Re: The Glass Onion

The first idea is that the mystery genre is like a glass onion:

Well, I keep returning in my mind to the glass onion. Something that seems densely layered, mysterious and inscrutable. But in fact, the centre is in plain sight. And that is why this case has confounded me like no other. Why every complex layer peeled back has revealed another layer, and another layer, and come to naught. And that was the problem right there. You see, I expected complexity. I expected intelligence. I expected a puzzle, a game. But that’s not what any of this is. It hides not behind complexity, but behind mind-numbing, obvious clarity. Truth is, it doesn’t hide at all. I was staring right at it.

There’s a big glass onion on the fancy private island that represents the mystery put on by the rich white guy. The second idea is that real disruptive genius means destroying a system people are invested in:

Okay. If you want to shake things up, you start with something small. You break a norm or an idea or a convention, some little business model, but you go with things that people are kind of tired of anyway. Everybody gets excited because you’re busting up something that everyone wanted broken in the first place. That’s the infraction point. That’s the place where you have to look within yourself, and ask: Am I the kind of person who will keep going? Will you break more things? Break bigger things? Be willing to break the thing that nobody wants you to break? Because at that point, people are not going to be on your side. They’re going to call you crazy. They’re gonna say you’re a bully. They’re gonna tell you to stop. Even your partner will say you need to stop. Because as it turns out, nobody wants you to break the system itself. But that is what true disruption is, and that is what unites all of us. We all got to that line, and crossed it.

Then they blow up the glass onion. It’s a metaphor! I imagine the writer was stroking himself as he dwelled on this perfectly consistent proof of his own disruptive genius. The movie is therefore about how murder mysteries are hateful, and the people who like them should be destroyed (we’ll get into the racial angle later). More concisely, “The game is stupid: break the game.” Hence the parallel between busting up the puzzle box with a hammer at the beginning (like cutting the Gordian knot) and destroying the glass onion at the end.

A repetitive theme is calling mysteries stupid and shit, and the island itself where the murder mystery is conducted is called Pisceshite Island. Daniel Craig repeatedly remarks that Clue is “a stupid game” and the stupidity of the final reveal takes center stage in his speech. Therefore the plot holes and misleading revelations were intentional. To quote Edward Norton:

You will have to closely observe the crime. Consider what you know about each other. Know that across the island, I’ve hidden clues. Some may be helpful, some may misdirect. That’s for you to determine. But if anyone can name the killer, tell me how they achieved the murder, and, most importantly, what was the motive, that person wins our game.

The point of showing incorrect clues is to subvert the mystery genre, which prides itself on logical consistency (we’re getting closer to the racial angle). For example, in the flashback when Daniel Craig has dinner with the twin she says “I don’t drink.” This was an intentional misdirection, because earlier in the movie she’s shown quite clearly stumbling around drunk at the island. This point is hammered home by having the twin lady who doesn’t drink act like a functional alcoholic for the rest of the movie. Other than being drunk all the time, when she gets nervous or anxious she’s shown reaching for a whiskey. She’s also significantly more functional while drunk, and Daniel Craig even remarks on this at one point.

I think maybe you should take up drinking. You’re just killing it.

And at the end Daniel Craig gives her another shot of whiskey for liquid courage to burn everything down before he leaves to watch it burn down from the outside. It’s not merely inconsistent, it’s rubbing the inconsistency in your face.

There are other clues like this that are meant to lead to dead ends, because the point of the movie is that logical mystery stories are stupid, and they deserve to be destroyed. And if you (the viewer) like them you also deserve to be destroyed. Others have complained that the writing was bad, but it’s actually very good because every note reinforces the overall theme: logic is stupid. What people are reacting to is that the message is bad. The medium by which the message is communicated is actually quite brilliantly crafted.

The message of The Glass Onion was nihilistic, and therefore contradictory*, we can agree on that. But the medium conveyed the message in every artistic detail, and reinforced it in a layered manner with perfect internal consistency (to the message “mysteries are stupid”). We would be hard-pressed to come up with improvements that would communicate the intended message more strongly or more artfully, because our improvements would be focused on things like making the story well-crafted, which goes against the message of the movie. Our improvements would be directed toward a message that’s more palatable to our sensibilities, like “murder mysteries should have qualities X, Y, and Z.”

Now, it’s Hollywood and ogres have layers (like onions) so there’s also a racial angle. Making the story structure bad was an intentional shot at white men because they want good story structure. The intentionally bad storytelling served the movie’s thesis perfectly. You may recall this flyer from the Smithsonian:

The racial angle is that the mystery genre is a cultural product by and for white men with too much time and money on their hands, and that’s why it deserves to be blown up. Dave Bautista stands in for white lower class men, which is why he had to die. Edward Norton stands in for white upper class men, which is why he had to be utterly humiliated and his legacy destroyed (after he kills Bautista). Daniel Craig was the Jews, brilliant, subversive, bored, and friend to the civil rights movement. Leslie Odom Jr. was the Uncle Toms of the world, the white women were Karens, and Janelle Monae was WAKANDA GIRL GENIUS.

And the last bit I’ll note, to tie together the racial angle with the “disruption” angle, is that it becomes necessary to the narrative to burn the Mona Lisa. Why? Because that’s European heritage, the “system” that everyone is invested in and everyone is shocked when you destroy it. So the racial thesis of the movie is that rich white men are the system, they don’t deserve what they have, they’re just stupid and evil and in the past they got unaccountably lucky by getting successful on the backs of WAKANDA GIRL GENIUS. And because they like mystery games, we must destroy mystery games to begin our endless war of vengeance. Generalizing the idea, they like cultural artifacts like the Mona Lisa, so all of their culture must be destroyed in a big, stupid, black girl tantrum.

At the end Daniel Craig asks Wakanda Girl Genius if she’s ready to go back, which she doesn’t answer because it’s meant to seem ambiguous because you could interpret it to mean back to Wakanda or back to a peaceful life. But it’s not ambiguous because the only interpretation that’s consistent with the movie’s thesis is back to the world of white people, where she can continue her forever war of burning down European civilization at the behest of the Jew.

*The problem of consistency of course arises when the message is nihilistic because nihilism is self-refuting, which is a rather elementary philosophical point that never gets any traction with modern audiences due to racial political reasons I don’t need to get into to support the points above. As has been observed before, any statement to the effect “There are no true statements” is self-refuting. Regardless, that is the preferred philosophy of our ruling class, and they make the movies. As Devon Stack explains in his video on The Believer, Judaism and nihilism are ultimately the same thing.

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12 Responses to Re: The Glass Onion

  1. Zeb Zebley says:

    the first movie was this same thing too, just less esoteric, as it was a message to browns. She (Ana de Armas?) gets all of the Ingenious White Multimillionaire Mystery Writer’s money (for rims and chilaquiles [and also his gorgeous, intricate, artistic puzzle-box of a house, which of course she doesn’t care about]) because “[She is] a good nurse”, while the Posh Whites get nothing because are actually rapacious barbarians with alt-right children.

    Q: Why did Hollywood switch to streaming?
    A: The content is harder to burn in the City Square.

    also Daniel Craig is a certified pole-smoker.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      > Why did Hollywood switch to streaming?

      I’m convinced it’s so they can slowly remove anything good from circulation on copyright grounds, like the Disney vault or the unenhanced original Star Wars.

  2. Anon says:

    This seems to be Rian Johnson’s shtick, the only movie of him I’ve watched was The Last Jedi (strongly recommended, until watching it I could not understand the idea of a movie being so bad it’s good) and it was dripping with contempt towards the older Star Wars movies and their fans. Apart from being just plain dumb most of the time, several twists in the story felt like intentionally subverting and making fun of the previous movies just to piss off the type of nerd who actually cares. Luke carelessly throwing the lightsaber behind him when Rey asks him to come back from exile and join the Resistance, Yoda burning the Jedi library and laughing it off, the whole adventure of Poe, Finn and the Asian 6 to the casino planet turning out to be not just pointless but actively counterproductive, as it turns out they just had to sit on their hands and obey Admiral Pinkhair (who was only pretending to not have a plan all along), the nu-Emperor’s death being practically a joke, lots of things felt like “Hahaha, look at that twist! You thought things would go a certain way because that’s what you’d expect from a Star Wars movie, but then I just subverted those expectations! Am I clever or what?”

    While some of it could be motivated by wanting to promote current year lefty views, like “You should have never questioned the competence of high-ranking professional woman who appears to be about to get you all killed!” or “Who cares about those dumb old sacred books? Don’t get caught up in that, what matters goes beyond them.” even more so it felt like he just couldn’t play things straight, he needed some ironic detachment to not be the lame dork who would take making a Star Wars movie seriously. That and sending a big fuck you to the bad types of fans, the entitled ones who think they are allowed to have opinions and standards despite being smelly nerds.
    From what you describe it seems that since then the “white folx is demons” message has taken prominence over taking a dump all over a genre/franchise, with the latter being secondary, used as a vehicle for the former.

  3. ShadoHand says:

    This is MM if he was chill.

  4. ShadoHand says:

    I think everyone here needs to read this.

  5. ShadoHand says:

    Its extremely common. Id say all therapy is abusive, gaslighting, and straight up mind control and torture.

  6. Sturm Bringer says:

    Honestly didn’t watch the propaganda film from Maggoted Wood(only a damn review). But the racial angle(besides the obvious) is tipped off by the negress burning the Mona Lisa; which while maybe not “logically” consistent, is certainly reality consistent.

    Side note, interesting how much I differ from the (((Smithsonian)))’s narrow view.
    And how destructive some of those plancks are to us.

  7. ShadoHand says:

    `senpai has stopped noticing you.`

    Who is this senpai? Because My Only Master is God, And He Notices Everything!

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      If you’re trying to get someone’s attention, it’s senpai by definition.

      • ShadoHand says:

        “If you’re trying to get someone’s attention”

        NO. Senpai means master, or elder. Why do you think im trying to get someones attention. It sounds like you have been reading too much reddit. This more of that “All behavior is attention seeking. And all attention seeking behavior is bad.” Im not doing anything for attention.

        Heres an anecdote for you. I had to change my tire today. It was really cold last night when I was planning on changing it. Below zero. Lile negative 15. So I just left it sitting leaning up against my car, and went to sleep.

        When I woke up this morning I went to go get a drink, then said to myself as my handa started to get cold on the walk back. “Oh Ill warm up for a few minutes.” I did just that. What happens as Im sitting there. Some conservatard pulls up in a snow plow and rolls down his window, and asks me if I need help. I told him no. “Oh well you are just sitting there with all this stuff there.” I looked at him and not wanting to explain myself said “Im waiting for a call, and held my phone up.” He then proceeded to ask me “Do you have heat in there?” “Yes” I replied and rolled down my window.”

        Now my car runs super slow. Its not the first time someone thought it was off when it was running. But no. You conservataed males just cant help yourself. This guy probably thought I was doing it for the attention, or *gasp*, mentally ill. A few minutes later I swapped the tire out fine. And again as I was putting air in it, and the othet ones, some guy stopped again and asked if I needed help. “No” I replied Im just switching my tire. Neither of these guys wanted to help they were just butting in.

        If you had seen me sitting there you probably would have thought I needed a certain type of help or was doing if for the attention. Nope. Was just taking my time, and was resting after a long day yesterday. I literally had to wander around a frozen junkyard with tires frozen to the ground in -10F. But no “YoU’rE jUsT DoInG iT fOr ThE AtTeNtIoN!”

        Again. You just cant admit that Psychology, really Psychiatry which Psychology grew out of, is bullshit. Its the final red pill and nobody wants to eat. The planet wouldnt be able to handle conversions of that magnitude. Itd possibly be more earth shattering than Saul becoming Paul.

  8. ShadoHand says:

    I was just in Washington Park In Chicago. Its the second most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago.

    “Washington Park is the second most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago. Washington Park has a population of 11,871 people and a crime rate of 9,904 crimes per 100,000 people. While living in Washington Park, there is a 1 in 9 chance of becoming a victim of either violent crime or property crime.

    The violent crime rate in Washington Park is 3,290 violent crimes per 100,000 people, which is 859 percent higher than the national average. There is a 1 in 30 chance that residents living in Washington Park will become victims of violent crime.

    The property crime rate in Washington Park is 300 percent higher than the national average. The property crime rate is 6,614 property crimes per 100,000 people. There is a 1 in 15 chance that residents of Washington Park will become victims of property crime. Law enforcement in Washington Park recommend that homeowners lock their doors and bar their windows to better ensure their safety.”

    I guess Im a Real OG now.

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