because if they were all competent their countries wouldn’t be shitholes. So you’re looking for diamonds in the rough, in bulk.

If anyone from a non-shithole were competent and worked for cheap, then you can’t trust them because they’re stealing from you. In the army example it means the guy is working for a foreign intelligence agency, in a Google example he’s stealing your IP and selling it to Russian hacking groups.
Effectively the employer is looking for a mass supply of unicorns.
This is a feature of individualistic capitalism in general. Here’s another example:

There are approximately 40 million black people in the US, and therefore approximately 55,447 of these with IQs of 130 or better who would be happy to go to Harvard. Divide that by an average lifespan and you’ve got enough per year to maintain a smart freshman class each year. And this is not even counting Nigerians with student visas (there are really orders of magnitude more people in this country, and the world, than we remember sometimes). This is an advantage Harvard holds over less prestigious universities, because the strategy doesn’t scale (and actually begins to fail catastrophically at about the tenth-place college).

(For the math-hesitant, 55,000 means about 500-1,000 very smart blacks entering college each year, meaning 250 go to Harvard, 200 to MIT, 150 to Yale, 100 to Caltech…the supply runs out fast..) In other words, Harvard can pull it off but the University of Michigan is going to be admitting blacks with 105ish IQs to keep up with racial equity mandates. But Harvard makes the rules, so they can just say “this is what the best colleges do, don’t you want to be the best?” So the UofM is stuck pretending their dumbass blacks are smart, and everybody secretly hopes they don’t get the affirmative action surgeon.
Basically individualistic capitalism means telling the 99% to become the 1% and not addressing systemic failures caused by all these catch-22s…which is not a good plan.
“Become a unicorn, overcome all obstacles” is good personal advice but not how you organize hundreds of millions of very normal, very average people. You want some UX design on their way through the school->work->breed pipeline.

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6 Responses to Copypasta from normiechat about rule by exception, software, etc.

  1. ShadoHand says:

    You will break. You will break. You will break.

    And heres my best tracked record. I think Ive gone more than this before though:

    You will break first!

  2. bicebicebice says:

    A very good post that doesn’t Really say anything but speaks volumes about why we wont be going anywhere anytime soon, possibly ever.

    Remember when a bunch of crazy nazi and yankee scientists flew to the moon on a toaster, all because they were left alone LONG ENOUGH to, well, do so.

    “The pattern I’m getting at is the confused relationship between human judgment, trust, and automated processes.
    Basically people want to trust other people but don’t, so they try to trust a process instead, but automated processes don’t run themselves and need an eye on them in case they break, so they bring in a person, and you have the trust thing again.”

    The big brain solution is a one world government where nobody steals or sabotages because they have no real reason to do so….( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hihihi

      • bicebicebice says:

        “Featuring a new preface that includes recent insights from the author,” …give this man the skinny on Edenism.

        If you have a tiger in the wild he needs like 10000 km² to himself and if another male walks in they will battle to the the death, but give them food water and a toy ball and you can keep 10 tigers in a living room.
        crime statistics and niggers is usually a hearty chuckle in society, even leftoids and centrists finds the topic amusing, but the nigger didnt build this zoo that is western society nor does the average nigger turn to inceldom on his computer.

        the majority of white males are simply not domesticated, even redditors with their man caves and low testosterone levels still battle it out day, vehemently, and with the sole purpose of absolute rule via the cop-out that is winning a democratic election, or stealing it. this is of course true for most societies, except advanced CHYNA that just won on out democracy.
        but then you have such domesticated societies as south korea where people stopped mating…are those people happy or unhappy, full of life or brimming with feelings of despair and hopelessness?

        “I outsmarted God satan capitalism communism the collective human gestalt cultivated over tens of thousands of millenia And basic human biology hah!take that procreation *plays with trains and goes extinct* ”

        …so you see, faced with this dilemma its not surprising that the cannibal rapist headhunters RULED this planet for millenia, for the sake of the argument technology and civilization isnt older than a primitive primate, as the chimps do be still going strong, killing raping and eating the other troops offspring.

        >I have depression and life is no point

        take off all of your clothes right now and march butt naked into the nearest patch of wilderness, are the “elites” wrong for wanting to cull us domesticated us and groid us wit race mixing goy slop experimental vaccines and super mario?

        this isnt conjecture, but then you have orangutangs that dont behave like chimpmanzees, and so itz back to Edenism…again.

        The neanderthard is the most oppressed homo that ever existed and has the lowest social standing in the intelligent animal kingdom:

        “All apes (gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, bonobos, and gibbons), all lemurs, and many monkeys appear on CITES Appendix I, the list reserved for the most endangered species.”

        when you dont get recognition, and people call you autistic for flying to the moon(thats pretty autistic thb), no wonder some build bunkers and pack them with rice, because you see, when the atomic holocaust comes, and the survivors come out, you are back as the number one predator on the food chain (again)..?!?

        This makes for a compelling argument as to why space exploration (hiding) should be dismissed and ridiculed because pious men they do go down not up.

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