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Wisdom is a system of *correct* mental models regarding the most important things in life

Wisdom is to intuition as knowledge is to learning, and as crystallized intelligence is to fluid intelligence. A mental model has three parts: 1) an object in 2) a situation, and 3) the object’s expected behaviors in that situation. I … Continue reading

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Statements on my “attitude” of rationalism

Edenist Whackjob responds to ESR’s post killing the Buddha. ‚ÄúSanity is measured by the ability to recognize evidence that your beliefs are wrong, and to detach yourself from them in order to form improved beliefs that conform to reality and … Continue reading

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Three levels of mathematical reasoning

Well, I said I was going to take a one-week break from the internet, but I’m drinking now and that implies blogging, which is a contradiction. QED There are three levels of mathematical reasoning. The first is purely concerned with … Continue reading

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Three abstract ideas

Show off your genius! Usually, creative genius consists of combining two abstract ideas into something new. For example, combining the idea of selling books with the idea of internet shopping (Amazon). It’s not all that difficult, after a couple of … Continue reading

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Definition of the "hard" sciences

First, I’ll define Objective and Subjective questions. If you ask a group of people a question and receive only one answer from all of them, that is an Objective question. For instance, people tend to agree that 2 + 2 … Continue reading

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Armed and Dangerous is doing spontaneous Q&A on practical anarchism in the comments of his open-source warfare post. He’s dismantled my argument against anarchy, and many more beside. Very interesting, and worth a gander. It’s always nice to see people … Continue reading

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Like herding sheep (no prisca sapientia)

Here’s the answer to the question I posed: Would a purple saguaro be ALPHA? There’s a lesson here, if you’re willing to look for it. Aeoli Of course it’s not! It’s a sex toy, not a person! It never ceases … Continue reading

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