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Wisdom is a system of *correct* mental models regarding the most important things in life

Wisdom is to intuition as knowledge is to learning, and as crystallized intelligence is to fluid intelligence. A mental model has three parts: 1) an object in 2) a situation, and 3) the object’s expected behaviors in that situation. I … Continue reading

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Abstract intuition requires synesthesia

The difference between concrete intuition (or complex instincts) and abstract intuition is something I’ve alluded to in the past. What I have, personally, is an unusual level of concrete intuition. For example, I was walking home last night and, without … Continue reading

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My working definition of genius

I believe the psychological phenomenon of genius is a neurochemical addiction to creativity. (More humorously, it can be described as a mental illness that gets a lot of good press because it happens to be useful.) Recent science reveals that … Continue reading

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Three levels of mathematical reasoning

Well, I said I was going to take a one-week break from the internet, but I’m drinking now and that implies blogging, which is a contradiction. QED There are three levels of mathematical reasoning. The first is purely concerned with … Continue reading

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