On the rise of meme religions (extrinsic religiosity + cults)

Topic: Climate change as a social experiment in purely extrinsic meme religion.

Extrinsic religion means you don’t actually believe it but you signal that you do for some external benefit like being in a social club.
Also, we know climate change is a meme religion that no one seriously believes in because shopping data shows that climate change people buy the same cheap shit as everyone else when they believe it’s anonymous, but they buy climate-friendly stuff when they think people will know.
I’m getting that from an old Jolly Heretic with Michael Woodley but I haven’t been able to track down the study.
Might as well try that right now…

“Social crowding is a common social situation, such as crowded supermarkets and shopping malls in big cities. It is also an important research variable that affects consumers’ psychology and behavior (Jang et al., 2015). It’s a common phenomenon that people will be in a crowded social environment when buying green products. According to market performance, consumers seem more willing to buy green products in the situation of high social crowding. For example, in crowded auto shows, new energy, and other environmentally friendly vehicles are often the main theme (Sohu, 2020). Similarly, in the crowded market during the holiday, some low-carbon and green products are especially favored by consumers (Xu, 2010). The more crowded the store, the better green products sell (Li, 2014). So, what impact will social crowding have on consumers buying green products? What is its internal mechanism?…

…Study 1 found that social crowding will increase consumers’ preference for green products. Study 2 demonstrated that safety needs mediate the relationship between social crowding and consumers’ preference for green products. Study 3 clarified the impact of social crowding on the preference for products is only significant in green products. Study 4 proved the positive relationship between social crowding and consumers’ preference for green products is more likely to occur for introverted consumers rather than extraverted consumers.”


The main thing is, we’re clearly entering a new era of greater religiosity due to increased stress, which predicts the creation of new cults, but we’re doing this weird thing where we create cults that even the followers don’t believe in.
BLM, Covid, fraudulent elections, and clean energy being the most obvious. [Ed: It would be interesting to disambiguate the levels at which Q-anon people believe/don’t believe.]
I predict a rise in psychosis in response. Fake belief doesn’t cut it for long.
Actual factual psychosis I mean, as in schizophrenia.

that would be an interesting thing to track, and i suspect it would be part of a general suite of mental illnesses increasing in occurence
more generally, i would suggest the mental stress in this sort of mental divergence is going to express itself in all kinds of disturbing ways
i also wonder if the mental effort involved is going to take away energy that might otherwise have been used for genuine intellectual achievement
of course, there are a lot of reasons why everyone seems to be slowly getting dumber, but god knows we don’t need any more wood on that fire

“i also wonder if the mental effort involved is going to take away energy that might otherwise have been used for genuine intellectual achievement”
I imagine this is covered in Human Accomplishment somewhere.
Stereotypically intellectual achievement is highest in the third quarter of a society’s rise and fall cycle.
Speaking for myself, I believe I would have been far, far more intellectually productive if I didn’t have to spend all of my time navigating this bizarre welfare system called employment.
And that bizarre system is a symptom of mental illness.

That said, my intellectual productivity would have been muted and not particularly creative in nature. I may have ended up a relatively untalented mathematician somewhere.
Well, I suppose I only did math because I thought it would lead to employment (ha!), what with all the lies and confusion in this bizarre system, and would have gone into philosophy otherwise.
So there you go, I would have been a relatively untalented philosopher somewhere.
As is I’m a relatively talented freakshow panoply of half-baked ideas with a real spark of genius in there somewhere.
But not very productive on account of time constraints.
For starters, who even has the time to read a book these days?
At least the text-to-speech in epub readers is excellent.

i’m a proud member of the audiobook master race now
put ’em on when you’re driving at 2x or 2.5x speed and you can burn through your reading list like crazy


^the audiobook at 2.5x speed, but i won’t stop if you want to ues that multiplier on the speed limit as well

I’ve moderated my audiobook supremacy somewhat. The main problem is you can’t read technical books that way, and reading with your eyes takes practice, so I also do my entertainment reading the old way. But audiobooks are definitely my preference for popsci and similarly fluffy nonfiction.
Any thoughts on the prospects for meme religion?
It’s funny, the dissident right has been saying for years “We need religion because PRAGMATISM” and now we have all these pragmatic religions.

in a word, high
of course, the issue is that these aren’t very pragmtic because they don’t actually guide human behavior to actionable ends

One thing we don’t have though is church attendance for these religions.
Because gathering is illegal.

can’t have the peasants getting organized, they might actually do something

Actually illegal in the case of Covid, but I just mean in general we can’t have young men forming bands.
Still though, there appears to be a fairly good appetite for purely consumerist extrinsic signaling religions.
Watch Netflix, tweet quotes, get likes.
Just as many are happy to live without religion, it appears many are happy to be religious without meaning.
It’s just as curious to see people engaging in the same religious persecutions and rituals and so on in the absence of belief.

perhaps it ties back to the lack of and need for excitement we discussed earlier
but since we have evidence of people carrying out religious persecutions, we see the potential for cults to start carrying out real-world change
the real white-pill is that you too can start a cult and get shit done

Maybe the real red pill is that cults and tribalism are the same thing.
I don’t want to be in a cult. But maybe there’s no other choice.
Material scarcity means you have to get along with people even if they’re out of their fucking minds.

>tired: we live in a society
>wired: we embody a cult
“Material scarcity means you have to get along with people even if they’re out of their fucking minds.” – yes
weirdos of the internet, please take note

Very poastable conclusion.


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24 Responses to On the rise of meme religions (extrinsic religiosity + cults)

  1. LOADED says:

    despite people not believing in it climate change is very real. no one wants to change their actions to accommodate for its reality but still.

    the experiment really is people believing in it and not doing anything about it tbh and then suffering major consequences.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Thank you, I should have been more precise. CLEAN ENERGY isn’t real.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        By extension, green manufacturing isn’t real.

        • LOADED says:

          yeah there is no way of changing the course of climate catastrophe unless you start living a lifestyle older than our grandparents basically.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Climate change isn’t caused by humans, that part is a lie to rationalize deindustrialization policies.

            • LOADED says:

              i doubt you are right about this. but i wonder what makes you say that. you think this is al naturale?

              how could it happen to quickly and so predictably? i dont buy the all natural cause of climate change perhaps.

      • MM says:

        Nuclear can be clean, uranium is a long term play imo.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          I’d bet against nuclear long-term on the grounds that it would work, and therefore doesn’t serve the deindustrialization agenda. The supply chain is too long and the physics are too complicated for a 90-IQ population to maintain.

          We can watch France as a leading indicator of whether I’m right or wrong, they’re big into nuclear and their demographic situation is as bad as anyone’s. We’ll see how well their smart fraction holds on to their nuclear plants and supply chains.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Oh, and thank you for pointing out my imprecision. The clean energy that’s being pushed is a meme, i.e. solar and wind, but the clean energy that’s being studiously ignored (nuclear, hydro) could scale up if intentional failure weren’t the whole point.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Solar can supplement your individual house’s electricity okay (as in around 1/3 of your needs) provided the supply chain to China stays open. But it doesn’t scale up.

        • bicebicebice says:

          “Nuclear can be clean, uranium is a long term play imo.” here @Edenism.com we need to establish some FACTS, since we can’t create a functioning 101 wiki we have to work backwards, and this is one of them.

          computers sucked ass in 1922-to say then that people in 2122 wont be able to handle uranium is such a shit statement.


  2. ShadoHand says:

    `CLEAN ENERGY isn’t real.`

    Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

    Zero Point Energy is real. The main thing holding is back is not the fact that its hard to make money from it. Its the fact that every conservatard and leftist male will have to come to grips with the facta that their wives no longer have to work to support their Alpha Larping. And said wives can be banished to the kitchen for all eternity.

    You could construct a device in 6 months to sell to RVers and make bank. The problem is one would need a completely clean room setting in a place where there are no nosy neighbors, no nosy landlords, or just meddlesome busybodies to come in and wreck the device. Or attempt to sabotage you in indirect ways.

    People have already proven it works with proof of concepts.

    You’re half right. People dont want any change. Even if its a good thing. Remember now they like living in squalor and filth and complaining with no solution. Especially, long term and final solutions.

    And there are many so called men in positions to bring this to fruition. Its not hard. The problem is they are Narcissists addicted to maintaining the status quo who live day to day.

    And dont tell me “If its so easy, why dont you do it.” Thats a sophisticated form of “Just do it.” It ignores logistics and all the petty problems that creep up. All those petty problems, or complaints, are always made by these so called men in positions to do something about it, but would rather maintaining a toxic status quo.

    Change only happens when you can get other people to fall in line, and leave you alone or stop fucking with you as some joke. At a certain point the negative reinforcement to “toughen you up” becomes a abuse and makes the situation worse. Boomers are notorious for this. Everything is a problem. Even the solution is a problem. Any change no matter how small is bad.

  3. ShadoHand says:

    `no one wants to change their actions to accommodate for its reality but still.`

    Of course they dont. They are fat and drunk on bullshit. Perfect example. Every placed Ive lived I keep the heat low, air conditioners off, and walk to the store if I have to. The amount of people that bitch about this instead of just throwing a hoodie on, taking a cold shower, and well walking to the store is mind boggling. Its like something happened to people and they cant expend the tiniest bit of effort to just deal with reality.

    In one case I had to drop my car off at a mechanic. I then walked the 6 miles back to my apartment. 6 miles. People were amazed by this feet. Especially the high SMV woman present. Like it was some marvelous tactic. Two hours piece of cake. People are pussies. Specifically Americans. The whole lot of them. They cant lift a finger to do anything.

    In another case when the temperature dropped below 60 degrees F I threw a hoodie on and walked out into the night to go get something. I forget what. My roommate called me a bitch for doing this. When I came home a couple hours later. This guy was literally shuddering and cranked the heat up to 85 degrees. His excuse “Because my room is cold.” Meanwhile Im sitting there minding my own business not saying anything and just enjoying the chill air. But Im the bitch because I put a hoodie on, with no undershirt, and wander out into the frigid fall weather.

    Like people are fucking pussies. I would say “Maybe Im just biased because Ive gone skiing in negative temperatures so I’m used to it.” No. Just so much fucking no. People are fucking god damned pussies that cant handle anything that requires the tiniest bit of effort. Its not me and it never was. It is 110% other fucking people.

    You want to know why Christendom is in flames? Its the drunken buffonish white boys that did this to themselves.

    INB4 “BuT I wAnT a WifE!”
    Look Ive gone skiing with women on ski slopes in negative degree heat. There’s a lot of women out there who can deal with reality and wont bitch about mild fluctuations in wheather. Plus snuggling for warmth is fun.

  4. Sturm Bringer says:

    Cults: Groups organized on basis of abstractions or to fufull concrete goal or goals.

    Tribes: Your family and extended family.

    One is a human folly, or stumbling, the othe Nature, God, Gods own design.

  5. bicebicebice says:

    throw more car batteries into the ocean and pray that the planet make like a mule and buck us back into pangea, one continent is much more efficient than the current running 7 or whathaveyou.

    the main takeaway is that the only constant disaster is sapes groids jews ooga boogas and cannibal rapist headhunters being allowed to make any decision and all, and wahmen ofcourse and these days the trannies, too.
    One can make the nicest community or group in the world but if you are ruled over by others the strong leaders of the nice group are weaker than the weakest person of the ruling group and that breeds major spite, ergo the most pumped up in all metrics wyte alpha male is still weaker than the fattest cat in washington or brussels etc etc…because there is no real action to correct this DESPITE PROOFS that the wyte ancestor, the neanderthard, was only happ as the king of his cave twiddling and banging his rocks together, because no one forced him to do so or anything else for that matter.

    I forgot what I was saying and didnt even comment on the post, thats Christmas for ya

  6. ShadoHand says:

    There is only One True Church:

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