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How long before this is used for student loans?

There’s no way this country is just going to let a $1.2 trillion debt disappear just because this generation of graduates can’t pay it off. Imagine what that would do to all those balance sheets leveraged twenty-to-one. (NB: some deleveraging … Continue reading

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When to white knight

It’s a confusing day and age to be a young man. You can’t even say anymore, categorically, that you never hit a woman under any circumstance. PA makes the social contract explicit in the case of white knighting, which is … Continue reading

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The most feral generation of black youths ever conceived is waiting out the cold, and you can bet this summer will be ten times worse. Go ahead and bet everything you own, you’re doing it anyway whether you like it … Continue reading

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Disney layoffs explained

Turns out to be even simpler than the usual story with the usual suspects, i.e. people up top sacrificing the company’s future for short-term profits and a golden parachute. That’s how it looks at first, but I’ve got another piece … Continue reading

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Pulling an all-nighter for gun control

Have you noticed that TPTB always seem to be cramming stuff in to meet some illusory deadline? It’s like they all woke up in the middle of the night and were like “Oh shit, I forgot that gun control project … Continue reading

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