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Detaching from normies vs. defooing them

Prereqs: This is bad advice: Defooing is bad, mkay? Hating normies is the same thing as hating women. It gives them too much credit. They are literally addicts. SJWs are just hyper-normies. As Jordan … Continue reading

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A more tasteful and situationally appropriate white nationalist manifesto

Rhetorical version: Dialectical version: tl;dr- Guerilla wars are 100% a function of optics. Never react. Make friends with normies, beat the Jews at memes, and let the normies decide when the time is right to violently defend their loved … Continue reading

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A superior treestump (normie supremacy redux)

I crossed an entire category of goals off my list this weekend because, you see, we live in a society. A friend of mine lives with his family deep, deep in the Bible belt of the Midwest in a place … Continue reading

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Prepare your jimmies for some ice cold takes

Maybe you can run a train into them. Also, for contrast: In case you still thought Vox Day has had a shred of interest in the truth in years.

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Reflection on getting older

I’ve become an extremist practitioner of moderation–not for any good reason, but because my treasonous body enforces heinous punishments in response to any breach. Once an energetic and trusted servant, my stomach has usurped my mind as sovereign and become … Continue reading

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Of swords and Shadows

Here’s a reliable mythical cipher for the Hero’s Journey and similar: Magic = Accommodation (as in Piaget) Sword = Assimilation Monsters = Problems Recurring nightmare castle = The Jungian Shadow of society’s collective unconscious, representing the ever-present danger of low-trust … Continue reading

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This was actually Nottuh’s OC, I’m just writing it down. As far as I can tell, the only way societies can solve buy-in problems is through talented social influencers who are 1) extremely stubborn about the way they see things, … Continue reading

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