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Introduction to Edenism

You may have heard that a bunch of weirdos on the internet think they’re neanderthals. This is partially true and partially false. Consider this photo. Is this baby Caucasian or black? Clearly it is an edge case that requires a … Continue reading

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Oh, the humanity

As support for one of my odder psychological theories, that increasing globalism is the expression of mass narcissism, I appeal to the authority of Fyodor Dostoevsky: “It’s just the same story as a doctor once told me,” observed the elder. … Continue reading

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Regarding purged comment trees

I’ve just deleted about 450 comments by swog, at his request. Swog, if you’re reading this please note that I’ve probably missed a bunch because your initials are useless for running a search (searching for them just returns almost all … Continue reading

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Compiled tech career advice from comments

Roughly in order. All content plagiarized with no apologies, because that’s how we do it on the streetz. Generally drawn from these comments though: Query The Manichean dialectic First, begin to absorb the general ethos of these fellas (watch a … Continue reading

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Two pathological aspie cognitive biases

Aspies enjoy abstract conceptual frameworks immoderately. Most of the time this is okay, if off-putting to neurotypicals (“why do you have to constantly analyze everything?”), and sometimes it’s quite productive (e.g. engineering, programming). But this emotionality lends us to a … Continue reading

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Vampire Hunter D: All Melonboons Go Back (to the heavens)

This movie falls into the 5th percenter category of awesome, but not sublime. Like Cowboy Bebop, I’d recommend it to normies without qualification. There are a couple of excellent edenic archetypes that deserve mentioning without overmuch elaboration. The protagonist, a … Continue reading

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Pathological identity signalling

Edited: Previous label was gayer than Milo, fixed broken link, added awesome Entwaifu pun. Pathological identity signalling is defined as “virtue signalling within a new moral framework which spirals into pathological inaction, because defining yourself as one of the special … Continue reading

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