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This is the second time in only six months. I’m taken aback, quite frankly.

Today was my last day at the pizza place where I’ve been working since August or so. I’ve been working since I was twelve, spanning about twenty different workplaces, and this is the first time I’ve ever been legitimately sad to leave a job. Keep in mind, before this I’ve watched friends go off to college, had friends simply stop picking their phones up, grown apart from people, been laid off, been fired, etc. I’ve left jobs congenially (with broken promises to keep up on Facebook), left clubs suddenly and gradually, given a month’s notice out of utter exhaustion, and even walked out of one job with no warning at all (the strip club) when I realized—suddenly and apropos of nothing—I was shit out of patience. So I know what loss feels like.

This is different. The pizza place was the only time in my life where I’ve ever felt like I was breaking up with my whole tribe all at once. There are a bunch of people there I don’t know, some I barely know, some who barely knew how to say “hi” in English…but there were also several I connected with in ways I didn’t know it was possible for such cynical old people to still attain. But it’s more than that. More than anything, I had a place there where I belonged. I could show up every day and know I was scheduled to work the slap station because for some reason my autism gives me a preternatural talent for kneading pizza dough. So I’d slap for ten hours straight sometimes, tired but happily occupied, alternately shouting awful jokes back and forth with the old timers and daydreaming. Sometimes a new kid would ask “why is that guy always writing on receipt paper?” and they’d say “That’s just Aeoli, he’s writing notes for his crazy blog. He’s some kind of genius or something but he’s okay.”

I know this is a bit self-indulgent so I won’t go on much longer, but the point is that I finally understand the feeling in those high school movies where the gang breaks up at the end. It’s a mix of nostalgia and deja vu for something that hasn’t even happened yet, where you’re looking around and thinking you’ll never see these people all together in this place again, and you already miss it so bad that it hurts in parts of your brain you thought had rotted away when your balls dropped. In a sane world I’d stay here and live happily ever after, making pizzas until it went out of style. But that would be disrespectful to my longsuffering parents, and with 60k in student loans squatting on my back it’s not even an option. Thus, our hero returns to Michigan, the land of his birth, to fight the rampaging dragons and seek his fortune.

So, my gut still says “Fuck this gay earth and you can all burn in Hell”, but there are times I guess it’s okay. I’ll really miss you guys down in Godforsaken Indiana :-).

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On guilds

A guild is an institution that crystallizes tribal knowledge into institutional knowledge. Guilds are the coalescence of atomized technocrats into a political class, and may be compared to industry standards organizations today, e.g. ISO, OSHA, the American Petroleum Institute, and so on. They are distinct from unions and other associations of craftsmen because they are political actors (rather than merely economic) and have selective memberships with very high average competence.

If you’ve ever worked a day in your life, you know that most people operate on a combination of head knowledge (memorized solutions to common problems) and tribal knowledge (the total head knowledge available in the people they can ask for help). Institutional knowledge can be thought of as centralized repositories of “best practices” discovered by craftsmen through trial and error and written down by the more intelligent, conscientious practitioners. Looking up a written solution, understanding it, and applying it correctly are beyond the abilities of most people. However, everyone in a significantly large organization knows there’s a “smart kid” in the engineering department who can translate institutional knowledge into head knowledge, and then communicate it as tribal knowledge.

Monasteries were the first guilds in modern (post-Roman) Western Civilization. (This obviously doesn’t include Byzantium.) The production and retention of institutional knowledge relies on the technology used to record it, the cultural capital to be spent maintaining cloisters of prolific writers and archivists, and the moral capacity of a society to think ahead. Black societies cannot produce technocrats at present because their tribal knowledge doesn’t include the idea of a “guild”. They only understand the neurotic and demagogue archetypes.

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The root of all Feminism is BDSM


You will never find a feminist who isn’t into BDSM. There are no outliers from this rule who disapprove of it, just neurotic liars hiding their power levels. The entire edifice of feminist theory is a projection of degenerate sexual fantasies by sluts.

Feminism is what happens when women are so amygdala-deadened that they can’t get off on regular sex anymore, and have to invent fantasy worlds where women are sex slaves to billionaire vampire rapists. You will never find a victim of the patriarchy who doesn’t have a sex tape of them being dominated, or a false rape victim who isn’t into rape.

Well, before turning herself into a public whipping bag, Sulkowicz – remember, this is a feminist icon – actually released a sex tape on a website titled, in French, “This Is Not A Rape.”

“Trigger Warning,” the site’s landing page reads. “The following text contains allusions to rape. Everything that takes place in the following video is consensual but may resemble rape. It is not a reenactment but may seem like one. If at any point you are triggered or upset, please proceed with caution and/or exit this website. However, I do not mean to be prescriptive, for many people find pleasure in feeling upset.”

Milo Yiannopoulos

Now, normally I’d just chalk this up to a combination of female solipsism and magical thinking, but that doesn’t cover some of the data. I’ve talked to outrageously slutty women who discuss their sexual exploits at length but immediately clam up and become self-righteous prudes when you ask whether they’ve done BDSM. It reminds me of how male leftists will strongly emphasize that they aren’t gay, themselves, when they are busily advocating for gay rights (despite that this would probably make them more attractive to leftist women). So it appears that BDSM:Women::Homosexuality:Men, i.e. a bridge too far. And you can scratch any male feminist and find…a “master” BDSM dating profile, and probably an amateur Xtube video of the male feminist “empowering” some fat mulatto’s sexuality with a ballgag and a whip and shouting “white power!”



So what I think we have here is an example of virtue signalling-as-slut shield, which is to say levels of leftist hypocrisy that shouldn’t even be possible. The point is, she’s a helpless, sexy rapee and it’s definitely not her fault, she’s just a victim in all this.

If you want to save the West from the washed up whores who are willing to destroy entire nations just to keep their abuse boners up and the dopamine flowing, then the only viable solution is to make BDSM illegal and punishable by death. The Puritans and Catholics were right about this one, stick to virgins, procreation, and missionary position. In the meantime, the way to push the Overton window in that direction is to spread visual memes that make this connection explicit. Victory through volume: we know it works.


Next time a feminist screeches at you on Twitter, shop her face onto a BDSM picture and send it to her, then sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

(Edit: 6-10-17, updated images.)

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On politicians

Edit: I’m not really happy with how this one turned out. May be pending a rewrite.

Politicians are the fourth rank up in the Overwatch hierarchy.

Outputs: Behavior-shaping policies, to be enforced on demagogues by technocrats.

Inputs: Ideology and funding from an alchemist handler, where ideology is understood as a system memes for value-shaping through behaviorism.

Society-enabling function: To meme corporation-scale group cooperation by exploiting others’ prestige-seeking behaviors and projecting the appearance of indomitable group strength.

Motivation: A politician exists to use their funding sources to seek out and secure more funding. They do this by sensing, navigating, and appealing to other people’s value systems, while having no fixed morals of their own.

Most politicians are snake melons, and it seems likely that this phenotype devolved from arch melons in order to fill this ecological niche. Their immorality is what precludes them from ascending to the rank of alchemist or higher, because they can’t be trusted with money in any capacity other than to spend it on self-advancement.

I’m going to try something new and organize this description according to the typical politician’s OODA loop.

Perception (Orient)

Politicians are first and foremost extraverted sensualists.

They are masters of all things obvious and unspoken. A sensualist will be happy if you give him the accoutrements of success. Successful rappers (the low end of politics) don’t have existential crises when they achieve ennui; congressmen may have higher IQs but they have the same pituitary glands as their hip hop forebears.

Superego, worldview (Observe)

Politicians are adept at interpreting esotericism but surprisingly tasteless in producing it. Because they tilt extremely verbal, they will tend to wear highly symbolic clothing (often a polo shirt sporting the insignia of their prestigious alma mater) that is nonetheless ill-fitting, gaudy, and often downright ugly. If this is a form of peacocking, it appears to be mostly accidental.

The complexity of a politician’s worldview is determined by their IQ. To understand this, consider the IQ levels of political attainment: < 100 rapper
< 110 self-help guru, cult leader, pastor < 120 CEOs, public office < 130 charity and hospital fundraisers, NGOs, university endowments managers, etc < 140 finance.

Every perception is processed according to a pseudo-utilitarian ideology of maximizing parasitic behavior. Politicians have anti-morality: they actively resist holding any values or consistent patterns of thought that could be used to manipulate them.

Ego (Decide)

Where is the wealth?
What do those people value?
How can I appeal to those values to convince them to pool their money?
How can I appeal to those values to be put in charge of that money pool?
How can I spend that money on myself in a plausibly deniable way?
How do I divide and ostracize people who catch on?

A politician’s success is determined by Dunbar number of their memes, or how many steps removed they are from the money they’re siphoning.

Rational action (Act)

The only things politicians actually do are Frame, Powertalk, and schmooze. (They aren’t really big on work.)

Eventually politicians manage to insulate themselves from the pain they cause and become blissfully delusional, forming a leisure class unto themselves (per Fussell). Unless their alchemist handlers can control them properly, this insularity destroys the societies they feed on. Their weakness is in abstraction: they believe their instinctive cunning will save them from the accumulated incompetence of their submissive lackeys.

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The cosmopolitan’s curse

People really, really have trouble understanding what altruism is, and how it works (kind of like trust, now’s I think about it). Even Heartiste, who is (IMHO) the most important writer of the century thus far, posted this meme under the heading “Pathologically Altruist Wolf”:

Is very funny. Now I must be autistic and explain the joke. Domestication is used here as an allegory for miscegenation. The cosmopolitan wolf is seduced and backbreeds into another tribe, becoming an unrecognizable epiphenomenon of the other tribe’s genepool. Here’s a more explicit comic on the same subject with the same joke form:

The principle here is not obvious, so I’ll draw it out.

Cosmopolitans are cursed with high IQs and openness to experience, which means that they don’t fit in with their own people and feel an inexplicable restlessness and rootlessness. “I gotta get out of this two-bit town and see the world” said every larval cosmopolitan, ever. They end up in cities, together with other cosmopolitans from other tribes, and find that they finally fit in! Blacks, browns, whites, reds and yellows, but everybody in the city speaks flawless English and goes to Broadway plays together. It’s kind of like being a new tribe altogether!

Except…regression to the mean happens. A white man with an IQ of 135 and a black woman with an IQ of 125 may be phenotypally sympatico, but their children will not be. They will have average IQs of maybe 105, and they will not fit in with people in the city. But they can’t return to their tribes either. They are hopelessly alienated, and will tend to become Omega males and voracious sluts. Both parents would have been better off, in terms of viable genetic offspring, marrying idiots from their own tribes. But even in this genetic best-case scenario, the cosmopolitan will always feel alienated from their family and their tribe. The cosmopolitan’s curse is that they must choose between their own happiness and their children’s futures.

This pattern takes an insidious turn when we consider the crab bucket politics that result. If the neighbor tribe has invented windows and yours doesn’t have them, then some of your tribe’s women will inevitably seek a more comfortable lifestyle there and that tribe will assimilate your women’s adaptive traits and breed out the maladaptive traits. In evolutionary terms, you must act or die out. It is more energy efficient to steal or break the next tribe’s windows than to build your own. Thus, given the choice between favoring their alienated mule children and destroying their more adaptive cousins’ interests, we see that cosmopolitans routinely prefer political systems that crush the ruralite.

Alternate title for this post: Ashkenazim, explained.

My real ice age niggers out there need to remember this applies to us too. It’s a perversion of the natural order to prefer your friends over your family, even if you’re more phenotypally similar to your friends than your family.

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Two laws of corporate spending

A budget is a pooled capital resource, and is therefore subject to the problems inherent in commons dilemmas. It is meant to be used for the group’s interest, rather than the interest of the individual who is trusted with the corporate credit card. We use a variety of heuristics to preselect such people for trustworthiness and intelligence like credit scores, college degrees, and so on, but there is always an incentive for individuals to favor business decisions that will boost their own careers. Particularly, there is a very strong incentive for trustees to spend their groups’ common capital in ways that will give them access to larger budgets, resulting in a vicious cycle. Therefore, we expect that the people with the largest budgets will be the most socially intelligent and ruthlessly self-interested, via selection. That is, sociopaths. This is the first law of corporate spending.

I suspect that such commons dilemmas are precisely the ecological niche that explains the necessary function of sociopaths within the human system, whatever that function turns out to be.

The second law is that pooled spending drives out individual spending, as seen in American health insurance or business-to-business goods and services. This relies on the fact that demand is a function of both need and purchasing power.

But need is not demand. Effective economic demand requires not merely need but corresponding purchasing power. The needs of China today are incomparably greater than the needs of America. But its purchasing power, and therefore the “new business” that it can stimulate, are incomparably smaller.

Henry Hazlitt
Economics in One Lesson

For example, when people pool their money together to prepare against improbable individual catastrophes, like health insurance as a hedge against cancer, they do so because this increases the unlucky individual’s purchasing power and therefore the demand. Contra the classical model, this drives up the price because the need is still high. If you don’t believe me, look at the difference between auto insurance and health insurance prices. Most people want to buy health insurance, but most people would not buy auto insurance if they weren’t forced to. However, it is possible for customers who control large pools of money to negotiate volume-based discounts. The first thing I learned in the corporate world is that only mom and pop shops pay list price for anything. Large businesses prefer other large customers and suppliers with predictable, long-term contracts. So, the need for a particular machine may drive the list price of a machine up to 100k, but a large corporation that agrees to buy twenty machines per year for ten years will probably only pay 5k apiece. The consequence of all this is that mom and pop shops are at a severe disadvantage in acquiring capital.

The economics on that law is a little handwavy but you see this enough in real life that there’s no doubting it.

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The core of Western esotericism

The meaning of the Edenic apple is “choice”. Thus, the unspecified biblical fruit is always depicted as an apple because it resembles the human heart. Air quotes around “choice” are because the second meaning is that free will is an illusion. This is the beginning of what elites believe.

The apple stands in for the heart’s desires, which drive human action (a priori, as Mises would say). The people who follow this tradition eventually identify with the serpent, always offering humanity a “choice” between their hearts’ desire and abstention. The idea is that humans always choose the apple, because “choice” is chosen deterministically by desire.

If there is no such thing as free will, it follows that there is no such thing as sin. Sin is therefore also an illusion. There’s a slippery slope here. If sin is an illusion, then the only limits on our behavior are utilitarian. Lying, murder, rape, etc. are licit as long as we get what we want without being punished. And in much the same way that a psychopath views his marks as deserving it for being dumb enough to fall for his tricks, people who take the apple deserve the consequences of being slaves to their desires (follows by definition from materialism). Therefore the actions of those above them are justified. Those below are there because it is a reflection of their being.It’s the gnostic form of victim-blaming.

We saw this thought process play out ad nauseum in the Roffschild thread. Of course, this requires a person to hold two contradictory beliefs: 1) People are not equal. Some chosen few have will and some don’t. 2) People have equal responsibility to exercise their will, and those who don’t deserve what they get. But wait, there’s more! Aside from rationalizing shitty behavior, this belief system is the essence of the Babylonian Death Cult. The argument is that our heart’s desire is to experience less pain and anxiety. In the final analysis, this desire is Freud’s death drive. The end of utilitarianism is anti-natalism and mass extinctions.

The way this plays out for hermeticists, behaviorally, is that they are constantly offering false choices to the people they control. “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” type situations. The deceiver gets what he wants, and additionally gets the thrill of deception, and the deceived gets what they “chose”. So the Manichaean dialectic is their preferred choice of manipulation. The most timely example is the modern choice between global socialism (progressive liberalism) and national socialism (the alt-right). Satan doesn’t actually care about the difference between nationalism and globalism, so he sets up this false dichotomy. The common element, socialism, is his real aim.

This is part of the larger project of replacing the cultural concept of “charity” with secular corporate spending, i.e. socialism. Control is the means to his end, which is the inversion of all reality. It’s an impossible goal, which is why everybody always dies in the process. To reiterate that link briefly, the elites induce confusion in order to weaken us. They weaken us in order to control us. And they control us in order to pervert us. Of course, they aren’t aware of each step simultaneously. How far you go up in the hierarchy depends on how good you are at hypocrisy. Misrepresentation, deception, gaslighting, and hypocrisy are all facets of the same thing.

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