Cultural psychotherapy, mass countertransference, and Jordan Peterson

I was reflecting on possible solutions to the problem raised in the previous post and came to the conclusion that this might be a case of the solution being worse than the cure. Cultural psychotherapy, the fine-tuned use of psychotherapeutical techniques in propaganda to induce psychological transformations in practically unlimited masses of people, would be a weapon too dangerous to exist. Even planting the idea by naming it publicly might be a risk. Megalomaniacal social engineers of all sorts would be attracted to the promise of such an idea for realizing their various personal utopian visions, and no taxpayer dollar would be spared in its development.

Then I realized this already exists, and it’s been going on for years. Take Citizen Kane as an early example, followed by the finely tuned creations of Mr. Disney for an audience of young children. As Camille Paglia says, the 60s weren’t about hedonism. They were about Jung, and only devolved into hedonism as the breakout subculture assimilated the masses. The origin of hippies taking drugs, having sex, and general degeneracy was about intellectuals exploring the Shadow through its projections in altered states of consciousness, hoping to accomodate their Shadows and integrate their personalities to create a New Man. This naturalistic, materialistic, deterministic brand of Luciferianism is the mythos of Jungian paganism which I’ve railed against as the resurgence of Zodiacism from a secular ideological substrate.

This put me in mind of Jung’s psychopathic use of countertransference to make his patients fall in love with him so he could abuse them continually, like a vampire, for sexual and material gratification.

Let us now contrast Newton with Jung. Carl Jung is unusual among probable-geniuses, in that he was dishonest about his own work and its implications.

That Jung was a near-genius we think is correct; he made numerous discoveries and conceptual breakthroughs – and he is an unseen but pervasive influence behind vast areas of modern culture including psychology, psychiatry, therapy and (especially) that vast and vague phenomenon called the New Age movement (almost everything about the New Age has a Jungian lineage – even when this is not generally known or acknowledged).

But that Jung was a thoroughly-dishonest and deceptive man is something equally undeniable. Jung was never plain and honest when that was inexpedient – Jung was not driven by a pure pursuit of truth; because truth was readily and repeatedly sacrificed when the consequences were unwanted by Jung. (Eysenck regarded lying as typical of the high Psychoticism personality.)

He craved respectability as a Professor, psychiatrist, scholar, scientist – and would trim his published views to ensure this. He wanted wealth, status, admiration – and patients were charmed, seduced, strung-along and generally exploited to ensure this. Jung wanted to be regarded as an unworldly sage – but worked to create an organization dedicated to his own self-promotion. He apparently had many sexual relationships with his patients and trainees right into old age; and had a long-term live-in mistress who functioned as a second wife (while being unmentioned in his autobiography – he also used his personal magnetism to maintain a household of handmaidens to dote upon and serve him).

The point is that Jung’s many compromises, deceptions, evasions, and lies are so consistently dedicated to his own comfort, convenience and gratification that the picture is one of a highly charming and dominant; but heartless, manipulative and selfish psychopath – typical traits of high Psychoticism, but which interfere with creative achievement. Furthermore, Jung experienced a significant psychotic episode (his ‘confrontation with the unconscious, from 1913) characterized by hallucinations and probably delusions.

In sum, Jung – like Newton – exhibited some aspects of the dark side of Psychoticism.
Jung is, in several respects, the precursor of the postmodern intellectual – the ‘clever silly’ who espouses an illogical, incoherent, dogmatic, opaquely expressed, and overly complex idea. Doing this helps him to display his intelligence – because the idea is complex and hard to understand, making him seem profound to silly or emotional people – even if the idea is nonsense on closer inspection. Also, if the idea gives people hope, then he will come across as altruistic, further boosting his status.[72]

But this could be put aside as mere hypocrisy – and that is something of which we are all guilty (it would be hypocritical to pretend otherwise). But Jung’s dishonesty went even deeper than that, to invade his primary achievement. Because Jung’s work is incoherent at the very deepest level – and this incoherence has afflicted his legacy. And this incoherence was not the result of confusion, but the result of dishonesty.

An example is the idea of synchronicity; which has become an extremely influential cultural idea, as a buzz-word and a vague concept – but which was deployed by Jung in a way that makes no sense. And this incoherence is not due to misunderstanding Jung, but comes directly from Jung’s written contradictory accounts and evasions of the implications of his own insight.

” British philosopher Colin Wilson (1931-2013) exposed this in his marvellously insightful short study: Lord of the Underworld: Jung and the Twentieth Century (1984); especially the chapter “The Sage of Kusnacht”, where Wilson goes through the writings on synchronicity with a fine-toothed comb, and tries to pin down what Jung really believed, or meant – and comes up against a mass of obfuscation and self-refutation: of giving with one hand and taking back with the other.[73]
This kind of contradiction and vagueness vitiates Jung’s legacy and is a direct consequence of his mixed motivations. It demonstrates that genius depends on dedication to the work, and any failures in this regard will detract from the level of achievement.

Jung’s last recorded words from his death bed seem appropriate: ‘Let’s have a really good red wine tonight.’ The final statement of a man whose personal gifts were astonishingly great – but who consistently and successfully deployed them for his own comfort, convenience and glory.

-Bruce Charlton
The Genius Famine

If Jung was deliberately using countertransference for self-gratification this early in its conceptual development, then it stands to reason that early scientific propaganda theorists like Bernays would have been aware of it. This means that the infantilization of the West could be explained by intentional mass countertransference propaganda, where Harry Potter is merely the most obvious example, and this was likely subsidized by fiat currency to create a vicious cycle. (This would contrast with what I would consider unintentional cultural psychotherapy like The Count of Monte Cristo for Omegas, Crime and Punishment for Gammas, the hero’s journey for Deltas, or the behelit myth for Alphas.)

This brings me to Jordan Peterson, b
Being a megalomaniac, he would be drawn to the practice of cultural psychotherapy in order to gratify his unquenchable need to be loved (ref: Citizen Kane link above). He would have been trained NOT to do so in the context of psychotherapy, and I think this repression fueled his obsessions with Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and the mechanics of demagoguery. In order to rationalize its use in mass countertransference and still feel like a good person, he fixated upon

1) moral pragmatism, which gave him permission to ignore the moral injunction against using thr expedient of psychotherapeutic training for utopian political ends,

2) the Jungian imperative to accomodate his Shadow, which produced the dark endogenous personality traits which enable his intellectual performance art (and, curiously, failed to produce genius in combination with his high IQ), and

3) the prevailing epistemology of social Darwinism, which positioned him as the hyperverbal personification of male hierarchies (i.e. YouTube dad) and reified him as the avatar of, ironically, the Nietzschean ideology of sociosexual “dominance of the fittest”.

Think about the way he describes fixating on Hitler’s use of mirroring to produce countertransference in crowds and thus the monstrosities of total war. And think about his refrain to “become a little bit of a monster”. He thinks Hitler was a monster, you know. That’s right, Jordan Peterson is trying his damnedest to be, literally, Hitler. If you look outward from earth into the night sky and mistake the constellations for projections of your personality, then you have inverted heaven and earth and mistaken what is outside you for what is inside you (i.e. God is within, metaphorically). And you will find the void of space does indeed stare back. This projection is the basis of astrology and thus Zodiacism.

Every step in this process is a materialistically predetermined consequence of starting with the premise “God is within”. Luciferianism is Americanism is the health and wealth gospel is Jungianism is social Darwinism is atheism is rebellion is the default human condition, properly understood. This is why Vox’s Q-posting on the subject was so annoyingly facile (Toronto, Breendoggle, 33rd parallel…connect the dots, patriots). You don’t need to be a pedophile to become a Luciferian. Hell, you don’t even need to be an American. You just need to give your wicked heart permission to follow the logic to its lowest energy state.

This is also, incidentally, why Christianity can never serve as a civil religion. It is profoundly counterintuitive at the deepest level, and thus can’t be used to appeal to the most basic desire of the human heart to be a god unto oneself. If it’s worldly success you want, emulate the fallen angel of truth and beauty and reify the Lightbringer within, or GTFO. If you want to imitate Jesus just be aware you’re not going to be a conquering king, you’re going to get crucified.

Next time: why Amoral Egoistic Christianity is Satanism.

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On the sudden dominance of incest porn

Incest porn alone, even if everything else in the modern world were a blissful utopia, may represent an existential threat to any civilization that allows it to exist. I believe it’s being pushed primarily as a depopulation mechanism because it deconstructs the incest taboo which is necessary for erotic transference in early childhood development. Deconstructing this taboo or preventing it from forming would infantilize the population and remove their desire to reproduce, causing them to prefer a childish, dependent existence.

To make the threat more concrete for you, this is as if in the space of two years we suddenly began to see a shockingly high number of babies being born without genitals, say 30%, and this number were rising. There may or may not also be a massive demand for incest porn to match the supply, as the normal development of bonding in nuclear family breaks down entirely, because the statistics showing these phenomena suggest it is not merely propaganda pushed by evil pornographers. I believe it is clearly also propaganda pushed by depopulation advocates, and I believe this is obvious in light of the concomitant cultural push for its acceptance, but not merely propaganda. I’d compare its popularity to that of Game of Thrones—there is certainly more demand for it than we’d like, and at the same time some of the demand is marketing-driven for the purposes of social engineering.

“To say it has increased in popularity 1000% would be an understatement,” Dillon said. “Once other studios saw the demand for this type of content they started to produce the family role-playing movies to meet demand.”

And who, exactly, is driving the demand for this content? Why, millennials, of course.

Given the near-universality of viewing incestuous sexual relationships as taboo, it seems unlikely that anyone would have an inherent predilection for simulated daddy-daughter intercourse. Yet the trend is clear: Millennials are into fauxcest.

Why Do Millenials Love Faux-Incest Porn S Much?

If you want to understand erotic transference and think you have the mental caliber to make the necessary conceptual leaps for jumping to the end, watch the mirror box therapy videos in this old post. Otherwise, I’d recommend starting on this video which explains transference in general.

I suspect this trend will rise sharply with Gen Z, as it would explain a lot of their oddly reclusive sociosexual behavior that I’ve witnessed personally and read about in iGen. If a person has not developed an interest in sex with semi-unrelated strangers, or if this interest developed and then was destroyed by consumption of taboo-breaking porn from pre-pubescence onward (an unfortunate statistical reality we will have to address with public policy someday), then it stands to reason they’ll have no interest in developing careers, social lives, or just plain leaving Mom’s house. Why pursue conditional love when you only have a mental category for unconditional love?

I may harp on this topic a few times in the coming weeks to get it to stick in your head, because it’s important and there are some subjects only an autistic person is allowed to talk about. (Or rather, we’re not allowed but nobody will bother to socially punish me for it.)

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Diagnosis of the West: libido decoupling

It’s been said here and elsewhere that the question of Western survival comes down to whether it has the will to survive. So I was meditating today on the different reactions of Vox and Heartiste to the revelation that at least 60% of white women are NPCs (hint: it’s actually 99%). Vox, in keeping with the prediction of the cosmopolitan’s curse, gleefully wrote off all 100 million of them as unsalvageable (where the remainder are already married and reproducing below replacement). Heartiste, in keeping with his white nationalist cultural eugenics program, black-pilled his way back to accelerationist exto-poasting. Me, I like my women the way I like my borders: patrolled.

I also like insanely difficult counterfactuals and I’m too stupid to quit. So I followed the question a bit deeper than usual: why does the West appear to have a death wish?

The problem is that the Western life drive and death drive have been decoupled by the game theory of iterative winner-take-all democracy into the Left and Right, respectively. The mechanism by which this divide is maintained will be familiar to you: a societal move in the direction of hypotension (death drive) produces greater demand for representation by the team representing hypertension (life drive), roughly maintaining the balance overall. The game theory produces two roughly equal-sized teams where people determine their side by observing their personal phenotype’s relative position in the population distribution (on the axis from hypotension to hypertension) and advocating for the team that will bring home the gibs for that phenotypal demographic. Those in the middle of the distribution shift against movement toward the set point.

This would be sustainable in a memory-less game but two real-life mechanisms, assortative mating and cultural transmission, turn the phenotypal cycle into a dialectical breeding process. The reason white people appear divided into genetically distinct hypocritical and hypercritical populations is that we’ve actually been selectively breeding and enculturating them this way.

Hence, we see two highly developed central conceits which were balanced in opposition, at least for a while. On the Right we have people predominantly (and increasingly) motivated by the death drive whose self-image is WINNARZ but whose Shadow function guarantees they will choke and lose every battle. It’s fitting that they would be represented by psychopathic, homosexual masochists:


On the Left we have the countervailing phenomenon, except they don’t appear to understand they won’t survive without their hypercritical counterparts to call out their hypocrisy. It’s fitting that they would be represented by sexually predatory sadistic narcissists:


(Morphs by Ophiuchus.)

You could think of this as breeding aristocrats who identify as peasants and peasants who identify as aristocrats, which is exactly the dynamic we see. The natural brakes which checked the purity spiraling of each group have been externalized to the opposing body politic. The more they separate, the more each psychologically implodes into conceited cope-posting.

Curiously, the dual strategies appear to favor different types of transmission. The Left reproduces primarily through dominance of cultural transmission and the Right reproduces genetically through religiosity-fueled higher birthrates. This explains why support for abortion doesn’t breed itself out. Rather, what you get in each next generation is children with higher and higher-religiosity genetics being molested by gay clergymen at progressively higher rates. You can make sense of a lot of American political behavior through this lens.

This obviously isn’t what caused the collapse of nondemocratic empires, but in my opinion it’s the mechanism behind the fall of democratic liberalism. I’ve decided to call this libido decoupling.

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Hypothetical approach for general disorder

This is just a theory and should not be taken as serious advice.

I’ll be using a personal, Aeolitalk definition of disorder as “a vicious spiral driven by a behavioral fixation to obtain an end without the proper means”. You may find it helpful to relate it to “perversion” as used in the section below, as I often use the two words interchangeably in my head.

Satan’s goal is a perfect inversion of all heaven and earth. His preferred method is perversion. What’s the difference? A perversion is any kind of disorder, whereas inversion is an opposite ordering. Let’s look at the simplest possible example:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

These numbers are ordered in a certain way. Satan wants them to be ordered the opposite way:

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

This is inversion, which is the goal. If the numbers are properly ordered, then any perversion sorts the system closer to where Satan wants it.

2, 1, 3, 4, 5

Now that there’s entropy in the system there’s at least one switch that Satan doesn’t want to occur. He doesn’t want the 2 and the 1 to switch, because it’s further from what he wants the system to look like. So simply causing chaos in the system doesn’t work because he doesn’t want maximum entropy in the universe, that’s just a means to his end of creating a perfectly ordered system that’s exactly the opposite of the creator’s design. He’s a smart dude too, it’s really too bad that he’s evil.

Why pagans insist God is female

I have a beginning theory for how disorder in general (individual and society-wide) ought to be addressed, which I might as well share in brief.

1) Viability of treatment – If the vicious spiral has progressed such that the fixated person or society has become desensitized, then behavioral techniques are effectively useless for either severing the pathological behavioral connection or building the healthy behavioral connection.

It may be possible to reinvigorate ordinary levels of sensitivity in individuals through solitary confinement, as when drug addicts first enter the penal system. In the case of society-wide insensitivity, it may be a practical necessity to banish or exterminate individuals or the entire society because the logistical cost of constructive action may be too high.

2) Progressive exposure therapy in the proper means, to train healthy behavioral connections – E.g. Training a whipped dog out of its learned helplessness by placing treats progressively farther out of reach to encourage the re-development of motivated action.

This is a relatively easy process so long as the problem is well-defined and the conditions for success are comprehensively documented as defined in Peak as “established fields”, which may change over time (how to succeed in PUA, for example, was well-defined in 2015 but less well-defined in 2018). But it requires saint-like patience and time expenditure on the part of the charitable party because the incremental steps tend to be unbelievably small at first. One must use the rhetorical techniques of persuasion to achieve buy-in (effectively seducing them as in Robert Green’s book, to put it somewhat crudely), requesting incrementally larger steps and positively reinforcing improvements, and repeating the persuasion at intervals. The goal is to pursue hormesis in the hope that chemical epiphanies (or “breakthroughs” in therapy) will produce the healthy causal pathways in the brain.

3) Aversion training to prune the very strong, pathological behavioral connection – This is actually a very difficult thing to do correctly. For example, early sexual abuse is only very occasionally translated into eustress by exceedingly strong people, whereas it much more typically produces pathological narcissism.

The fine line between constructive negative feedback and abuse is why parents who spank their children with the best intentions have to follow so many rules to avoid poisoning the child’s mind. If the sufficient conditions for constructive negative feedback (as in training theory) and deliberate practice (as in Peak) are not met, it may undo any productive work done to strengthen the budding healthy replacement behaviors (achieving the mirror opposite effect of strengthening the pathological outlet). Any institution of aversion training must also be assiduously protected from the predatory violence of sadists who will seek to become moral (and thus behavioral) authorities in order to invent excuses for behavior-correcting violence. This creates its own vicious spiral where the treatment produces the need for more treatment, which is just fine with the sadist.

I think focusing on any one of these three points, without the others, is likely to produce failure. For example, Milo Yiannopoulos once said he likes to have sex with a woman once per year to see if this can change his preference for homosexual sex to heterosexual sex (progressive exposure therapy to the healthy behavioral connection). I would not expect this to work because he’s still engaged in the fixated, desensitizing behavior which keeps the fixated behavioral connection much stronger than the proper connection he’s hoping to form. In a more Freudian sense, he continues to reinforce the infantile self-love, which motivates his narcissistic self-degradation and instrumentalizes black male lovers as fetish objects, preventing the development of less solipsistic object-love represented by the infant’s transference of self-love to the nurturing mother.

The good news is that I expect the sorts of people who are more predisposed to fixations (like, say, the German nation) would also be better candidates for treatment. Someone like Milo, whose brain is better at forming and pruning incorrect synaptic connections should also be good at forming and pruning correct connections. An evidedential point in favor of this expectation in the extreme normalcy of extremely high IQ people as documented by Cooijmans.

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2008 financial crisis as Alchemy

The reason banks won’t underwrite Gab is because insufficiently PC banks are destroyed by the regulatory state. See the subprime lending crisis, caused by the government destroying banks insufficiently enthusiastic about lending mortgages to wetbacks.


This is a really good point. The article below gives a good description of the problem (if a rather naive proposed solution).

In fact, TARP (and its “sister act” from July 2010, “Dodd-Frank”) has made conditions particularly inhospitable for America’s better-managed, less-guilty banks. The handful of insolvent banks, which should have been left to fail, instead eagerly took TARP funds, with its attached strings, and lived to do harm for another day, thanks to political friends. America’s healthy banks didn’t need, seek, or require the public monies that were forcibly thrust upon them by Washington; they would have survived without those funds, and indeed would have been better off, by attracting funds transferred out of weak banks. When all banks were compelled to take TARP funds, all were smeared in reputation, and all were subjected to still more stringent regulations and larger subsidies (FDIC coverage was increased from $100,000 to $250,000) than they saw before 2008. In some cases, the better banks have been forced to pay huge fines without any proof of a legal tort. Even well-managed banks must now get permission from the Fed before paying executives or dividends. Not knowing all the facts, and colored by a long-term prejudice against finance and Wall Street, much of the public condones or applauds the political abuse of banks (to their own harm).

– Richard M. Salsman
To Understand The Financial Crisis – And Its Cure – You Must Read John Allison’s Book

It’s an excellent example of what I call Alchemy in Overwatch theory.

The trouble with the proposed free market solution is that it ignores the predominance of post-material ethics, which invalidate the ideal of rational economic actors. This stubborn idealism sets the stage for exactly the sort of behavior described, where any abundance of capital incentivizes its own use for social engineering.

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The Treestump Question (TQ)

Apologies to Bice for starting things off on a rhetorical foot.


I’m raising this question because a turtle ought to be able to answer it. That’s why they call it “turtling” after all.

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WTF I love the IRS now

Roosh is an absolute madman.


If you want to see him instructing autists how to patrol thots in real time, watch this Twitter thread (H/T Boneflour). Here’s the most recent archive for when it gets shoah’d. It’s too bad this is too beautiful for this world, some bureaucrats at the IRS are about to hear a Very Important Lesson in tax theory and how it’s not about the money (hint: it’s about punishing and rewarding the people and specific behaviors you want). In light of this, let’s review:

Conservative Crisis Response Flowchart


And people wonder why the best predictors of male virginity are church attendance and math. When 60% of young men are virgins it’s tough to blame it on Gammas and Omegas, but the WINNARZ are surely trying.

Can you even imagine a sociocultural incentive structure where psychothots are higher status and financially better off by having sex with Delta hubbies they met at church than by going on benefits and livestreaming their vaginas? Roosh can imagine. Return of Kings indeed.

In other winning news, most recent updates on the caravan have Mexico paying to deport the mighty fighting 500 who stormed the barricade.

This video is also full of winning:

I heard about these Alternative Hypothesis guys on TDS a while back but forgot to check them out. At first glance, it appears they’re disillusioned DC wonks who know their business.

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