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Cool dream I had

Normally I’d just try to pull the useful elements out of this, but it’s a pretty cool little story by itself. I blame recent Koaniterica for the weirdness :-). Usually there isn’t much talking in my dreams (as in my … Continue reading

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Magic refers to the power of perception

(Edit: It occurs to me that this is pretty obvious stuff. But maybe some of my tangents will be interesting.) Inspired more or less by this Skype conversation with Podrag. Here is the scene in question: [18:05:31] Aeoli Pera: ‘Whether … Continue reading

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On European Jews (part 1)

Prepare to be disappointed edgelords, my opinion on Ashkenazim (hereafter simply “Jews”) is not far removed from your grandmother’s. The spirit of this post is not at all scientific, but rather a collection of personal and common observations which are … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: spent

I’ve figured out why I recently went from sixty to zero so quickly, and I think explaining this will serve to illustrate some relevant aspects of Aeolitalk. I recently started working nights. It’s physical work, but only part-time all in … Continue reading

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How long before this is used for student loans?

There’s no way this country is just going to let a $1.2 trillion debt disappear just because this generation of graduates can’t pay it off. Imagine what that would do to all those balance sheets leveraged twenty-to-one. (NB: some deleveraging … Continue reading

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Francis Galton and wine snobs

So I had this unsubstantiated thought, right? Back in the day, Sir Francis Galton had a conjecture that general intelligence had something to do with increased sensory sensitivity. The basic idea kind of makes sense, actually, because more input means … Continue reading

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Estimated Elo rating

1150. Apparently, that’s negligibly better than a random number generator. Yay me! I tried one of the online calculators, but I’m extremely skeptical of the estimates produced. I scored a 1380 when I put in my moves, but putting in … Continue reading

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"Idiocracy" may have happened already

Quick disclaimer: I haven’t seen the movie, so I’m only referring to the underlying philosophy. I’ve been told I would like it, which I doubt. I consider stupidity a sin that we’re all doomed to experience, and I no longer … Continue reading

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Generalizing societal pressures

Schneier (lots of love for him today and yesterday) explained the term in a synopsis of his book: My central metaphor is the Prisoner’s Dilemma, which nicely exposes the tension between group interest and self-interest. And the dilemma even gives … Continue reading

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Probability is a matter of perspective

One of my favorite hobbies is predicting outcomes, and my dirty little secret is that I like to be as ignorant as possible when I’m doing it (assuming it’s not influencing an important decision). When I rely more on deduction … Continue reading

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