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Why I’m a Christian (outline)

I begin by wanting the best possible outcome for myself. That means my natural curiosity is governed by pragmatic realism. Following from that, it matters a lot to my personal outcome and decisions along the way whether God exists. Next, … Continue reading

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Christian selfishness

There’s a lot of confusion about the idea of charity, selflessness, self-sacrifice, etc. that needs clearing up. I was listening to an old Godcast episode where an e-mailer said he had done something very good for someone, walked around the … Continue reading

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Theory of art

(Every now and then I have to write something decent to renew my license as a third-rate genius.) As your writings have been a significant influence on my theory of art I would be grateful to hear your personal answer … Continue reading

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Empathizing beyond the communication gap

“They are stuck with their 85 IQs (on average!) and no matter how you raise them, when they grow up they’ll pursue the same life strategies as other dumb people: substance abuse and dysfunction in the workplace and in the … Continue reading

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The cowardice of technocracy

Re: Yahtzee’s video essay “Why was Prey so forgettable?” Finally thought of a good way to phrase this observation of people who focus on cinematography and things like that: The focus on technical details of production in art is rooted … Continue reading

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Rant re: the Panglossian optimism of racial essentialists and neoliberal Ph.Ds

This is a followup to: The former is a response to the Panglossian optimism that tends to afflict fencesitters and spectators. In this case, it’s the racist internet dwellers who assume everything will be nice in the future because someone … Continue reading

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Giant directionless schizopost

Re: thoughts: bones are opposite of souls, represent pure material as opposed to pure spiritbone imagery often used to imply automatons without conscious will (i.e. army of skeletal warriors), with a softer version of this used to imply unfeeling … Continue reading

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Satanist religious tenets as post-facto motivated reasoning for atrocities

Emphases added: In other words, committing atrocities requires a conscience and would not be possible without it. When observing the hijinks of Satanists we usually assume that the causation goes from belief to action, but I’d like to consider the … Continue reading

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A better version of Overwatch theory

From (H/T

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All software engineering is a grift

Dijkstra called software engineering “the doomed discipline”. (If you aren’t aware, Dijkstra is kind of a big deal in the computing world, comparable to Feynman in Physics.) Dijkstra also opposed the inclusion of software engineering under the umbrella of academic … Continue reading

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