Stub: Vidya for teaching social dynamics to autistic people

I’ll use LA Noire as the Ur-example for teaching us internet dwellers to “Press X to Doubt”. As I’ve explained before, the method for developing a grand, unified theory of mind is to assume everything everyone says is a lie, look for exceptions to the rule, and find patterns in the exceptions.

Drop a comment if you can think of other video games that have mechanics that can teach important aspects of social intelligence. Initial ideas:

  • LA Noire
  • Among Us
  • Unspottable
  • This Is the Police

There are probably a million of them among all the indie games, I’m just not much of a gamer. I figure it’s more profitable to make this list and explain to autistics how to generalize the ideas to real life, explicitly, rather than trying to make all new games.

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16 Responses to Stub: Vidya for teaching social dynamics to autistic people

  1. LOADED says:

    you dont have anything you can teach others with sadly. go read a book for once.

  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    Ace Attorney games? Haven’t played them, but maybe.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    “I’m just not much of a gamer” really says it all…aspies probably think normies only game on the computer machine, just like they do, but they don’t cause they play them irl too, life is a game and honesty is not a variable in the “I won so I am the winner” method employed notwithstanding-doggy dog dog world, hilarity then ensues when neanderthard keeps getting played for the rest of his life irl and online.

    reading 20 odd years of vault can help you with this TLDR: an orangutang is not a chimpanzee, a negroid is not an asiatic, and a white man can very well be a cromagnoid or a neanderthal, or a shitty run of the mill sapient normie.

    race realism means living in a functional anthill, itz not a free for all utopia-the kicker is tha ´t neanderthard is more fit to live like that than sapey, but cant do it emotionally and remains an underperformer or a school shooter instead, in broad strokes.
    then you have the happy go lucky aspie nihilists who do manage to get on with it, but read 30 years of his ramblings and you to can see that he is somewhat hurting and not happy with the general state of affairs, as no one except the jews and cannibal niggers should be.

    Don’t matter how much one copes, the gods of the new age, super mario for example, will not give you a 50’s white americana boomer lifestyle, it cant be coped and it cant be upvooted on social media.

    itz over

    “As Molyneux said, “There are no more arguments.” Then he became a Twitch streamer as a performance art thing about hedonism being all that remains, but no one got the joke, but he didn’t care because when you’re an atheist there’s no point to anything anyway.”

    Agreed, there are only bad jokes left, especially considering the punishment of antisocial thugmugs who gets sent to their natural-habitat to learn the ropes and climb the social autostrata to godhood in current year society, because they first couldnt stop swearing in first grade and then killed a man in high school.

    Look, the astute 5 year old will notice that there is only a backwards social contract, where crime and thuggery is all that matters for social status.

    I know thats what you are saying but im still saying it, because it needs to be explicitely stated to autistic people; STAY AWAY from sapes groids ooga boogas cannibal rapist headhunters jews niggers migrants immigrants joggers birdwatchers youths teens white middle class trannies woke cis terfs rabbies imams mummies the orthodix and other euphisms for 99.99% of non-humanity that will always be kryptonite to you – as time goes by itz even more over.

    1. get terated poorly
    2. play game to learn more about why
    3. still get treated poorly ( ahaha…)

    It. Doesnt. Literally. Change. The. Outcome. At. All. Best case scenario you get treated less poorly and get less bamboozled but in the end Koanic was right about neanderthards living in indian reservations (proverbially on the internet at the time of writing I suppose en lieu of there actually not being neander-camps)

    Is the goal of humanity to improve itself? Can old and new models exist at the same time, but bastardization seems to be the major play, , should the aborigines of australia go extinct for example, seeing as they dont “do” or “produce” anything of “value” ??? Can they learn to “press X-to doubt” and survive?

    “Stub: Vidya for teaching autistic social dynamics to normal people”

    Well ?!? Press X to believe

    • bicebicebice says:

      Tex made a very salient post once, how it did been when he was in bootcamp and “even” the niggahs observed how he was lower than them in the pecking order and when he broke the record for running a mile all he got was a can of coke – everyone else “won”, in sapient terms, for belittling him every step of the way because he was better than them and the real winner.

      Itz good to always remember that neanderthards are losers at best and not welcome at worst in society no matter what

      • bicefan says:


      • bicebicebice says:

        Every day is a social jousting game, if you are on the spectrum you are outright blind to this or you refuse to believe it even if you know it to be true because you cant and dont want to commit to living like that – but everyone around you lives like that automatically without conscient thought. Scary!
        Couple that with judaic maneating niggers being airlifted out of the mudhut&cannibalism lands to take the reigns of white society and it becomes even more confusing for poor spectrum spergs. Yikes!

        “what? Reverse Nepotism resulting in white genocide? where is the logic in that? doubt”

        But it do be like that. There are 8 million cannibals on the planet right now, a real depiction of the walking dead would be 30 humans chasing down 2 zombies in order to eat them – itz a jungle out there.
        Itz however like a video game, castlevania, you have to unlock the real ending, if you choose vanilla white racism “good” ending you lose as a neanderboon.

        social station is temporary and one day people will literally tear into each other, better to start working on that vault or breakaway civilization instead

        “damn I can’t sleep because the west 2023 ad is so shite” no amish person says this, if people with aspergers (Neanderthal) are so smart they shouldnt either…

        “The Amish, Mennonite and Hutterite religious groups all arose in Europe during the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century (1). Collectively, they are known as Anabaptists (‘rebaptizers’) because they practice adult baptism rather than infant baptism. They also commit to pacifism and segregate themselves from the general population”

        The history of the Anabaptist groups makes them especially suitable for genetic research. They are socially isolated with little genetic inflow. Some groups keep extensive genealogical records that are maintained by local ministers, and can identify their founder populations. They have experienced many genetic bottleneck events caused by successive migrations over their history. Large families are common, with low rates of nonpaternity (3). They have a relatively high standard of medical care (3).”

        you know what i mean

        in the year 2023 one should be able to buy a good damned plane ticket to Eden *laughs himself to death in a hysteric fit because it isnt funny but…itz funny*

  4. LOADED says:

    you dont want war with me you dumb barely educated fucking closet homosexual i will put your ass in a coffin with my bare fucking hands you stupid autist

    all autists are degenerates male-to-females autism awareness is a scam they deserve to be put in a cage and locked away like monkeys you fucking moron and if you dont post this i know where you live i will make sure you suffer faggot!

  5. normie says:

    Easily the most autistic thing I’ve ever read. Instead of learning social dynamics by being social, the aspie thinks he can learn to interact with human beings from video games – by not interacting with human beings.

    You can’t make it up.

  6. Aeoli Pera says:

    In particular, Among Us could be used to teach about blame, scapegoating, the criminal mind (especially recidivism), etc.

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