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On flawed protagonists

I had a conversation yesterday where I disputed the need for protagonists to have flaws to be relatable. I don’t need Chrono to have a drinking problem or Link to have a weakness for prostitutes to enjoy their struggles against … Continue reading

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Re: Coding questions

From Sturm Bringer: Have you experience with the punjabis, or other asiatics in programming, if so any interesting observations/ stories? Of course, yes. Probably nothing you haven’t heard before though. Basically all the stereotypes are true, except the individual variation … Continue reading

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Mark Rippetoe, Mousterian

Remember Edenism? Yeah, me neither. But I watched a video about squats: Alternative title: Disagreeableness in coaching. This is not a man who gives a shit whether you come back for a second session. Check out that insanely uncomfortable eye … Continue reading

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Theory for why Levels vs. Indeed pay scale divide exists

Context: Here are screenshots for when that link goes dead because the internet has been deleted and replaced entirely by AI-generated spam: What I’m inferring is there are two career tracks. I can give a good explanation for why … Continue reading

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The unspoken purpose of modern work is to exterminate the workforce at the expense of production

The institutional relations peculiar to capitalist economy serve, finally, to stratify large sections of the population roughly into two special classes. These two classes are not to be found in other types of society for the evident reason that the … Continue reading

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Xenogears and Voegelin

So in Xenogears, the story appears to representing Gnostic ideas in the tradition of Hans Urs von Balthasar as I’ve randomly encountered it in Voegelin. (NB: I’m only a few hours in, and thank God for that fast-forward button in … Continue reading

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It’s all so tiresome, and that’s a good thing!

Leftists correctly see themselves as ruling over everyone else by right of conquest. I’ll repeat for the slow crowd: This is entirely correct. Unlike most leftist ideas, which may be half-truths that require deconstruction, this fundamental belief is perfectly in … Continue reading

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Progress in a complex response twitch reflex game

Playing the survival mode in One Finger Death Punch, it’s astonishing how linear my improvements are. It’s essentially a twitch reflex game where you train yourself to make thousands of snap judgments, so you’d think your numbers would be based … Continue reading

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Homo sapiens’ insatiable appetite for lies

I’m coming to the belief that the neurotypical’s insatiable appetite for inconsequential lies is downstream from their worship of psychopathy, which is itself downstream from envy. The envy can be seen most clearly when corporate executives compete to virtue signal … Continue reading

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Lucretian materialism

In the course my ongoing quest to turn everything I touch into autistic cringe, I ran across this passage: This account of my American experience would be incomplete without mentioning the strong influence of George Santayana. I never met him, … Continue reading

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