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Russia, Belarus sign document on tactical nuclear weapon deployment in Belarus

The fun thing about “tactical” nukes is the idea that you can call them that and somehow get away with the optics of using them. It’s a strange meme that way and I don’t think people really buy it.

Here’s another editorial that explains what I’ve been explaining so you don’t have to take my word for it:

What US Jews should know about presidential candidate Ron DeSantis

…when it comes to their respective records on issues of interest to Jewish voters, Trump and DeSantis are less distinct.

Each has sought to cultivate Jewish support by focusing on Israel and erasing church-state separations that, Orthodox Jewish leaders argue, inhibit religious freedoms. And both have attracted white nationalist supporters while leaning into the culture wars.

IOW “these guys are with Likud.”

Germany enters recession after economy contracts slightly in first quarter

Keep up the fight, patriots!

Mounting tensions between Israel, Iran herald possible military showdown

Just to explain quick, the “tension” is when the US falls apart Israel will be much weaker than Iran and effectively at their mercy. So the Israeli strategists are probably saying “We need to do this ASAP.”

China tells EU to look at ‘root cause’ of Ukraine conflict

Jews are going to read that as a direct threat.

Serbia president puts military on combat alert, orders army to move closer to Kosovo border

All these little tensions breaking out into hotspots.

Russia summons US diplomats to protest ‘unacceptable’ comments about strikes on its territory

This will be fun. Presumably the US requires several reminders per day that preemptive nuclear strikes would have to be on US soil (not Ukraine). “Please remind Mr. Sullivan that number 56 here is pointed directly at his family home and such statements are not as abstract as he appears to believe.”

Russia’s Medvedev says pre-emptive strike needed if Ukraine receives nuclear weapons

The important thing is we all think about this with our chimpanzee brains where this is just a status competition.

Ukraine strikes southern Russia with rocket and drone, officials and media say

“Ukraine receives long-range missiles ‘great for striking civilian targets‘, immediately strikes civilian targets.”

Chinese ships ignore Vietnam demand to leave area close to Russian-run gas fields

I wonder if this was a backdoor agreement to spread Russia’s military less thin.

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