Why financial types have no brakes, psychologically

Financial types and technical types tend not to get along. If you want the long version of that, read Henry Ford’s autobiography. Technical types want to make products that are good, financial types want to maximize short-term cash flow so they can play investing games with the money. The sooner you get money into the markets, the more time compound interest has to work its magic. In practice this means financial types are always trying to push the release day up so they can put the money in the markets and technical types are always trying to push the release day back so that the product isn’t an unholy abomination. Looking at it from the technical perspective, the business cannot continue to exist after consumers realize it’s selling cars without engines in them. Looking at it from the financial perspective, the business will of course continue to exist because it’s making more money from its portfolio than it ever did selling cars, which we could someday invest back in the business. We won’t, because the portfolio is now the profit center and car production is now the cost center, but maybe someday.

In the big picture sense, this is the same as selling off the productive capital for a big pile of cash and using the cash to become an investment bank. It’s an individualistic strategy (ref. r/K) in a societal dilemma (ref. Schneier): good for you if you’re doing it, bad for everyone if everyone’s doing it. So why don’t the smart financial types put their heads together and stop it?

Technical types have brakes because you learn quickly, relative to the length of your career, that perfection is not profitable. You can do investing without production, but you can’t do production without investing. You want to sell people Buckminster Fuller’s vision of a better world, but what consumers want is drugs. Eventually you settle on something like 50% bullshit, whatever proportion of drugs is currently legal, and the rest is genuine Buckminster Fuller. Then you take your paycheck home and build geodesic domes in your garage, sell a couple on Etsy at a loss, and read science fiction books. Market equilibrium! So beautiful it brings a tear to my eye, actually crying right now :’-))).

Financial types don’t have brakes because they cause bubbles and then busts, and in times of scarcity the richest of the group survive (ref. Gregory Clark), which means the most selfish, Machiavellian, and short-sighted financial types get selected. In the short term you can satisfy your personal needs with money, so you have no rational incentive to build a more general understanding of the world and every reason to specialize (ref. specialized Machiavellians). You have no reason to learn and every reason to remain deluded, and furthermore to keep everyone in your group as stupid as possible. In concrete terms, it’s like you have an evolutionary compulsion to sell other people’s farms and use the gold to buy food from other nations, and then when famine hits you’re like “boy, those peasants sure were stupid for not hyperspecializing in global finance, look at them all starving”.

On the irrational level…I’ve become fond of saying “There’s no reasoning with someone who’s high on the hog.” Dopamine spiraling produces megalomaniacal grandiosity and sabotages critical thought and Piagetian accommodation. I.e. Success makes you retarded, and especially success in your particular evolutionary niche as a highly specialized human phenotype. You also have enough money to meme any other type of success you want to as if from thin air, like unto God himself. People say we don’t have a space program? I’ll single-handedly BUY you a space program motherfucker! I’LL SPEAK THAT SHIT INTO EXISTENCE. If all of your ancestors culled their genetic competition by surviving famines they created from thin air, you’re going to feel like you’re the culmination of a great chain of the Great Men of history. I absolutely, 100% assure you that every single billionaire on the planet thinks he or she is the simultaneous reincarnation of Napoleon, Einstein, and Ghandi. I don’t like to use the word Moshiach to describe myself, fellas, but let’s be honest, we were all thinking maybe Moshiach. Or maybe it’s in my bloodline, you should see my kid Zhaden* do his times tables, he’s going to be a world historical genius. In fact, if you’re looking for a good grift, write a book about how simultaneous reincarnation is totally real guys, we’re in the most perfect moment in history to sell that shit.

This model answers the following questions:

  • Why societies always seem to have organized crime at the top of them.
  • Why specialized Machiavellians appear to be unable to act differently than they do.
  • Why they always settle on some brand of Satanism for their gang rituals (ref. “and furthermore to keep everyone in your group as stupid as possible”).
    • Why they appear to have levels of intrinsic and extrinsic religiosity (true belief vs. conformity signaling) comparable to other groups.
  • Why Jesus said money is “the root of all evil”.

*Pronounced Jayden.

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17 Responses to Why financial types have no brakes, psychologically

  1. LOADED says:

    Aeoli why do you think youre not incel? i think youre a wizard at this point 30+ with no prospects of ever getting laid. it sucks man i feel for you but you kind of asked for it by having autism.

    autism is the worst disease other than schizophrenia a person can have. maybe dementia too. but regardless you did it to yourself you couldve tried being less autistic and life wouldve been simpler for you.

    but instead you went the wrong way. what happened?

    • ShadoHand says:

      `autism is the worst disease `

      Autism is made up disese. Total fake. Look if you thinking lying, being a retard, and breaking the rules is normal. Something is wrong with you.

      Psychiatry is a fraud. They tried to give me drugs for owning WW2 history books. I have a copy of the report. Meanwhile scumbags with active warrants who burglurized my apartment were allowed to go free and not arrested for 6 months.

      Again Psychiatry is a fraud, if it says owning US WW2 History Books is a mental disease.

      The only mentally ill people are the ones who beleive in mental illness.

      P.s. Homeless people arent mentally ill. People that treat them less than and ignore the logistics of getting out of homelessness are the ones who are mentally ill.

      P.s.s. Its all logistics. Anyone who demonstrates they CANNOT think logistically deserves to be unpersoned from your life. They are liabilities and will annoy you with specious reasoning, logical fallacies, and general all Gasbag beahvior.

  2. LOADED says:

    what have you done but reinvent the wheel Aeoli? nothing you say is profound or creative in any way except its articulation.

    how did i manipulate you anyways? youre more manipulative than me if anything. youre a failure of a person Aeoli and i dont say that to a lot of people because i cant. but you are beneath me.

    all your supporters are white supremacists. of course theyre going to think youre a genius or something because of the way you propagate stupid ideas to others. try having restraint in your philosophy.

  3. LOADED says:

    youre a grandiose neckbeard loser Aeoli. you have nothing going for you never will. i hope you maintain the struggles in your life because they may open your eyes to something more than just your fixation on being treated better than you currently are.

    you spew out stupidity and think people should acknowledge it. i hope you fail Aeoli in every aspect of your life.

  4. LOADED says:

    final remark here until you post or reply or whatever but youre passive aggressive. you have no benevolence in you you are a typical autistic loner with no real sufficiency in how to guide yourself in the world.

    you give off a flavor of disgust with your stupid assertions of how things should be when you cant even get off the toilet in time. go rethink your entire life you creepy Nazi.

  5. LOADED says:

    yer a nigger Aeoli.

  6. MM says:

    Its actually worse than this.

    If I forced you to participate in ‘the market’, you would become more like ‘them’ proportional to the time spent. Its not just a phenotype (I used to literally disdain stocks and such, though not to your degree)

    I don’t think it has to be THIS bad- if we had a stable currency for instance, and no federal reserve helicopter money for the ruling class, the market would be so much healthier and would of course engender some degree more desirable traits in the population… certainly at least for our leaders who use the stock market as a plausibly deniable bribery system- but yes it will always have some degree of acquisitive frenzy (an actual education system would teach about such manias).

    It is possible to not become a demon, though (I think I’ve actually become a better person this year) but only if participation is for the right reasons and one was committed to maintaining self mortification upon all success.

    No celebration, no nothing. The next turn is ALWAYS death without unwavering vigilance, and there can be no large mistakes (likewise small mistakes are inevitable and must be tolerated to a reasonable degree). Accurate knowledge and decision making IS the reward- that is the only thing one can feel a small sense of pride in- because everything else is just a different kind of death, a literal ‘freezing’ of internal objects and expectations in line with grandiosity and the dopamine ‘reward’ (really just more motivation, more hunger, no satisfaction) system. Losing feels 10 times worse than winning feels good. Don’t lose. Don’t get grandiose. You can always be wrong. Its just about getting resources- the winning means nothing about you as a person, we are shit flinging monkeys.

    “Isaac Newton and the South Sea trading company”. Sapes gonna sape and everyone is a fucking sape including me and you and mr sir genius Isaac fucking Newton.

    This is why mortification is necessary even just from the angle of materialistic survival. Because unless you are such a ‘big boy’ (sentient bacterial colony) that you are part of the RIGGING itself (modern stock market with payment for order flow- and much more importantly- bailouts to those ‘in the club’ and indeed they make the most degenerate bets second only to the normie retail investor that gets duped by sale side analysts into buying TRASH) then you will get fucked- no matter how much you have- if you are as stupid as these people act (look at Musk for instance- waiving discovery and then wanting to back out! Literal retard, sure hope his equity loans get margin called and TSLA’s likely well-cooked books become public).

    Actual wealth= the good life, and the means to continue it. And by good life I mean health, nutritious food, land to grow it on, defense, progeny/family, TIME… only the things people actually need (and of course the more abstract things that one can only do their best to change like local society or their children’s futures).

    Stretch goals would be as much ‘deep’ knowledge as possible and maybe hiding silver bars for your gran’kids.

    Oh and a bunker of course… but that might be a plain old necessity after little while’

  7. ShadoHand says:

    `I’d like to keep the wager at $250, I don’t want losing to be a life-changing financial event. It just needs to sting.`

    Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

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