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Comedy is the key to aspie social success

There are a number of reasons for this, but what it boils down to is strengths and weaknesses. Aspies are by nature very poor at the basic skills required for socializing (false emoting, complex emotions, quickly processing multi-layered communication, and … Continue reading

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Wisdom is a system of *correct* mental models regarding the most important things in life

Wisdom is to intuition as knowledge is to learning, and as crystallized intelligence is to fluid intelligence. A mental model has three parts: 1) an object in 2) a situation, and 3) the object’s expected behaviors in that situation. I … Continue reading

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“Mindfulness” means you aren’t wasting mental energy

Think of it in terms of a ratio: mental energy being spent on the task at hand vs. total mental energy presently being spent. Mindfulness means this ratio is close to unity, lacking inefficiency and waste. Focus is mindfulness combined … Continue reading

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When to white knight

It’s a confusing day and age to be a young man. You can’t even say anymore, categorically, that you never hit a woman under any circumstance. PA makes the social contract explicit in the case of white knighting, which is … Continue reading

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The breakdown of habit chains during transition periods

Let’s review. Who you are is defined by what you do. What you do is what you do every day. What you do every day is your routine. Your routine is a loose configuration of habit chains. A habit chain … Continue reading

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Generalizing societal pressures

Schneier (lots of love for him today and yesterday) explained the term in a synopsis of his book: My central metaphor is the Prisoner’s Dilemma, which nicely exposes the tension between group interest and self-interest. And the dilemma even gives … Continue reading

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Probability is a matter of perspective

One of my favorite hobbies is predicting outcomes, and my dirty little secret is that I like to be as ignorant as possible when I’m doing it (assuming it’s not influencing an important decision). When I rely more on deduction … Continue reading

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Repost: The spousing bubble

ThePrivateMan linked to an illustrative post by the University of Man, but one of the comments outshone even that excellent post: If your vagina has consumed more aggregate feet of cock than you are tall, you are a slut. No … Continue reading

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Good question

Isn’t this what happens in the early stages of a relationship? A smart man will display his character flaws in small doses so as not to scare a girl off. As the investment of both parties increases, those little surprises … Continue reading

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Clothing is group identification

Aside from keeping warm, the function of clothing is to identify the cliques to which a person belongs. First, an analogy. Another proud, marginalized subset of society is metalheads. They wear the same clothes so often that a black T-shirt … Continue reading

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