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A superior treestump (normie supremacy redux)

I crossed an entire category of goals off my list this weekend because, you see, we live in a society. A friend of mine lives with his family deep, deep in the Bible belt of the Midwest in a place … Continue reading

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Normie supremacy as neanderthal supremacy

There is an argument within the most autistic subculture on the internet, neanderthal identitarians, about whether neanderthal altruism is good, bad, or merely inappropriate for the modern day. I represent the minority faction, which claims that the unrequited altruism of … Continue reading

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Has Your Life Been Affected By Someone Else’s Virtue Signalling? Normie-Anon is for young people whose lives have been affected by someone else’s basic bitch social media politics. Sometimes the dopamine spiral has stopped, or the normie may not interact … Continue reading

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Owl’s analysis of Hellsing Ultimate re: what it means to be human

The whole idea of Hellsing Ultimate is that the essence of man lies in his capacity to choose, and the highest form of man is that which chooses to pursue a higher goal for the sake of something beyond himselfInitially, … Continue reading

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