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Two questions

Several weeks ago, Vox Day wrote, Both Plato and Cicero are fundamentally skeptical about democracy, as Plato sees as the second-worst form of government leading eventually to demagogic tyranny as liberty devolves into license, whereas Cicero instead observes it as … Continue reading

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Give me liberty or give me death

Or, contrapositively, Death would be unfortunate, but slavery would be unacceptable. H/T Patrick Henry

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Well well…(bomb threats)

I think it’s time to start outsourcing our intelligence agencies (a misnomer if I ever saw one). Remember that post about the University of Pittsburgh bomb threats? Turns out the FBI doesn’t have any techomagic with which to fight back. … Continue reading

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Political News IQ

Expanding beyond the News IQ quizzes it periodically conducts, Pew Research recently released the results of what the organization calls the Political News IQ Quiz, which you can take here. I answered them all correctly, as I suspect the majority … Continue reading

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The eventual consequence

Ron Unz, in the American Conservative: Meanwhile, the rapid concentration of American wealth continues apace: the richest 1 percent of America’s population now holds as much net wealth as the bottom 90–95 percent, and these trend may even be accelerating. … Continue reading

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Political revolution through language

Here’s a weird thought: it is logistically impossible to rule over large populations without imposing a common language. Would-be world governments like the UN understand this. Every worldly empire from Assyria to the U.S. has understood this and spread its … Continue reading

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Here’s a great video about instant feedback in creative design. The examples will seem arcane if you don’t have any familiarity with coding, but I think the message is pretty powerful. He is certainly correct that creators’ tools should give … Continue reading

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Armed and Dangerous is doing spontaneous Q&A on practical anarchism in the comments of his open-source warfare post. He’s dismantled my argument against anarchy, and many more beside. Very interesting, and worth a gander. It’s always nice to see people … Continue reading

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What if Martin had shot Zimmerman?

H/T Audacious Epigone One of the most common claims the left has made in the wake of the shooting of Trayvon Martin is that, if a black person had shot a Caucasoid, Amerindian, or other non-Black individual and claimed self … Continue reading

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Liberalism, education, wordsum, loyalty

Well, I have a couple of new abstract toys. The first is Audacious Epigone’s data comparing liberalism and conservatism to wordsum (a precise, oft-inaccurate measure of IQ): In a forthcoming post, I look separately at the influences of IQ and … Continue reading

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