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Economics dogma: socialist vs. corporate

Socialists believe, deep down, that if you take care of humans, the business element will take care of itself. Corporatists believe that if you take care of business, the human element will take care of itself. (I believe human behavior … Continue reading

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How long before this is used for student loans?

There’s no way this country is just going to let a $1.2 trillion debt disappear just because this generation of graduates can’t pay it off. Imagine what that would do to all those balance sheets leveraged twenty-to-one. (NB: some deleveraging … Continue reading

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Emotional response unter alles

This is one of those things I figured out years ago, and afterward thought it went without saying because solipsism. I’m more and more starting to think that the limbic system mode we’re running on – whether we’re male/female, intro/extro, … Continue reading

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Video summary of HBD

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Extra Creditz talks politics

A video that ought to be embedded, but isn’t because shut up, that’s why. They are entirely more optimistic than I—a cynical bastard—believe is wise, but I’ll be damned if they don’t present a compelling case for their optimism. They … Continue reading

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Attack of the psychic transdimensional octopus!

Spoiler alert. Bonus points if you know what I’m spoiling. Anyway, it’s no secret that a common enemy can bring people together. In fact, that’s the plot of The Avengers (which you should watch if you haven’t already). But can … Continue reading

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Consider the implications

I just tried accessing Athol Kay’s blog in a chain-brand coffee shop, and I got this message: Dear {user}, This is a message from the IT Department. The web site you are trying to access: {url}is listed as a site … Continue reading

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