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Should have thought of that

Retread, A better English prefix for the internet We need one because the existing prefixes are stupid: e-, i-, cyber-, info-, techno- and net-. The prefix has to be short and inoffensive to the ears, while forming words that aren’t … Continue reading

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Definition of the "hard" sciences

First, I’ll define Objective and Subjective questions. If you ask a group of people a question and receive only one answer from all of them, that is an Objective question. For instance, people tend to agree that 2 + 2 … Continue reading

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Proper adjectives, verbs, etc.

Named according to the spirit of proper nouns. Syntax matters a lot, because introverted intuitives (especially INTJs and INFJs) are highly over-represented on the internet. This table from isn’t a rigorous sampling, but it works as a starting point. … Continue reading

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Political revolution through language

Here’s a weird thought: it is logistically impossible to rule over large populations without imposing a common language. Would-be world governments like the UN understand this. Every worldly empire from Assyria to the U.S. has understood this and spread its … Continue reading

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Unpronounceable combinations of letters

I’m not talking about cuss words. I mean strings of letters that literally cannot be spoken without sneaking an extra vowel in, like “t” or “wg” or “lk”. You can’t say “wg” exactly. You can approximate it with “wuhg” or … Continue reading

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