Re: What Took Remote Work So Long?

At some point between 1995 and 2020, remote work became technologically highly feasible, but the world didn’t much notice until it had to during the pandemic. And then suddenly within a few months in 2020, opinions around the world shifted widely to that remote work was more or less good enough.

In hindsight, it’s an interesting challenge to the Efficient Markets Theory: apparently, the remote work trillion dollar bill was lying on the sidewalk for a number of years between 1995 and 2020 and very few profit-driven organizations picked it up in any kind of enthusiastic way until the spring of 2020.

How come?

If you follow the Work from Home train of thought long enough, you will realize that the education industry could have been entirely replaced by library cards and standardized tests many, many years ago.

As Cutter summarized in comment #5, it’s about control on the business’s side. On the worker/consumer’s side, it’s about paying for the luxury experience of wearing fancy clothes and feeling important. These lose their appeal once you have kids or can’t make the rent.

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2 Responses to Re: What Took Remote Work So Long?

  1. gravatar the last buttfucker says:

    happy newyear pissington vaginăÉÊ

  2. ShadoHand says:

    You want to why it took so long? Because all of Management are asshats. Every last one of them. And this isnt a `YoUvE gOt A bAd AtTiTuDe`. Its the truth.

    Have you ever had a manager who was a Superior? Because I havent. They are all a bunch of toxic assholes. Who abuse people and call it `HiErArChY`.

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