Re: AI

This Third Rail episode is a good introduction for you nontechnical types:

The interviewer is a very smart guy who doesn’t understand computers, and the interviewee is a very smart guy who understands AI pretty well. I could nitpick but won’t. If you’re worried about this or that thing re: AI, give it a listen.

Home page is here:

I could write about it myself but tbh trying to teach autism to schizophrenics is really, really fucking tedious because they want to misunderstand. It gives them a feeling of euphoria every time they return to the delusions, so it’s like trying to get through to a pothead.

“Oh WOW, so you’re saying AI will become conscious?”
“I literally just said the exact opposite of that.”
“That’s CRAZY, man.” *takes a hit*

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8 Responses to Re: AI

  1. knowledgeablegoyim says:

    The phenomenal binding problem means digital sentience is impossible. Mindless AI superintelligence without consciousness won’t take over jack shit, any more than a single mega corporation is able to take over the world. Competition from others means there are constant checks every step of the way. People worried about AI are retards, in other words.

  2. ShadoHand says:

    `I actually did break over break, we did to figure out a way to transfer money anonymously.`

    Is this true, or are you trying to trick me? And if it is true, why didn’t you tell me?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      It’s not a trick. I just hadn’t gotten around to looking up what your e-mail is, it’s been on my list.

      • ShadoHand says:


        How could this happen. I beat a virgin. Wtf man. Maybe you should stop blogging.

        • perceville says:

          seems he’s been beatin’ himself heyo

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          > How could this happen.

          Important question, here’s my post-mortem:

          I got pretty out of shape during March and April, due to the ridiculousness of that one class. It was still fine as long as the pressure was on because I knew I needed the extra energy and had the structure to channel it properly. I didn’t break exactly when the pressure came off, it was after a week of working out a couple times a day when my fitness level started to recover and my sex drive started rising. My brain was very much “on break” at that point for lack of routine and structure, and there was nowhere to channel the extra energy other than the exercise, which I was already doing. So one morning I woke up with a certain line of inquiry in mind, I stayed on it when I shouldn’t have, and the rest is history.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          To summarize:

          – I got out of shape
          – I was mentally tired
          – I was mentally disordered (not as in “disorder” but as in “disorganized/impulsive”)
          – I was physically tired (from heavy exercise)
          – I wasn’t used to the additional sex drive from getting back into shape
          – I didn’t have my best argument to hand, which is that I needed the extra creative energy for a very difficult class and couldn’t afford to jerk off

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