The psychology behind fans ruining the things they like

There’s a rant I do fairly often in person that hasn’t made it to the blog yet about how fans of fantasy tend not to understand what it is they like about fantasy. Take Star Wars for example, which is a thinly veiled story about a white knight who pulls a magic sword out of a rock, saves the princess from a cave, kills a dragon, and becomes king of the round table. It’s a good story, told well, and it’s inspiring because it tells us something about the person we sense on the inside we’re supposed to become as grown-ass adults.

The way this normally works is you watch the movie about saving the princess from the dragon’s cave and the next day you think to yourself “Being an adult feels lonely, it feels sort of like if my house was burned down and my aunt and uncle were dead and I can never go back to the way it was. I should learn how the world works and go get a girlfriend and take on big challenges and make something of myself.” This moment of epiphany comes with a feeling of catharsis that gets you moving, and it probably never occurs to you this was all the story’s idea, because you’re too busy with normal adult shit now.

Something I’ve noticed over and over is that when I get nostalgia for something and it lasts for more than a few days, then my subconscious is trying to tell me something and it thinks the fastest way to communicate the epiphany is through the source of the nostalgia. For example, the last few weeks I’ve had this song stuck in my head for no reason:

I have no doubt that if I replayed the ancient aliens flying continent Atlantis section of Chrono Trigger it would trigger something in me that would probably become a blog post. We all process this shit in our own ways, mine just happens to be one that helps you pass time on the shitter.

The problem with “fans”, as a group, is that they never extract the insight from the story that allows them to move on, emotionally. They’re stuck in the part where they’re longing for the epiphany, but for whatever reason they lack the introspective ability or courage to actualize it. It’s the equivalent of masturbation and results in arrested development. So their subconscious minds keep bringing them back to lightsabers and Chrono Trigger soundtracks and their conscious minds mistakenly conclude these accoutrements are the real reason they love the story, rather than the subconscious understanding that the story is telling them something they desperately need to hear.

Being fans with arrested development, they feel the need to become one with these accoutrements, as if returning to the womb. To “create”, except always shy of real cathartic expression, which means an unholy blend of imitation and self-expression. This means force-fitting the world on which they’ve fixated into their small-souled personalities, in whatever particular form of arrested development that takes. If they have the personality of an accountant, they turn Star Wars into a portfolio management simulator called Eve Online. If they have the personality of a mechanical engineer, they imagine factories using lightsabers as precision cutting equipment. Normies will reimagine space opera with drugs, swearing, and unnecessary dysfunction where people express their individuality by breaking petty social rules.

If you remember my rant about gamers being bad people, you may recognize this as the general case where that was the particular case. You have to be a special kind of retarded to turn a story about magic swords into an open-world sandbox where people trade derivatives on magic sword factory futures. Yes, I realize that if we start with the world-building axioms and follow the economic logic for long enough there would probably be derivatives in space, but the thing is THAT’S NOT HOW MYTHS WORK YOU FUCKING FUCK!!!11

Listen, the point of lightsabers isn’t that they’re economical. The point is it’s a magic sword because deep in the better and smarter part of your brain, your lizard brain, you want something analogous to a magic sword because you realize you need to grow the fuck up. Faggot.

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16 Responses to The psychology behind fans ruining the things they like

  1. ShadoHand says:

    `you want something analogous to a magic sword because you realize you need to grow the fuck up.`

    What exactly does growing the fuck up mean? Most adults I encounter act like children. They have a lot of preconcieved notions of what is True and what is False and in a lot of cases, the Truh is that those are inverted.

  2. MM says:

    The song feels like revealing lost secrets so that’s probably what you need to do in regards to understanding yourself or perhaps fundamental aspects of your knowledge of the world. ‘ancient dream journey’ -thats very close to the feel.
    So you may need to DO something that leads to a revelation and not just think something here because it will be too in the bounds of your normal thinking patterns.

    I debated typing this with myself because it might go against the point of the world… but there wasn’t any feeling of danger just an understanding that you are much less likely to take it as seriously coming from the outside, and having to go through that you that writes this blog, who is likely to discard it or try to distract you.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      > So you may need to DO something that leads to a revelation and not just think something here because it will be too in the bounds of your normal thinking patterns.

      That’s my tl;dr from what you’ve said.

  3. MM says:

    I entered this state, under mysterious circumstances, a few times in the past several months (and then for several days in a row last week).
    Perhaps the most important singular realization, as I will surely restate in an upcoming (hopefully more succinct) post on executive functioning:
    You EXIST THE MOST when you focus your awareness (not just ‘thought’) as much on one thing as is possible…

    • MM says:

      “divine spark” “God” “the beast” “the machine” “the dream” “death”

      Illuminati gets it. Too bad they work for Mr Shadow.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I thought it was a pretty succinct post already. It felt like it had a lot of weight behind it.

      • MM says:

        It’s good but 1. things are missing, will need to do some setup for that as its not general. IE- I don’t think it is likely at all that the world is fundamentally material anymore and it’s not a measurement problem as is the initial intuition. But I’ll get to that later.
        For starters, all we know is consciousness. That IS the world. And then there is at least one world ‘outside’ of that but that’s a very very very grey area because of ‘observers’ (John Archibald Wheeler, Bell, other hot takes) and all those things I do not yet understand… like MATH (getting close though, but can feel brain slowing down and ossifying like dying old man).
        2. It is of near the utmost importance and as such should be written in a way that a child could understand what I am trying to say, without missing anything big. That is harder as it requires a better understanding of what is going on, and it requires the introduction of a map of awareness itself (or at least the potentialities of awareness, to at least medium detail) as it can not be assumed that the reader has that knowledge of even themselves, much less can recognize that in other humans, animals, or perhaps even beyond that (speculatively, patterns of information related to the primary valances of consciousness- feelings- likely show in structures of the world, whereas the senses are more or less digital (though can clearly go into non linearity, introducing noise and or harmonic distortion) and represent fine structure).

  4. MM says:

    “Actually growing up” may perhaps be described as
    “actually wanting what is best for yourself and other people, and then exerting self control and work towards that and not just talking about it”.
    Deep knowledge of reality is a prerequisite to know what is best.
    Which is why no religion that demands proper action, no education, and no social value on self control, means no functioning society.

    Mental relativism is also highly suspect, as conscious experience is a FINITE spectrum of attributes (though indeed very very complex).
    An interesting idea that Vaknin proposed was a Rosetta stone for qualia.
    Your Red may be different than mine, but is there an infinite range of information that can, in consciousness, ‘encode’ for ‘Red’? Things of course cannot translate if the other person simply lacks a function. IE we only have 3 types of cones in the eye- we likely could never see what a mantis shrimp sees spectrum wise without those different cone types. But are there infinite colors?
    I am very doubtful. It’s all just so complicated even theoretically that people threw up their hands and let the relativists/ironically dualistic materialists/ intellectually lazy win. That was a mistake.
    Feelings themselves are almost surely not personal things (aside from each person being themselves and no other). Every mind is composed of the same ‘forces’. The greatest diversity is in thought and the mechanisms of action that trigger
    the fundamental underlying valences (happy, sad, angry, fearful, distrustful, ambivalent, pain). They can be considered a spectrum like the electromagnetic field. The feeling of ‘mystery’ being close to the feeling of ‘fear’, but presumably
    transitioning into the territory of another feeling-state (ie curiosity) or perhaps in-between multiple pure ‘states’ (a 3 dimensional space seems more right then a simple spectrum like light, but who knows atm).

    Ultimately there must be a smallest division, a quantum, of feeling, of all aspects of conscious experience, and of awareness itself.

    • Obadiah says:

      >”Actually growing up” may perhaps be described as “actually wanting what is best for yourself and other people, and then exerting self control and work towards that and not just talking about it”

      ^agree. Probably aeoli uses “actually grow up” as a placeholder because aligning with the will of God probably has to include some element of maturation somewhere or another in one’s life.

      Otherwise you will meet more than your fair share of mature, responsible grown-ups in this world “who would sentence someone to heinous tortures by foreign tinpot dictators without losing a wink of sleep”–which I don’t think is part of the magic of Star Wars (in fact the bad guys in Star Wars do this a lot)

    • Obadiah says:

      Growing up is just one aspect of what makes Star Wars special. It’s only the first step on Luke’s path:

      1. Grow up/leave adolescence. This is where Luke is at when we first meet him, putting aside his spaceship toys and leaving his home to go off into the world.
      2. Experience a spiritual/supernatural awakening (get saved), partake of the wisdom of the ages (Bible), undergo trials/adventures, get good mentoring from wise elders (preaching/learning), gain lightsaber (sword of the Gospel)
      3. Take a bold stand for what is right–despite overwhelming opposition from what is wrong (taking up cross)

      That’s the real magic of Star Wars, and why people went to see it 20 times in the theater (obviously the sfx were just icing on the cake). It’s why people will pretend to like the disastrous prequels and sequels while they wait faithfully for the real deal to return.

      tl;Dr: Luke is Bibleman

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