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Summary of Learned Optimism by Martin Seligman

I would recommend autistic-leaning people first read What You Can Change And What You Can’t. However, if you only want to read one of the two, read this one. Both are very informative but this one is also useful. Summary … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Now, part 2 of 3

Part 1. The American characters of Apocalypse Now are Captain Willard’s subpersonalities as he reacts to the psychotic experience of Vietnam. The most interesting of these, barring Colonel Kurtz himself, is Colonel Kilgore. Kilgore is a monster (even moreso than … Continue reading

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Compulsive explaining as self-soothing

Recently someone I know made a sizable donation to Nick Fuentes. That person was then castigated by his social group as “wasting money” even though these people are red-pilled, Alt-Right, etc. They would have praised him for spending that same … Continue reading

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Books for fathers indoctrinating their children in morals and virtues

Disclaimer: While I think the following advice is sensible, it’s written in the absence of parenting experience. A dad’s responsibilities to his children, in order of importance, are: 1. Prevent catastrophic outcomes of all sorts, ranked by severity and probability … Continue reading

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Charisma is inductive mindfulness

Thought for today: charisma is induced meditation. I.e. Causing the audience to enter a more meaningful state of mind by focusing their attention in ways that they could do for themselves through meditation, but without requiring that expenditure of willpower. … Continue reading

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Comparison of Asperger’s to adult children of alcoholics

Snippets & Ruminations In The New Anthropology #2 How I got Lost In Space At The Age of Four Years Old […] From the first time I saw [Lost in Space] as a toddler, it exerted an eerie grip on … Continue reading

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Definition of Boomerism

Boomerism: “A conceited refusal to accommodate one’s worldview to new information.” (“Accommodate” is used in the Piagetian sense here.) E.g. A Boomer’s worldview is stuck in 1969. Vox’s worldview and writing have not changed since January 2017. A person without … Continue reading

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