Rules for getting along with neurotypicals

Neurotypicals constitute the majority by definition, man is a sociosexual/political animal, and the difference between a Delta (a functional breeder) and an Omega (a social pariah) is the ability to work well with the average person. Please understand I’m not moralizing, criticizing, or catastrophizing. It’s just Game, and human nature isn’t pretty.

The fundamental paradox of (modern?) normie mindset is to believe you are special without appearing to believe you are special. All bizarre normie behavior, such as enjoying The Office, may be explained from this premise. This paradox emerges from the normalfag reproductive strategy, which I’ll explain in another, more theoretical post. As a practical consideration, it informs us to avoid the two unforgivable sins:

1. Do not under any circumstance give neurotypicals the impression, justified or not, that you think you’re better than them. They will perceive this as malignant parasitism and it will trigger an out-grouping antibody reaction.
2. Do not under any circumstance give neurotypicals the impression, justified or otherwise, that you feel like they’re better than you. They will perceive this as weakness and it will trigger a predatory reaction to exploit you for lolz and profit.

The way to do this is to move, act, and sound like an narcissistic aristocrat while spouting platitudes about equality and how you don’t take yourself seriously, i.e. humblebragging. White neurotypicals are the easiest to get along with because you can just joke ironically about your superiority. One of my favorites is to tell people I’m independently wealthy and “I only work here to better understand you common folk.” The joke is that this isn’t true, therefore I obviously don’t think of myself as being special. But our emotions are blind to irony, so on the limbic level others still perceive me as “not prey”, which is a typecasting I can get behind. The more common version is to complain about “people” (but obviously not including you, the audience, because the unspoken premise is that the in-group is special and better).

To get along with normies, you must satisfy their three primary expectations (in order of importance):

1. Show up most of the time.
2. Don’t be a buzzkill.
3. Know what everybody is thinking.

Deltas generally fail at #3 (annoying but forgivable), Gammas generally fail at #2 and #3 (unforgivable but tolerable), and Omegas generally fail at all three expectations (intolerable). If you’re an Omega looking to achieve Delta status your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to show up most of the time and not be a buzzkill.

There are additional expectations depending on how you are typecast upon first impression (using instinctive phrenology, TV tropes, etc.). If you fail to meet such expectations it will make neurotypicals nervous because they won’t have an emotional script to follow when dealing with you. For example:

  • If you’re a man, you are expected to be effective and competitive.
  • If you’re a woman, you are expected to be nice and thin.

You ought to take a realistic inventory of what the important people in your life expect from you, and how you can meet them in the middle with your life choices. You don’t get to choose other people’s expectations for you, you only get to decide how much trouble it’s worth to be yourself. My parents still think I fucking love science after knowing me for 29 years because that’s how Sheldon Cooper is. I wouldn’t advise wasting your energy fighting first impressions, as a general thing, because people’s opinions of you perpetually regress to baseline instincts. It’s not all bad either, many cultural expectations will make you happy if you can live up to them.

Here’s a dramatized conversation between my parents and me that illustrates the rules I’ve given and pokes fun at the neurotypical aversion to revealing one’s preferences by discussing existential questions out loud:

“Do whatever you want with your life.”

I don’t want to do anything.

“Just do something.”

I want to work at McDonald’s and read library books forever.

“Well, you have to do something else.”

…I want to go to college?

“We support you 100% in pursuing your dreams. What do you want to study?”


“Yeah, no.”


“Getting warmer..”

…Engineering physics?

“Close enough. We support you 50% in pursuing your dreams.”

Because normies are entitled but fearful of ostracism, they are constantly riding a line between parasitism and morality that gives them a complex attitude toward degeneracy. It can be both high-status and low-status to be degenerate; what determines the valence is whether one is inconveniencing oneself or others. It’s high-status to inconvenience someone else, particularly if they aren’t in a position to retaliate, and it’s low-status to be inconvenienced. So if you want to be high-status don’t stick your gum under your own desk, stick your gum under someone else’s desk and then laugh about it, and don’t get caught. It’s high-status to cheat but low-status to get punished. Emulate Archer’s nonchalant sadism, not his mother issues. Because of this dynamic you should expect everybody to be screwing you a little bit all of the time as a rule, taking a bit more than they give, with only a few exceptions. Most people will not completely fuck you over, and most will not be charitable either.

To be adaptive, you must accept the need to function within Pareto distributions where most coworkers, friends and family want to take a little bit more than they give while still feeling like plausibly better-than-average people (i.e. safe from group punishment).

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The second step: music hack for black-pillers

If you’re like me, you have zero baseline internal motivation and willpower. Maybe you went through a burnout, maybe you acquired the CFIDS, maybe you took all the red pills at once, or maybe you were born with biological deficiencies. Either way, your typical day is spent waiting to die, and the only thing that stops you from killing yourself is a moral proscription or fear of the unknown. The only benefit of ego death, so far as I can tell, is that it kills the part of you that cares about impressing other people, which makes intellectual honesty and realistic appraisals very easy. (E.g. people on 4chan don’t hesitate to identify themselves as “Gamma” if they are one). On the other hand, knowing without doing is useless (inb4 Heaviside countersignals) and despair also kills off the part of you that fights for something better (i.e. dopamine-seeking behavior).

Don’t take it from me, take it from Dr. Wong: you need dopamine to Make huWhite Children Great Again. You actually can’t get an erection without it. The connection between reproductive viability and happiness is so strong that I use it as a heuristic for diagnosing depression vs. mere sadness: if you can do a helicopter with your dick and not smile, you’re depressed. Therefore your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find free, healthy sources of dopamine to rebuild your baseline willpower.

The fundamental idea comes from Bakadesuyo: controlling your music intake is the cheapest, easiest motivation hack there is. Bombarding yourself with upbeat, major-keyed music will make you happier, on the average, and so on for other types of music. This probably has something to do with evopsych and cultural transmission of abundance mindsets (R-selection: pin-up calendars) versus cold-adapted mindsets (k-selection: MegaTokyo’s patented “sad girl in snow” feelzporn). Rather than naively following your gut’s tastes and surrounding yourself with the things that appeal to you most strongly, exercise some judgment in meeting your tastes halfway. Motivational music like the Rocky theme is the musical diet equivalent of red meat, filled with delicious and nutritious saturated fats. If you can’t handle schmaltz, find something you like that’s still in a major key.

If you have an associative horizon-inclined personality and a UHIQ, you may want to try your hand at learning music, if you haven’t already. Since people read this blog for the insight porn, I might as well drop a fun idea here. Associative horizon is predicted by skull width (all great philosophers are hyperbrachycephalic), and I expect both genius and Vox’s “brilliance” are ventral stream functions. So if you’re more of a lateral thinker, there’s a lot of good life lessons to be found in learning, playing, and composing music. Plus, there’s no drug in the world that compares to the frenzy of writing a melody over a dramatic chord progression.

To bring things back around, here’s the hack: listen to uplifting music for inspiration to compose your own motivational music, and then learn to play it. This activity simultaneously fills a lot of mindset needs:

-Playing your own music automatically induces a flow state, which is an important part of happiness: see Dario Nardi.

-Learning to play an instrument will teach you how self-education and improvement work in any technical subject, and the two main lessons of CONSCIENTIOUSNESS: 1) by drilling fundamentals you can learn to combine them at a level of skill that you can’t even imagine, and 2) you aren’t a savant and learning any technical skill is going to take way longer than you’re expecting.

-Learning to play a motivational song will engage you with the aesthetics on a level that mere singing or dancing can’t. This will cure your learned helplessness by shifting your worldview and improving your baseline mindset toward seeking real accomplishments.

-Composing music will teach you how creative enterprise works, and how the three personality subtraits (intelligence, associative horizon, and conscientiousness) come together as real productivity.

If you’re quick to generalize new ideas, you may have noticed that this idea can be generalized beyond music intake to all of the ambient aesthetic choices that make up your daily life. You already make decorating choices, reading choices, movie and TV choices, internet choices, and even ambient noise choices—like the effect of diet on the body, these can either help your brain or hurt it. This is why, when I finally had the money to get my own apartment, I made a point to pick one out in the ass-end of nowhere. So even though my head is usually off in the clouds somewhere, the first thing I see each day is trees and the first thing I hear is a kickass Dragonforce solo.

Further reading:

Just remember, reading is useless without doing. Do the easiest, smallest improvement you can imagine, because shitposting is the way of the nobilid.

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Analysis of Dark City

Podrag told me to watch this several times and I finally got around to it earlier this year. Something finally clicked on Tuesday and it all made sense: the key is that the memory-swapping is about reincarnation. If you aren’t familiar with the movie you’ll have to read the plot synopsis (spoilers ahead).

Here’s the esoteric cipher:

-The Strangers are the celestial bodies/gods which imprint souls into human bodies. They are using humans as a science experiment to determine the nature of will, fate, and consciousness, in the hope of saving themselves from extinction (the deterministic cosmos being fated to entropy/disorder/chaos/unbeing).

-Murdoch is the awakened superman (woke AF tbh fam) who exerts his will on the world (“attuning” it to himself) and resists fate (the celestial plan).

-The dead woman is Murdoch’s original sin and Shell Beach is his vision of utopia.

-Dr. Schreber is the elite hermeticist illuminarty, retaining his consciousness from night-to-night (i.e. over generations) in order to better serve the gods.

-The perpetual night, itself, is the ignorance/entropy/decay that accumulates in the absence of sunlight, which is illumination/syntropy/order (i.e. Luciferianism).

So…pretty basic bitch anti-Christian stuff, unfortunately (Mr. Book = Jehovah = Bible and rules = “I hate you Dad!” lel). Fun to watch though.

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Lost boys

Food fights are a “funny once” joke. Regular food fights aren’t a joke, that’s just the ghetto. And before we get you niggers out of the ghetto, we need to take the ghetto out of you niggers. If you’re so set on burning down the neigborhood, take that shit to the suburbs. We need our weave! I don’t wear it, but we need it.

Look, I think some conflict is good as a rule because every conflict is an opportunity for change. But you have to choose how you act in these situations. This is the internet—if you’re reacting to the other guy, it’s masturbation. This is basic bitch stuff.

A couple of you are accusing me of disloyalty and censorship. So let me ask you this: if you’re “threatening” to post your address on the internet and “threatening” to sue a trial lawyer, would a friend let you go through with it? Or would a friend punch you in the mouth and tell you to shut the fuck up?

Unfortunately I can’t punch the two of you who pulled that shit, so I’ll just keep deleting your retarded posturing instead.

Some good things came out of this mess, and I’ll highlight a couple. Lizard King showed himself to be as polite, sensible, and constructive as I’d hoped. Some others appear to have realized that a slap on the wrist means “don’t do it again”. Good!

A couple of you can look forward to less pleasant reviews. This will not be a normal thing around here. This will not turn out like Koanic’s latest degenerate forum. There will be some much-needed cuts. The rest of you will learn self-control. We may be losers but it is not our project to remain losers, so get used to the idea of becoming a winner or you will be left behind and forgotten.

Regular posting will resume soon. Regular office hours will resume next week, time of day TBD, and losers are always welcome there. You’ll find that I’m very easy to talk to. Have a wonderful day.

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Archetype spiraling

A while back Ophiuchus said that melonheads are teh real autistes, except that they’re only autistic about the importance of hierarchy. It was one of those things that I didn’t see until somebody said it out loud, and then I started seeing it everywhere. It even puts a phenotypal spin on the old Aristotle/Plato divide.

Then I started to notice that melonheads often express a certain type of purity spiraling, where they fixate on some human archetype and strive to express it as perfectly as possible. Nate from Vox Popoli (slash ATF show) is fixated on being the platonic redneck, Tom Kratman is fixated on being the platonic soldier, MM is fixated on being the platonic American Success, and so on. Even Zuckerberg, whose mix of autism and sociopathy helped to inspire the aspiepath label, expresses his fixation on becoming Augustus (parodied elsewhere as gentle leader).

What I think is going on here is that the obsession with hierarchy gets redirected toward a particular cultural axis, for the purpose of ascending to the top of some subculture and being at the top of that. I.e. “I had rather be first in a village than second at Rome.” The logical thing then is to become the mythical composite of that subculture’s people and principles, in order to inspire and attract its people. This, along with passionate belief in and advocacy for the group’s ideals, would explain a lot of melonhead shallow charisma. If I were around somebody about whom I could say “this person represents everything I stand for”, I’d follow them too.

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The first step

In order to figure out where you need to start, you need to know where you are. The first step in fixing your problems, in a broad sense, is to identify them as first-world, second-world, or third-world problems.

I used to work with a homeless guy. He was a really nice, hardworking guy who was pleasant to be around, but he was bankrupted by divorce and incapable of accumulating money. The alimony collectors would visit him in the shelter regularly and demand everything he had, threatening debtor’s prison if he refused. He carried a ball-peen hammer in his sleeve because living on the streets near Somalitown in Minneapolis is extremely dangerous. He had third-world problems, related primarily to physiological needs (obtaining basic nutrition, water, and shelter) and secondarily to safety and security from criminals and state predation. If I’d suggested he needed to get an apprenticeship in a marketable skill, he would have just laughed at me and would be right to do so. Building a marketable skill is a second-world problem—he wasn’t suffering from hopelessness so much as desperately fighting off malnutrition.


I’d also put genuine mental illnesses in the third-world problems category.

Second-world problems are concerned with the middle of the pyramid. (These are the kind I’m most familiar with and can advise you on.) The most common case these days has you living in your mom’s basement with no social network, no understanding of the outside world, no marketable skills, and a load of student loan debt. Probably getting a job is financially counterproductive because it removes the forebearance on your loan payments, which are higher than you can make at a minimum-wage job, and getting a proper trade education is out of the question because your credit is too poor and you’re too white to receive grant money. If your problems are causing you hopelessness and ostracism then you have second-world problems, concerned primarily with a lack of any tribal, social, or ethnic support network. You may also be concerned with some safety and security issues (e.g. I’ve had to avoid some risks for lack of access to healthcare), and you might feel the sting of low self-esteem, but you probably have access to enough complex carbohydrates to know you’ll be alive next week. This is a surprisingly large problem in white America because, as genetic mutts with no tribe and a tendency to the gnostic fallacy, we “throw the children’s food to the dogs” with a cynicism that would shock Europeans. (See also: the Alt-White phenomenon, MGTOW, NEETs.)

First-world problems are concerned primarily with self-actualization and self-esteem issues. I don’t have any advice for these, but they from the outside they appear to stem from delusional worldviews (liberalism, cosmopolitanism, secularism), ennui, and selfishness. Personally, my focus in salvaging the next couple of generations will be on second-world problems because that’s what I know, and that’s where I think the sweet spot is for an effective salvage attempt. As far as that goes, I expect the effectiveness will follow a Pareto distribution where 20% of young white men can be salvaged with a reasonable expenditure of effort, money, and time. Those 20% (hopefully) only need replacement families/social networks where IRL communities were supposed to be, after which they will have the right stuff to enter the lower-middle class, at least. (Yes, I know “success” means upper-middle class in America but in the context of NEETs I’m defining success as lower-middle class with an LTR and a baby.)

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Examples of amoral tribalists, amoral racists, etc.

Office hours are off for the time being because my living situation is changing. When/if they are back on they will probably be from 5 PM to 6 PM, and I’ll be hiding somewhere around the office.

This is some add-on list fodder for idea in the previous post. The group sizes are defined in this post.

Amoral egotists: Psychopaths, sub-Saharan Africans
Amoral familists: Sociopaths, European royalty, CEOs
Amoral clannists: Arabs
Amoral tribalists: Brahmins, 13th to 17th-century Ashkenazim
Amoral racists: Han Chinese, 13th to 17th-century Europeans, modern Ashkenazim
Amoral nationalists: Enlightenment-era Europeans
Amoral universalists: Modern Europeans

I’ve noticed a trend in the attitude these groups have toward women and children. I don’t know why this would be true, if it is.

Amoral egotists: Women and children are prey
Amoral familists: Women and children are property
Amoral clannists: Women and children are capital
Amoral tribalists: Women and children are investments in our future
Amoral racists: Women and children are people, subordinate to men
Amoral nationalists: Women and children are people, equal to men but with different roles
Amoral universalists: Women and children are more important than men

If we define “moral” to mean the opposite of “cheating”, then we expect there will be moral counterparts to the amoral categories, e.g. moral familists, moral tribalists, etc. So these would be groups who emphasize one empathy group size but refuse to do so explicitly at the expense of the larger groups. Presented with a chance to lie and steal, harming the group by omission or commission, a moral familist/tribalist/etc. would be inspired by shame or guilt to do the right thing. Here are some examples of groups I believe are moral.

Moral autists: Hermits, late neanderthals
Moral egotists: Libertarians, ancaps, high-church atheists
Moral familists: Virtuous pagans, American “muh Constitution”-style conservatives, Japanese
Moral clannists: Tradcon churches in extremely conservative rural areas, e.g. Western Michigan, rural Alabama, rural Texas, etc.

I don’t believe any significantly moral population groups exist at a level above that. Maybe that’s what Amud was, who knows?

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