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Owl convo re: notes on torture from the last couple of years

It’ll just be collecting scattered thoughts on my end, no structure in mind.Most everything I’ve learned about it comes from Tom Kratman (years ago), Nick Land, Douglas Valentine, and Banned Hipster. not a bad line-up, in fairnesspity hipster stopped blogging … Continue reading

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Substance use as leftist ideology

I had occasion to listen to a leftist podcast, Behind the Bastards, that was recommended to me as “If there’s one left winger you’d like, it’s him.” It was a good guess, I enjoyed part 1 of the MK Ultra … Continue reading

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Best of Aeoli Pera and topical index

There is much to be said about this list, and as time allows I’ll be leaving some comments over there with my thoughts. But the most salient thing to say is: thank you.

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Re: Would a Middle Eastern and North African Census Category be Good for the Jews?

From iSteve: Now that the Biden Administration is reviving the Obama Administration’s proposal to concoct a Middle Eastern and North African racial identity on government forms, I’ve finally found an article that asks what strikes me as the central question: … Continue reading

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A brief note on prestigious technical textbooks

There is probably nothing so useless as a technical textbook author who thinks his readers are so smart that the practical details will bore them. Now, there are readers for whom that’s true, but it’s generally just laziness excused as … Continue reading

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Tidbits from a different normiechat (the 40-hour workweek)

Approximately true, with some caveats. The 40-hour workweek was Henry Ford’s invention. After studying the productivity of his workers he learned it went down when they worked more than 40 hours. He was also famous for paying his workers enough … Continue reading

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A sex difference that requires either greater fame or greater scrutiny

Under stress women become more extraverted and empathetic, whereas men become more introverted and even less competent at cognitive empathy tasks. Women will immerse themselves in social activities and men will retreat to solitude. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I … Continue reading

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Social intelligence stratification as a potential factor in the autism epidemic

High intelligence means you go to college, then the IQ shredder cities, and then don’t have any children. But there’s a nuance in this process I haven’t seen discussed elsewhere: social intelligence is vastly favored. For example, the whole brain … Continue reading

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The psychology behind fans ruining the things they like

There’s a rant I do fairly often in person that hasn’t made it to the blog yet about how fans of fantasy tend not to understand what it is they like about fantasy. Take Star Wars for example, which is … Continue reading

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Interpreting AI national villain stereotypes

AI interpretations of supervillains according to nationality.You could probably have fun with this given your TV Tropes knowledgeInteresting that the Scot has the fencing sabre and not a big fuck off William Wallace swordClearly the whole thing is loaded with … Continue reading

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