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Re: What Took Remote Work So Long?

At some point between 1995 and 2020, remote work became technologically highly feasible, but the world didn’t much notice until it had to during the pandemic. And then suddenly within a few months in 2020, opinions around the world shifted … Continue reading

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Why financial types have no brakes, psychologically

Financial types and technical types tend not to get along. If you want the long version of that, read Henry Ford’s autobiography. Technical types want to make products that are good, financial types want to maximize short-term cash flow so … Continue reading

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Roundabout thoughts re: AI art

Anyone ever messed around with AI generated art? -Normiechat Not really. I tried putting a scenery description from a book in, it did pretty good with that. I don’t see much use for it tbh. Maybe it shaves time off … Continue reading

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Piles of dirt

I should poll some tabletop gamers about turning this sort of thing into a strategy game. Sort of like Conflict of Nations: WW3. We should expect the mechanized tribal warfare of late ’20s America to be like the mechanized tribal … Continue reading

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2022 goals retrospective

Evaluation I set some of these goals at the beginning of the year. Some were opportunistic additions throughout the year when something came up that was important enough to prioritize for a prolonged period. (Success – with caveat) Top priority … Continue reading

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Expected preference in designer babies

A few years ago someone asked Michael Woodley on the Jolly Heretic whether dysgenics could be reversed by gene-selection technologies. Woodley replied that the answer is almost certainly no, because we have no reason to believe modern people would deliberately … Continue reading

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Personality number 2 in “Darkness at Noon”

From Jung’s autobiography: Naturally I compensated my inner insecurity by an outward show of security, or — to put it better — the defect compensated itself without the intervention of my will. That is, I found myself being guilty and … Continue reading

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Godcast question re: “the real presence” AKA transubstantiation except IT’S TOTALLY DIFFERENT GUYS

Background here. My question: Communion is symbolic, change my mind Hi guys, this one will be for SuperLutheran. I’ve been going to a Wisconsin Synod Lutheran church. I grew up in a nondenominational church and I’m not a Lutheran, but … Continue reading

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On Avatar, in very brief

H/T American Sun, Watching in 3-D was a different experience. As Jake and Neytiri darted through the forest, the special effects brought me into their world. The action did not just come forward as one frame, but instead wove me … Continue reading

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