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Tidbits from a different normiechat (the 40-hour workweek)

Approximately true, with some caveats. The 40-hour workweek was Henry Ford’s invention. After studying the productivity of his workers he learned it went down when they worked more than 40 hours. He was also famous for paying his workers enough … Continue reading

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A sex difference that requires either greater fame or greater scrutiny

Under stress women become more extraverted and empathetic, whereas men become more introverted and even less competent at cognitive empathy tasks. Women will immerse themselves in social activities and men will retreat to solitude. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I … Continue reading

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Social intelligence stratification as a potential factor in the autism epidemic

High intelligence means you go to college, then the IQ shredder cities, and then don’t have any children. But there’s a nuance in this process I haven’t seen discussed elsewhere: social intelligence is vastly favored. For example, the whole brain … Continue reading

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The psychology behind fans ruining the things they like

There’s a rant I do fairly often in person that hasn’t made it to the blog yet about how fans of fantasy tend not to understand what it is they like about fantasy. Take Star Wars for example, which is … Continue reading

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Interpreting AI national villain stereotypes

AI interpretations of supervillains according to nationality.You could probably have fun with this given your TV Tropes knowledgeInteresting that the Scot has the fencing sabre and not a big fuck off William Wallace swordClearly the whole thing is loaded with … Continue reading

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Owl convo (loosely) re: Elon Musk shenanigans

might as well touch on the musk stuffsince it’s pulp drama for the masses and it part of the back and forth of letting the different tribes in america feel like they’re getting a win every once in a while … Continue reading

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2023 Goals

1. Graduate in December. Bonus: 1a. Graduate summa cum laude. (Just means no big screwups) 1b. Raise GPA to 4.15. (Hard) Subgoals: 1c. Finish operating systems HW before class begins. 1d. Finish networking HW before class begins. 2. Get a … Continue reading

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Re: The Glory of Christmas (musical show)

There’s a megachurch in the metro Detroit area that puts on a big show every year called The Glory of Christmas. It’s a big production. We’re talking pyrotechnics, live orchestra, and curtain dancers. They bill it as evangelism, and the … Continue reading

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Feeling “motivated” is fundamentally ideological (to the idealistic AKA k-selected personality)

This truth has been the big impression on me of the last couple of years. As I alluded in the inattention post, I was expecting prolonged effort on something I don’t want to do (college) to wear me down. A … Continue reading

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Slightly more detailed 2023-2024 predictions discussion

Any luck thinking of your thing yet? it’s gone to the windsif it ever comes back i’ll write it downit breaks the pattern of long walks to write down ideas when you have them but perhaps i should bite the … Continue reading

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