Owl convo (loosely) re: Elon Musk shenanigans

might as well touch on the musk stuff
since it’s pulp drama for the masses and it part of the back and forth of letting the different tribes in america feel like they’re getting a win every once in a while

That’s my baseline assumption. I also observe that Elon Musk is a proper psychopath, and not the harmless nerd he presents as.

in the aspie subtype, not the financial raider type, but agreed

Disagree, I don’t think he’s an aspie at all.
It’s POSSIBLE he’s both an aspie and a psychopath, but honestly it’s an old, old trick for psychopaths to pretend they have a bit of Asperger’s.
Enough that it’s really bad for the rep of autistic people in general. I’d present Zuckerberg as an example of actual aspiepath, and Musk doesn’t give off the same vibe of real social dysfunction.

a fair point
compare zuck’s sexual success with musk’s

I’d compare the aspie typecasting strategy to the pretense of billionaires of “coming up from nothing”.
“compare zuck’s sexual success with musk’s”
Exactly what I was thinking of.
That and Zuck’s presidential aspirations being completely laughable, even to ordinary people who daydream about how they’d live if they were billionaires. Musk’s presidential aspirations would be an actual threat, hence he doesn’t even whisper them.
Among Americans who worship financial success, you’d think there’d be one or two who would look up to the Zuck as a hero.
I expect Musk paid to have an image created for him, like Warren Buffet paid a marketing agency to create his public persona as “Joe Everyman” eating big macs and drinking diet cokes.

“Nerd Excellence” was clearly the initial brand
Once you get the space stuff in there, you get away from the nerd a bit which increases the mainstream appeal
people who are into space are nerdy, but big powerful machines have a traditionally masculine appeal

Now his brand is Heath Ledger’s Joker or Deadpool, which are real popular with Kids These Days.

yeah, basically
with the twitter stuff he’s moved into full on “agent of chaos billionaire”
definitely an image you can sell to people

It hits all the Last Man’s buttons.

whereas the zuck is a weird-looking guy who dresses poorly and has a frumpy wife. not aspirational
an ideal candidate for…whatever it is that is trying to be accomplished
which brings us back to the framing: enemy of the people or secret savior?

So you’re on board with the idea that Musk’s antics are scripted by someone.
The questions remaining are who and why.

technically speaking, i wouldn’t say scripted, but nitpicking about relative levels of control/organization/whatever is an academic distinction for us since we’re nowhere near the action
i floated last week that what he’s doing is basically a clean-up for the events of the three-year 2020, and this feels right to me
whether that is the ultimate goal, a step along some kind of path, or just a consequence of an entirely different project is not clear
i do think the idea that he wants to turn twitter into wechat but for the non-chinese world is a reasonable guess

My initial guess is that his purpose is to eat up news cycles.


In sports terms, wasting time to run the clock out.
The analogy isn’t perfect because TPTB aren’t going for ultimate victory so much as “forever war” and continual consolidation while keeping the clock going.
I think if you’re TPTB then getting people highly engaged with any non-event for as long as possible is an unmitigated good.
In specific motivation terms…Banned Hipster did a series on the provenance of the Paypal mafia, but I don’t remember who bankrolled them.
Nor what their essential philosophy is. Thiel’s book was pretty good, but it doesn’t tell me what Musk’s philosophy probably is.
Or I should probably say fixations, because when you’re talking about psychopaths long-form thought trains aren’t on the table.
But even psychos have a course of development where they pick up ideas about what sorts of things it feels good to have and do.
In the case of my previous boss, he’s been spending his adult life paying for the “entrepreneurship experience” as Boneflour called it.
And, I suspect, cocaine.

is that not part of the experience?

In his generation, absolutely.

[Doxxy digression.]

I don’t know if what I have would be properly described as an inferiority complex, but I definitely have a chip on my shoulder about something.
It could be something as simple as not getting laid while under the influence of healthy testosterone production.
But even if I were getting laid several times a day I think I would still sperg out about how everyone in the world is wrong about everything and by all appearances they’re doing it on purpose just to piss me off.
I have daydreams about watching incompetent medical professionals kill me in slow motion by making unforced errors.
I’m reading the label on the bottle as they put the injection in the IV and they’re joking to the other nurses about how they’re so good they don’t even read the labels anymore.
It’s mostly anger that no one is kicking asses that are in sore need of kicking.
We should beat random people on general principle. I feel like when parents accidentally spank the wrong kid and are like “eh, he probably did something to deserve it”. That’s how I feel about people.
So that’s Elon Musk.

spanker or spankee?

I’d have him spanked on the grounds that he probably did something to deserve it. Builds character.
Maybe he would get attached to the spanker as a father figure, who knows how psychos process paternal abandonment.

now that’s a line of research that could lead to other insights…

According to Dr. Dutton, spanking has different effects by race.
It’s possible psychopaths react to it in the same way as blacks.
Generally speaking, my line has been that you aren’t allowed to have a billion dollars without getting a knock on the door from intelligence.

and let’s not forget musk is a massive DoD contractor

Yeah, so we shouldn’t be under the impression that he’s a rogue actor.


I have some copypasta for this…

When you have that much money and influence, the mafia knocks and offers you the choice to work with them or be destroyed. You aren’t allowed to have a billion dollars and be a private citizen, it’s too dangerous for the powers that be to let potential competitors accumulate power.

My neighbor explained that in Mexico his relative had a strawberry farm, and the cartel offered him “gold or lead”. He picked gold, and every harvest season some strawberries would go missing and he’d get an envelope of cash. Not a bad deal, the cartels know how to run a country properly. With Twitter it’s basically the same, just a bit more abstract. Gold or lead.

The problem we have here is our “cartels” don’t want our country to run properly because they feel like it’s not their home. The better off we are, the more it’s like having a bunch of rich billionaires running around doing whatever they want, and potentially competing with their real home country in Israel.

If you have a billion dollars, you can buy an army or a nuke. If you have “turf”, it’s bad practice to let someone on your turf have a nuke and continue existing.

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24 Responses to Owl convo (loosely) re: Elon Musk shenanigans

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That was pretty compelling. Wasn’t that supposed to be a kid’s show?

    • MM says:

      just replace mr shadow with electro magnetic space octopus and you have Musk after taking psychedelics to receive his orders

      • MM says:

        Universal evil force->Dark ones/hidden ones->’Space Octopus’ and squidlings-> Earth Control System

        Not saying above is real, just how it would be structured if I was forced to make a prediction. There is also the problem of potentially describing an aspect of consciousness instead of the outside world or the likely outside outside world (God/information thing the universe ultimately came from even if there are more in between worlds).

        Also could map that aspects of the human conscious experience (certain feelings, thoughts, moods) are structures that resonate with some force, and humans are actually composed of these different forces/’spirits’ in varying quantities+biological computer.

        Nothing makes any sense :(

  1. ShadoHand says:

    Fuck man. Elon Musk? Pft. Anyone can build a Starship in their garage.

    Now heres the Million Dollar Question: Why doesnt anyone? Oh wait cause most men are crypto-feminists that dont want to deal with the ramifications of that tech. It means the cunts, and all women are cunts, are banished to the kitchen for all eternity. Or at least a Millenium until Jesus Christ returns.
    Theres also the fact that these scumbag men will then have to find something else to do besides run around like man children all day and get drunk. And they will not (yes a know I didnt use a contraction Gamma, I did it on purpose to trigger your read until offended sceipt, call me a butthurt liar why dont ya) be able too because their IQs are too low to do anything other than be well idiots. Plus they wont know what to do when the cunts are no longer hen pecking them around. They will probably commit suicide in droves. I can see it now:

    “What do you mean I dont have to work?”
    “What do you mean my reward center isnt going to know what to do because I no longer have to go to the bar and get plastered to drown the reality of my shitty marriage away?”
    “What do you mean I have to face the horror of what I did to Western Civilization?”
    “What do you mean I can just stop weaponizing my incompetence?”
    What do you mean I dont have to go to weekly therapy sessions anymore?”

    Frankly, Id love to sit back and watch this all unfold with popcorn. Its the best revenge I can get against these drunken buffonish midwitted retards.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I’ll probably regret engaging with this, but when you say “star”-ship are you referring to literal faster-than-light travel?

      • ShadoHand says:

        Yes. They exist. Ive signaled one. And theres videos of them. Go watch some Steven Greer. Plus it solves the energy crisis too. Its in the vein of this:

        Your training in mathematics has locked you into closed circuit systems thinking. Ignoring the environmental inputs in an open circuit system.

    • Sturm Bringer says:

      Great idea take Man, with his tremendous issues, problems and follies; and have him descend to the heavens, so that the heavens descend into this hell.

      Sometimes and inventor or creater should really think what effects is this creation going to have and should I introduce it?

  2. Neandercel says:

    Salve, Aeoli!

    I hope you’ll pardon the off-topic question, but can you recommend any books or collections of proverbs/adagia? I tried to read Goethe’s Maxims & Reflections, but I couldn’t get into it.

    Musk is definitely not autistic. Calling every nerd/wannabe nerd autistic is like calling every asshole a sociopath.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Benjamin Franklin’s book of proverbs is very good. Proverbs in the Bible is at least solid, if not very exciting. Can’t say beyond that.

      • Neandercel says:

        Thanks! I’m trying to get into the habit of translating one verse per day from the Vulgate into English. Proverbs seems like a natural choice.

  3. LOADED says:

    my phrenology is amazing. i think my heightened parietal has led me to communicate and thrive better.

  4. Sturm Bringer says:

    I do not understand the fixation on correct spelling, other than for clear communication. Standardized spelling is just that standardized. It, I would not be surprised, straightjackets man’s creativety and foriegn language learning.(at least with brother or cousin tongues).

    Ps. I am seriously considering writing a tract titled “In defense of Stupidity”

    • Milk says:

      >I do not understand the fixation on correct spelling, other than for clear communication.

      Status. Correct spelling is elegant. In fact, eminent philosopher RSDTodd once said he studied in a very “high class school” (hmm, illuminati apparatchik?), where this one time a female classmate asked the teacher why they should learn to spell words correctly at all, to which the teacher’s answer was, “Because you belong to the ruling class” (uh-oh, illuminati apparatchik confirmed).

      (I mean, let’s face it, MGTOW and Feminism are two sides of the same dialectical PSYOP.)

      >It, I would not be surprised, straightjackets man’s creativety

      Probably. I no longer despise people for bungling the occasional word. Who cares.

      >and foreign language learning

      Not really. I’m not a native anglophone but reading online periodicals was my quick route to fluency (I’m still working on mastery; you gotta read the Great Authors for that). Sure, that’s just me, but all the truly fluent ESL guys I know are big readers, and therefore less likely to spell words incorrectly. Meanwhile people can live in foreign countries for years without quite learning the local language.

    • Milk says:

      (edenics is gay isn’t it but i’d say thals like text and normies like face-to-face talky-talk, and the internet is making normies autistic because it’s forcing them to rely on text)

      • Milk says:

        (i committed the glaring normie mistake of ignoring key data in my big reply that was swallowed by aeoli’s blog and without which these further comments make no sense, namely the “at least with brother or cousin tongues”, so let me clarify that knowing german did help in learning english, but reading a lot is still my advice for learning new languages, i had a friend from college tell me it works after i told him to just read more so there’s your peer-reviewed scientific proof with a >0.05 p-value)

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        That and all dating and socializing is by text and chat apps now.

    • ShadoHand says:

      `fixation on correct spelling`
      Its a nitpicking fallacy. Anyone Ive known who has employed it against me is someone afflicted with Blaming The Youth Disorder or Millenial Derangement Syndrome. Its to get you wound up so they can lecture you and call you a kid. I literally argued with a Boomer about the differences between American English and The Kings English once. This was despite me, and everyone else, having to fix all this boomers mistakes and do his work for him.

      I used to write paragraphs upon paragraphs of highly technical tickets in an IT ticketing system. I specifcally wrote them polite and civil. And I only remember making a single typo. Even though it wasnt a typo as both spellings of the word were correct. I substituted an s for a z. And I had just been yelled and screamed at by a legal team over some benign IT issue. And my coworker who was an english major, social sexual six sigma, and an owl melon with thal admixture was literally, and constantly, frightened by my precision.

      My typos have gone up in the past few years, but thats because I rapidly type most of my posts on a cellphone web browser and blast them out with zero proof reading. Or Im taking a shit. Driving a skid steer. Or drilling them out while standing in line at the gas station.

  5. ShadoHand says:

    `I don’t know if what I have would be properly described as an inferiority complex, but I definitely have a chip on my shoulder about something.
    It could be something as simple as not getting laid while under the influence of healthy testosterone production.`

    Youd normally be able to kill these people, your entire being is disgusted by their existence because you have a healthy ego in tune with your mind. Their egos are detached from the vessel known as the brain. They’re NPCs that are programmed a certain way.

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