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My working definition of genius

I believe the psychological phenomenon of genius is a neurochemical addiction to creativity. (More humorously, it can be described as a mental illness that gets a lot of good press because it happens to be useful.) Recent science reveals that … Continue reading

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Three levels of mathematical reasoning

Well, I said I was going to take a one-week break from the internet, but I’m drinking now and that implies blogging, which is a contradiction. QED There are three levels of mathematical reasoning. The first is purely concerned with … Continue reading

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Francis Galton and wine snobs

So I had this unsubstantiated thought, right? Back in the day, Sir Francis Galton had a conjecture that general intelligence had something to do with increased sensory sensitivity. The basic idea kind of makes sense, actually, because more input means … Continue reading

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Gender analysis

Man, lotsa dust on this keyboard. Gotta start with something easy to warm up the ol’ thinker. Steve Sailer has an old, but still very interesting article tabulating the differences between gay men and lesbians. It’s very easy to draw … Continue reading

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Quick observation: left-brain manipulation

Today I had some fun with visuospatial manipulations, just to try them out. Nothing formal or esoteric, just imagining that I could move, bend, and stretch objects around me, and testing the limits of the complexity my brain can handle. … Continue reading

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Three abstract ideas

Show off your genius! Usually, creative genius consists of combining two abstract ideas into something new. For example, combining the idea of selling books with the idea of internet shopping (Amazon). It’s not all that difficult, after a couple of … Continue reading

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Prospect theory (and nerds)

Another great bit from Schneier: People tend to be risk-averse when it comes to gains, and risk-seeking when it comes to losses. If you give people a choice between a $500 sure gain and a coin-flip chance of a $1,000 … Continue reading

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Fantastic video

H/T Bruce Schneier

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The trouble with oral fixations

I don’t think Freud gets enough credit for the stuff he was right about. It certainly seems to me that oral-fixated girls have more desirable traits, according to Heartiste’s compendium. But there’s definitely a risk. The sisters Wilson (Ann and … Continue reading

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Liberalism, education, wordsum, loyalty

Well, I have a couple of new abstract toys. The first is Audacious Epigone’s data comparing liberalism and conservatism to wordsum (a precise, oft-inaccurate measure of IQ): In a forthcoming post, I look separately at the influences of IQ and … Continue reading

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