Podcast 3

You may notice our voices are now echoing throughout history, so there’ll be a merch store any day now. But at least we got out of the blender barn. (It’s weird how every meme story ends up being a solid metaphor.)

Here’s the guy we were discussing in the early bit:

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Not a joke


The feminist utopia is a world where women are all naked in public but it’s illegal to look at them, where this law is enforced selectively against the men who disgust or scorn them…

The #MeToo movement, which is an escalation of divorce rape from marriage to mere dalliances, is an early warning sign of this legal system being put into place.

The feminist utopia

Just another reminder that I’m at least partially but not entirely full of shit:

Netflix film crews ‘banned from looking at each other for longer than five seconds’ in #metoo crackdown

Streaming service says it is ‘proud of the anti-harassment training we offer to our productions’

The Independent

(H/T Steve Sailer.)

WINNARZ may now resume believing all criticism is disingenuous sour grapes by losers. I can see the amygdala activity receding in my mind’s eye like in one of Bob Hare’s shock tests, as the subject cannot even conceive of being shocked a fiftieth time. Surely, the psychopath thinks, all I have done is to bring people a taste of the lighter joys in life, and my good karma will begin paying off in this next moment.

With this in mind, I want you to remember that the mouse utopia experiment does not end when the Gen Z saints come marching in to cleanse your shitting streets by sacrificing everyone weaker than average so that only the strong remain. Mouse utopia ends in a mass extinction event of 100% celibacy between tankgrrls and Omegas (which is exactly what I told you would happen in the feminist utopia, as the pool of winners shrinks to zero). In reality only extremely low parental investment phenotypes will survive, to be wiped out by Aztec barbarians with an ounce more self-respect. If our empire ends differently it will be an aberration from the historical pattern of demographic replacement, from the experimental result of mass suicide, and from the mathematical model of sexual selection. We will then stand before God as a race, with no excuse for our suicide except the lies we told ourselves to justify doing nothing.

Or, we could fight it.

Boneflour adds:

Tweet is from a lecturer at Cambridge, photo is her in a pantyhose bodysuit, with MY BODY MY CHOICE written in marker on top.

From what I can tell, her position is literally that feminism means you can walk the streets naked and no one can say anything.

I’m guessing looking at her the wrong way is sexual harassment at well.

Little bit of corroboration for ya.

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Where designated shitting streets come from

The function of a shitting street is no different from that of prostitutes. A well-led, complex civilization whose insular leaders lose their connection to the soil surround themselves with moral cowards and sycophants, which produces a culture of shamelessness. The cities become bastions of old money surrounded by shantytowns of 3rd-world peasants and slaves who cannot be trusted with public amenities (which they shamelessly abuse). A store which allows the public to use its bathroom will quickly go out of business from the added overhead of bums shooting up heroin. We might call this “the Starbucks effect” in honor of their hilarious decision to punish any employee who kicks out a loitering degenerate POS.

This is not mere speculation, but rather something I’ve observed first-hand. Gratiot Road, which I’ve mentioned before, is a snapshot in time of America past, present, and future. It follows this rule to the letter. South of 15 Mile Road you will not find a restaurant or gas station with a bathroom, but if you watch closely you’ll see plenty of over-the-road truckers going to the bathroom. As white flight intensifies, commutes lengthen, old money aggregates, rewards for shamelessness increase, and pissing behind the delivery dock of your workplace becomes normal out of pure necessity, we’re going to start seeing people who can’t hold their shit for the entirety of their 10-hour shifts. Now you have a serious social problem on your hands, but everyone is already habituated to blaming everything except the dysgenics and culture of polite lying which continues to demolish their infrastructure.

The solution, as we’ve seen, is designated dumping grounds for our accumulated shittiness as a culture. It’s a great metaphor, actually, sort of like an inversion of Hebrew sacrifices. After 2,000 years of shitty governance after kicking out the melonheads, you can see how this would become something people “just do”. The hack becomes unspoken policy, the unspoken policy becomes taboo, and the taboo becomes culture.

And now, if you think about it, you know why Antifa has a weird fixation with destroying trash cans.

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Do you prefer registration or moderation?

Bice and Boneflour have both professed a preference for a $1 paid registration for commenting, and I only instituted moderation because it was a quicker fix. I’d rather not charge but either way registration is a good way to get instant feedback instead of waiting for a round of comment approvals. On the other hand the commitment and agency requirements are a surprisingly high hurdle for broken INTPs, who are likely the silent majority.

Let me know.

On a humorous note, you might think the banned spammers would have stopped writing their longwinded comments now that no one is reading them. You’d be wrong. The sheer amount of typing time that goes straight into my trash is frankly astonishing.

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Mathematics of your polygamous dystopia, part 1 of 2

Consider this a deep dive into the sexual component of the Pyrrhic cycle, where the economic considerations are ignored.

P_1 = Population of first generation
P_2 = Population of second generation
M_i = Male population of generation i
W_i = Female population

P_1 = M_1 + W_1

You can either assume that women and men reproduce at approximately the same age, so that P_2 = M_2 + W_2, or if you’re Mycroft you may change this detail of the simulation. However, we will be assuming an ideal case where the number of male and female births is the same (empirically, we see that humanity and nature both prefer slightly more male births).

A_m = Male polygamists
B_m = Male monogamists
O_m = Male losers (slaves, incels, or people who otherwise engage with the group but fail to have sex)
D_m = Male castoffs (men who die young or are boiled off from the group, such as young soldiers who die in war or criminals in a lawful country)

Using the same designations for women, p_w, m_w, s_w, c_w, we have for each generation…

M = p_m + m_m + s_m + c_m
W = p_w + m_w + s_w + c_w

I want to dispel the Manichean utopias imagined by self-ingratiating thought leaders who think you can have *some* sleeping around and not be a 3rd-world country. To do this, I’ll demonstrate the delusion of their position by allowing them to choose their own variables for the society they want to live in, subject to the empirical observation that female divorce rate depends on number of sexual partners. So…you get to choose the number of partners you want to have as an Alpha male, what proportion of men in your society are Alphas, Betas, Omegas, and killed off, how many partners you want your polygamous population of sluts to have, and what proportion of Alpha males you think should settle down and have children.

Then we’ll try to distribute the consequences of your immorality among the slaves, the dead soldiers, and the divorce rate, and see if it’s mathematically possible to imagine the sort of society you’d want to live in. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate that Alpha males who externalize responsibility and blame Betas and Omegas for their civilization’s woes are extremely disingenuous, because the only peaceful, prosperous society which can support polygamy would require them to be polygamous only with female dregs and we all know they would never do that.

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Comment moderation is now on

That means you’re going to have to wait until I get to it to see your comments appear. Usually that’s only a couple of hours, but it won’t always be.

I’d like to take a moment for a big “I told you so”. If I tell you someone is a predatory madman and I don’t want you to start talking to them on Skype (Nottuh), you don’t actually have to check things out for yourself. I know it makes you feel like a mindless, authority-worshiping spherecuck to take my word for it, but there are areas where I actually do know better than most people and sometimes it’s also important.

Not that anyone has ever, in my entire life, listened to one of my warnings. Everybody’s gotta wait until Akuma starts talking about laser removal of the hair from my genitals before they’re like “Maybe this guy is out of his mind. (I feel like I heard that somewhere.)” Same goes for moderation and escalation: if I’m going to mistreat you to change your behavior, it’s going to be preceded by about a hundred warnings explaining X will happen if you continue to Y. Don’t think this is just due to a fear of escalation, it’s actually that I’m an insanely reasonable and longsuffering person (as we’ve all seen).

Sometimes I think no one believes me because I don’t speak or write forcefully enough, but I’ve seen some remarkable counterexamples. It’s also been genuinely surprising to learn there are at least three separate people willing to write ten 1000-word comments multiple times a day just to waste the five seconds of my time it takes to delete each one. It’s quite flattering, if equally annoying.

I need to nip something in the bud too. Akuma’s been trying to meme that this site is moving to aeolipera.com, which is some kind of SEO’d clone site he’s been running for three or four years. Correction: I got this confused with aeolipera-wordpress.com, which is a different SEO’d clone site. Akuma only very recently bought aeolipera.com. I don’t know what his next plan to smear shit on everything will be, so if you’re getting weird e-mails about a move or something…please let me know or at least exercise a little sense.

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Myth: Betas’ standards are unreasonably high

This is a self-serving lie pushed by the sorts of guys who would tell you polygamy with 12 year olds is k-selected because WINNARZ.

The Matrix Restaurant Scene 1

The truth is that unattractive women have at least as many sexual partners as attractive women, and thus carry divorce risk of more than 70%.

If there are men out there who want to have kids and start a family and can’t, it’s not because there are a bunch of unsexed fuggos out there waiting for Prince White Knight to give up, settle down, and pop their cherries. It’s because 95% of Western men are R-selected dumpster divers who would rather give up indoor plumbing and their children’s futures than their soft polygamy.

The Matrix Restaurant Scene 2

Fuck that sand nigger shit, I want a real country. Enforce monogamy, White Sharia NOW!


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