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Kaiju battles as fatalism

We know that dragons emerging from water symbolize inconceivable chaotic forces: The motif of Chaoskampf (German for “struggle against chaos”) is ubiquitous in myth and legend, depicting a battle of a culture hero deity with a chaos monster, often in … Continue reading

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Intro to dark GUToW

A joke by MM that turned into a rant that turned into an interesting project idea. I propose the DARK GUTOW   hey, thats actually a pretty entertaining idea… Some basic bitch DARK GUTOW lessons Avoid as much skin in … Continue reading

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Parasitic deconstruction

There is probably a name for this already. If you know what it is, please let me know. This is when you want A, which is caused by B (or both A and B have a common cause C), but … Continue reading

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A theory for how religion produces societal trust: Group morality as infinite iterated prisoner’s dilemma

Dutton and Woodley praise this book often: I haven’t read it yet, but it sounds interesting. Here’s an excellent review from H Mccartor explaining why: This is an exciting book because of the explanatory power of the ideas expressed. Group … Continue reading

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Re: iSteve on California gas prices, output quotas, and cartel pricing controls

Steve Sailer is a great blogger. But he tends to be very circumspect, so sometimes you need an interpreter. Here he’s responding to some poor liberal trying to make sense of a world where people sometimes say things they don’t … Continue reading

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The struggle is real

Guest rant by Boneflour. Hey look, it’s mouse utopia. Then again…on the other side of the happiness video… The average lawn is a warzone of hungry motherfuckers crawling over each other to survive. Everything from the weeds to the worms … Continue reading

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The 3 BIG Things That Hold People Back

Originally posted on FIGHT FAILURE:
? 1. You Don’t Know What You Want Many people go with the flow. They go to college and accrue massive student loan debt just because their parents told them to. They change their values…

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