Piles of dirt

I should poll some tabletop gamers about turning this sort of thing into a strategy game. Sort of like Conflict of Nations: WW3.

We should expect the mechanized tribal warfare of late ’20s America to be like the mechanized tribal warfare of today, except moreso. The X-train is a good example of what we see today:

What is the Infamous Kalamazoo X-Train?

The “X Train” has been making some big headlines, lately. The long line of cars on Kalamazoo’s North Side often leaves broken glass, trash, and sometimes violence in their wake. The caravan has ripped up lawns, shaken residents awake, and left homeowners with the cleanup. The neighborhood has had enough. Law enforcement is cracking down on the X Train, having just made 20 arrests.

Getting it’s name from the popular club drug, the X Train is a procession of cars (sometimes up to 100 vehicles) that drive bumper to bumper through the North Side, sometimes stopping on the street and holding a pop-up party with road access blocked. It has been linked to at least one shooting death, and multiple instances of vandalism and property damage. It is taking the combined effort of multiple law enforcement teams to tackle this issue, giving the public some reassurance that they are not alone in dealing with the X Train.

Read More: What is the Infamous Kalamazoo X-Train? | https://wrkr.com/kalamazoo-what-is-the-x-train/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

Without getting too doxxy, a friend of mine was thinking about what to do in the future if the X-train got a little out of hand and started entering rural areas, seeking further reparations. He was looking at spike strips, which I advised against. Like guns they aren’t technically illegal to have, but they are de facto illegal to use in a legitimate self-defense situation (and they’re unusual enough that it’s bad optics in front of a jury). You can imagine the headlines:


“Bodies everywhere,” said local pacifist Shaneekwaa, “then I heard the shouting and the gunshots as they moved in to finish us off.”

Suggested header images:

So even though spike strips at a well-chosen bottleneck are a good technical solution, they’re bad optics and de facto illegal. Just buying them is going to put you on one of the elevated-risk lists and tell the FBI that you’d be a great asset. Even if you have no interest in being an asset, like Randy Weaver, it’s better to stay off the radar entirely.

A pile of dirt can serve the same purpose as a spike strip, and can be deployed just as quickly IF you have a bulldozer on standby. The only trouble is getting an earthmover to the chosen spot in a timely manner. But it’s a good solution, legally and optically speaking, because no one has yet thought to ban high-capacity assault bulldozers (you can imagine the problems). No one’s going to be knocking on your door to ask why you rented a bulldozer one time. And it’s hard to run a hostile media campaign against a pile of dirt, it’s too boring:


Not saying it’s impossible to do that media campaign, for those of you in the audience who are fucking retarded, just harder.

I’m not suggesting to actually do this, it’s too specific to one problem that isn’t actually going to happen. The idea is to think this way more generally:

  1. Imagine some Mossad agents start organizing the blacks in your area to do some real ethnic cleansing. (BLM summer 2020 was just a big show for the cameras.)
  2. Imagine the local Republicans and libertarians still haven’t “awakened” from their soma coma and you’ve got maybe one good friend to help.
  3. All you have to do is frustrate or distract the shock troops for half an hour before they all die of fentanyl overdoses…
  4. …without giving the handlers the footage they need to call in air strikes from a foreign nation (Washington DC) trying to hit its quota for domestic military interventions the way state cops have to hit their quota for speeding tickets (mark my words, that will be a real thing).

The mechanized tribal battles of tomorrow are about sparing the useless breeders from the ravages of dysfunctional substance-abusing retards so they can continue breeding in blissful self-delusion. I don’t envy the Mossad agent tasked with getting hundreds of black youths on drugs to drive in a straight line for half an hour. That’s why I said this particular scenario isn’t actually going to happen, you’d have to ship in the shock troops locally first and then do the terrorism.

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14 Responses to Piles of dirt

  1. LOADED says:

    when do you think the second civil war will break out then? i think a nuclear war is far more imminent in the near future but if that doesnt go through then a civil war will break out for sure in 2025.

    a national war between China and the United States should happen late 2020s but i think the Civil War 2 will take precedence.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      None of the above. The future of America is India, with California being early adopters and flyover country being late adopters.

      • LOADED says:

        hmm interesting what is your take on Mexicans? id say they have more savageness in them than blacks!

      • Sturm Bringer says:

        Because Americans are deracinated Judeo-Jesus the jewed, yellow belly cowards. Maybe they are cursed due to their wicked participation in world war jew 2?

        Read My Fight by Adolf Hitler, learn about your folk, see the lies and liars the jew truly is, signifying promise with nothing for the base of it. The jew !is! a pyramid scheme.

  2. ShadoHand says:

    `when do you think the second civil war will break out then?`

    Its not going too. And if it does a lot of the ways we think it will be are going to be completely wrong.

    Look, do you really think a bunch of conservatards who have lived inside of logically fallacioua beaurecratic rule systems for their entire life. As well as lacking any future oriented thinking, especially in critical areas (i.e. food, energy, neighborly love) are going to be able to fight a civil war. No they wont.

    Theres going to be a lot of white on white violence. And the liberals are smarter enough to lie to conservatards.

    And do you really think these conservatards will shoot blacks? Think about that. They dont even fire them anymore.


  3. Storm Bringer says:

    Your Race a criminal most wanted, in this place so benighted.

    Left to face no other way shewn off yoke with pike raised

    Hold no other man , beast or jew higher up than your blood, flesh and brew(as in brother).

    Law is the flaw of this domesticated life, weaker than all except those that hold it in fright- and if shorned and mocked with endless will and swagger, shall pull up her britches and wonder else over yonder.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      > Law is the flaw

      Nope. The flaw is the absence of moral courage.

      • Sturm Bringer says:

        Law is for slaves, duels for servants or higher classes.

        Law(as we know it) a recent invention of the modern state, formed to keep the rulers in high place, a veneer of morality, a facade of fairity, it a lie I do so hate.

  4. Storm Bringer says:

    The problem with this line of thought is just how much exactly does a single excavator cost even renting leaves paperwork, in any war economy of scale helps toward victory, with one box of caltrops or other spikes cost damn near nothing and can be bought and laid on the sly, the same cannot be said about an earth mover, think machine rental, trailor and mayhaps truck rental, visibility, whose dirt are they going to let you use/ wish to be associated with such a plot, etc.

    Our race has been lied that we only win because of superoir technology, and while it has played a part, tech can only go so far.
    Remember the LA riots and how much was destroyed so easily and cheaply? It would cost quite a bit more and be easier to stop if the weapon of destruction was based on earthmovers instead of gasoline.

    As for “optics”, ha! The Christian church thought they had bad optics so they “toned” down and became more like modernity to be “hip” and “cool”. The result… plummeting attendance, for remember if you try to look like everyone else(suit and tie) and don’t want to “rock the boat” why practically no one will spare you a glance after all, they are looking for something different from the norm, not something foolishly aping it.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      You’re more or less on the right track, but it’s more about what’s normal than conformity itself.

      > Our race has been lied that we only win because of superoir technology,

      We won, and northern Europeans specifically, because we were once a race of ideological fanatics.

  5. bicebicebice says:

    Now this is Vault-Co!

    Merry Christmas Aeoli and to all the rest who are still here (why are you still here?why am I still here?!?…so you see…)

    Next year try selling something for 1 dollar, week 2 you must reach total sales of 2 dollars, is it easier to sell two items a 1 dollar a pop or one item a 2 buxx?!?hmm…

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