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Magic refers to the power of perception

(Edit: It occurs to me that this is pretty obvious stuff. But maybe some of my tangents will be interesting.) Inspired more or less by this Skype conversation with Podrag. Here is the scene in question: [18:05:31] Aeoli Pera: ‘Whether … Continue reading

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On European Jews (part 1)

Prepare to be disappointed edgelords, my opinion on Ashkenazim (hereafter simply “Jews”) is not far removed from your grandmother’s. The spirit of this post is not at all scientific, but rather a collection of personal and common observations which are … Continue reading

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Wisdom is a system of *correct* mental models regarding the most important things in life

Wisdom is to intuition as knowledge is to learning, and as crystallized intelligence is to fluid intelligence. A mental model has three parts: 1) an object in 2) a situation, and 3) the object’s expected behaviors in that situation. I … Continue reading

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“Mindfulness” means you aren’t wasting mental energy

Think of it in terms of a ratio: mental energy being spent on the task at hand vs. total mental energy presently being spent. Mindfulness means this ratio is close to unity, lacking inefficiency and waste. Focus is mindfulness combined … Continue reading

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Three high-IQ cognitive modes

The first mode is “intuition”, or “concrete intuition” in Aeolitalk. It is a two-step process of starting from the answer, then applying counterfactual simulation to fill in the details. Counterfactual Simulation is applied imagination: consciously asking a “what if” question, … Continue reading

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Statements on my “attitude” of rationalism

Edenist Whackjob responds to ESR’s post killing the Buddha. “Sanity is measured by the ability to recognize evidence that your beliefs are wrong, and to detach yourself from them in order to form improved beliefs that conform to reality and … Continue reading

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Abstract intuition requires synesthesia

The difference between concrete intuition (or complex instincts) and abstract intuition is something I’ve alluded to in the past. What I have, personally, is an unusual level of concrete intuition. For example, I was walking home last night and, without … Continue reading

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Emotional response unter alles

This is one of those things I figured out years ago, and afterward thought it went without saying because solipsism. I’m more and more starting to think that the limbic system mode we’re running on – whether we’re male/female, intro/extro, … Continue reading

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Big problem in Aeolitalk

For a long time I’ve been absolutely convinced of the fact that the introverts have higher blood flow to the rearward parts of the brain during introspective periods. This is 180 degrees backward and incorrect– the blood flow is increased … Continue reading

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Emotional empathy = cognitive empathy * anxiety

Where “cognitive empathy” is the new term for what I’ve simply been calling empathy: theory of mind that predicts the other person’s state correctly. This seems to be primarily a function of mirror neurons. Contrast with projection: theory of mind … Continue reading

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